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One of the most important Indian cities, Pune is a popular tourist spot. The place is bestowed with natural beauty and offers so much to explore. From forts and palaces to museums and gardens, Pune has it all. A unique coming together of capitalism with spirituality and a very vibrant city, Pune won’t disappoint! But it doesn’t end there! Did we tell you, that there are many waterfalls near Pune that are spectacular in every way. These waterfalls are scenic and offer a sight to behold. Visit them to know more!

10 Top Waterfalls Near Pune

The waterfalls listed here are located at a maximum of three hours or less drive from Pune. The roads are quite beautiful and well-maintained in Maharashtra, and hence the road trip to these waterfalls from Pune will be quite exciting. These are included in the list based on the opinions of the tourists who visited there earlier.

1. Ahupe Waterfalls

Ahupe Waterfalls

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Ahupe waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Pune because the village where it is located is mesmerizingly beautiful. The waterfall is situated in the Ambegaon Village in Maharashtra, and it is located a three-hour drive from Pune. If you visit there, you will be amazed at the beauty of the falls. The surrounding region of the waterfall is equally enchanting. With lush greenery of the thick forests, hills, and the Bhimashankar wildlife reserve overlooking the waterfall, Ahupe waterfall is for you if you are genuinely a nature lover.

To reach the gorgeous fall, you will have to go through the forest of Bhimashankar and also the village of Ambegaon. The greenery of the entire area will amaze you. Against the backdrop of the gorgeous greenery, the pristine sapphire blue water looks fantastic. To truly enjoy the place, you should visit there in the monsoons. It became one of the most romantic places in India during that time.

Distance From Pune: 137.3 kilometers
Nearby Attractions: Bhimashankar temple, Dimbhe Dam and Bhimashankar wildlife reserve

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2. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

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Located at the height of 1017 feet, Dudhsagar waterfalls is one of the tallest falls around Pune and in India. When you reach there, the grandeur of the cascading waterfall from such a height will make you awestruck. The view of the waterfall amid the greenery of the surrounding forest is quite unmatchable. As the wood is located on the beautiful Mandovi river, it is situated on the confluence of Goa and Karnataka. To reach there from Pune, you can avail of a four-hour car ride, or you can get on a train to Goa that will take you there within two hours. The route to Goa is particularly enchanting for the presence of the Dudhsagar falls.

To view the falls in all of its forms, you should go there during the monsoon. Because the water will be at the fullest volume during that time, and the falls will look even more spectacular. It is a four-tiered-waterfall, and that is quite rare in India.

Distance From Pune: 221.8 kilometers
Nearby Attractions: Devil’s Canyon, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park

3. Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls

Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls

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One of the most beautiful road trips that you can take from Pune will lead you to the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls. The entire path to the waterfalls is amazingly beautiful. With the greenery of the hills and the thick forests covering an area as a whole, this road will help you clear your mind. As the coveted waterfalls are located on the Mulshi lake, the whole area looks like a postcard that has come to life. The perfect time to explore the waterfalls is in the monsoons because the foggy climate will make the place seem like a dream.

The waterfall is located quite close to the Pirangut village, and when you reach the falls, you will be amazed at its glorious beauty. Situated amid the grandeur of the Western Ghats mountains and dense forests, this fall will allow you to spend a few hours with your friends and families in peace. Many people prefer to enjoy the waterfall by swimming in the pond formed below the falls.

Distance From Pune: 93 kilometers

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4. Chinaman’s Falls

Chinaman’s Falls

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Chinaman’s waterfall is located in the beautiful town of Mahabaleshwar, and it is one of the waterfalls around Pune you must not miss. You will be able to reach there within two hours if you go by car. This is another exotic fall near Pune that is a photographer’s delight. Not only the waterfall, but the surrounding area of the falls is quite enthralling as well. If you go there to visit the falls, do not forget to visit Mahabaleshwar as well. Many people love to explore the place by trekking. Others prefer to swim and take a bath in the pond below the cascading water.

Not only is the water pretty clean, but the cold water on your skin will give you the required sense of tranquility that you need in your life. Spend the afternoon of visiting this fall by having a lovely picnic over there with your family and loved ones.

