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Abhinav Singhai is a photographer who believes in the beauty of simplicity. He has an absolutely amazing Instagram account (@abhinavinsta) that reflects his incredible photography skills and travels (across India). Needless to say, his photos, which range from landscapes to monuments to whatever that catches his fancy – are gorgeous yet absolutely minimal in their approach.

Abhinavs instagram page
Three mountains in Himalayas also known as the Trishul

With an experience of almost all kinds of terrains in India, Abhinav has tried to cover them all through his lenses. However, landscapes and terrains are not the only extents of his art. Abhinav with his love for photography actually clicks whatever he likes and presents it in a beautiful yet simple perspective.

Beautiful landscape of Aru Valley in Kashmir

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Capturing monuments, everyday objects, landscapes, people, animals, and what not, Abhinav is constantly looking for fresh views and angles in his daily life.

Starry night sky in Himalayas

From finding the perfect composition to setting up the equipment to uniquely presenting day to day elements – he aims to bring out stellar images that are well detailed and are in sync with the artist living in everyone!

Abhinav also has a special interest in capturing skies, as evident by the majority of the sky and starry night photos in his Instagram gallery.

Constantly looking for new things and forever venturing into new places, Abhinav aims to portray nature and surroundings in a gorgeous simple manner.

Cranes in Dhanauri wetlands in the morning

With his rustic and elegant photography, he has made quite a name for himself and is one of the hottest travel Instagrammers in India as per both Huffington Post & ScoopWhoop.

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