Distance From Pune: 121 kilometers
Nearby Attractions: Babington Point, Roman Catholic Church, Krishnabai Temple and Koyna Valley Trek

5. Lingmala Falls

Lingmala Falls

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Another one of the beautiful waterfalls near Pune. The Lingmala waterfall is situated near the forest bungalow of Lingmala. As the height of the waterfall is around 500 feet, you will be in awe when you get to see the water falling from such a great eye for the first time. The rustling sound of the rain hitting the ground gives a strange feeling of solitude and calmness to the travelers who visit there. Many thrill-seekers love to bathe in the water that is collected below the falls.

You can enjoy the falls by having a relaxing day out there with your family and loved ones. Also, if you visit there, do not forget to explore Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the most beautiful places in Maharashtra.

Distance From Pune: 131 kilometers
Nearby Attractions: Mahabaleshwar Hill Station, Kate’s Point and Wilson Point

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6. Thoseghar Falls

Thoseghar Falls

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Thoseghar Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls near Pune and in India. It is located in the Thoseghar area near Pune that is 1640 feet in length. You can easily reach the city by driving for two and a half hours. The entire region surrounding the fall is surrounded by thick and lush forests and beautiful hills.

This is one of the famous waterfalls located near Pune. Many people, including tourists and locals, visit the waterfalls to enjoy a day with their loved ones and family. If you visit Pune, you will have to visit this waterfall. Otherwise, you will regret not witnessing such a beautiful area.

Distance From Pune: 133 kilometres
Nearby Attractions: Kas Plateau, Sajjangad, Kaas Lake and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

7. Bhaje Waterfalls

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On a clear day, the sun rays beaming through the thick forestland onto the waterfall is a postcard scene. That is the magnificence of the Bhaje waterfall located near 22 rock-cut caves in Lonavala. It is found 13.2 km away from Kamshet and impeccably compliments the antiquated roughness of the region. It is located at a distance of 61 km from Pune and 90 km from Mumbai and is a must-see destination.

Distance From Pune: 61 kilometres
Nearby Attractions: Bhaje Caves

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8. Thokarwadi Waterfalls

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Thokarwadi waterfall is located close to the Kanhe Phata town alongside a majestic lake to marvel. If you are visiting during spring or around the rainy season, this is a must-visit natural place for hiking and camping. This dam was built in 1922, and the water from this dam is utilized for powering the neighbouring areas. Setting up camp is likewise accessible here (not in rainstorms), on the off chance that you are accompanying your companions, you can appreciate a few days of the bonfire with some hiking and walking through the area.

Distance From Pune: 66 kilometres
Nearby Attractions: Thokarwadi Dam

9. Vajrai Waterfall

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Vajrai Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. with a height of 1840 ft (560 m) that flows through three different levels. The water comes from the Urmodi river near the region of Satara in western Maharashtra. It is around 5 km away from the notable Kas Flower Valley and 2 km away from Bhambavli Flower Valley. The rich green mountains and floral highlands are perfect for day trekking.

Distance From Pune: 141 km
Nearby Attractions: Kas Plateau, Sajjangad

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10. Randha Falls

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Located at a distance of approximately 10 kilometres from the edge of Bhandardara lake, Randha Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls that you can visit on a day trip from Pune. The water comes from the Pravara River dropping from a height of 170 feet to make a roaring sound and the nature around this place forms a green meadow that you can explore.

Distance From Pune: 166 km
Nearby Attractions: Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

With this, we come to an end of the list of gorgeous waterfalls near Pune. Check these out on your next visit and try spending some time there with your special someone, family or friends for an uncanny experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Maharashtra and get going!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls Near Pune

What are the best waterfalls in Pune?

Pune is blessed to be in such a location that several waterfalls surround it. Some of the famous waterfalls near Pune are Dudhsagar falls, Tamhini Ghat waterfalls, Madhe Ghat waterfalls, Ahupe waterfalls, and many more.

Where are the famous Madhe Ghat waterfalls located?

Madhe Ghat waterfalls are located in the beautiful Raigad district in Maharashtra near Pune.

What is the distance between Pune and Ahupe Waterfalls?

The total distance between Ahupe waterfalls and Pune is around 137.3 kilometers.

What is the height of the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls?

Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in India. The altitude of the fall is around 1050 feet.

When is the perfect time to visit Pune?

The best time to explore Pune is between October to February, and in the summer, Pune is quite hot and humid.

How many days are enough to explore Pune?

You will be able to cover the maximum part of Pune within two days. But if you plan to visit other places near Pune, then it would take around a week.

What is the distance between Pune and Mumbai international airport?

The entire distance between Pune and Mumbai international airport is around 154 kilometers.

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