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While the Ayyappan Temple in Sydney is the shrine for a lot of south Indian devotees, you can find many tourists visiting the temple throughout the year. The Ayyappan Temple in Sydney has a huge significance as it’s a temple from Hindu culture and a place where devotees can pray to the divine power and find a way towards their spiritual minds.

The temple has more than 150 members and so many people, even the local religious people visit the temple just to bask in the spiritual feeling of the sacred place. The devotees send their prayers for the Lord Ayyappa and provide their offerings in the foreign atmosphere of Sydney, Australia. As you know, that any place can hold sacred importance, if people have a sense of devotion in their religion and in their daily work. Any place can be restored at the height of divinity by the best trust and sacred beliefs in themselves. Thus, the Ayyappan temple in Sydney has got the same significance and so many devotees visit this temple at least once in their life.

The temple is a non-profit organization and takes no donation from the devotees and visitors. The Ayyappa temple in Sydney Wentworthville is a center of educational advantages as well. It helps the religious scholars and holds cultural programs in the temple. This very place is a perfect one where anyone can pray and get all enriched by the divine atmosphere. The temple, in reality, encourages the younger generations to show interest in religion and the studies of divine beings. This is far from any kind of forced impression, but people can visit and pray all they want and can get interested in divine studies only if they want.

Best Time To Visit Ayyappan Temple

Best Time To Visit Ayyappan Temple

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The best time to visit Sydney and the Ayyappan temple is the month from December to February. This time is summer there and you can enjoy the non-cold atmosphere and pray with your entire heart at the temple. You can also visit during the autumn months that are from March to May. Winter season is from July to August and a good time to visit the temple as well. However, the summer months are considered to be the best time.

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Entrance Fee For Ayyappan Temple

There is no particular entrance fee to the place and anyone can visit the place for free. It’s recommended that visit the place when there is no rush or any festival going on, otherwise you will not be able to cut through the rush of so many people.

Things To Do In Ayyappan Temple

1. Puja


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Once you enter the place you will see men sitting bare-chested and women wearing sarees with flower garlands draped in their hair. The idol of Lord Ayyappa is draped with flower and brass lamps around it. You will see the many Brahmin priests are there in a row chanting the holy mantras for the divine being and for the devotees who have come here to offer their prayers.

If you ask a priest about the main thing of this temple, they will tell you that Lord Ayyappa gives you the best purification of your own mind. You will experience people who have visited the temple before has come here to offer prayers and joins the arati. Experience the best echoing sounds of the holy arati, and feel your mind slowly clearing from any impure thoughts or any kind of additional stress.

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2. Ayyappan Festival

Ayyappan Festival

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While you visit Ayyappan temple in Sydney, you must know the Ayyappa festival is held every year and has been going on for centuries. This very festival gathers so many devotees in one place on the same day as the days are marked from mid-November to mid-January.

All the devotees from South India and the residents of Sydney gather in the temple during the festival season to offer their earnest prayers to the Lord Ayyappa. The divine being is actually originated from Kerala and the members hold no restriction to stay in this distant land of Australia. So you will not meet with any barrier while venturing inside the temple and sit down to pray.

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How To Reach Ayyappan Temple

How To Reach Ayyappan Temple

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The temple is located at 1 Perry Street, Wentworthville, NSW 2145. The Ayyappan temple can be visited any day in a week, as it is open 7 days, and the time it opens at 7 am to 12 pm. Then again it opens at 5:30 pm and closes at 8:30 pm. You can visit the place between the timings and can experience the serene atmosphere of the temple. You can select a bus that will take you to the Ayyappa temple in Sydney Wentworthville. You can take the train as well and the bus that will take you to the place holds the numbers, 804 and 802. You can get direction from any available train and bus directory or you can use Google map to direct you to the temple. It will always help you get to the location easily and without any hassle.

Places To Visit Near Ayyappan Temple

1. Sita Ram Mandir

Sita Ram Mandir

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Another place to offer prayers to the deities is the Sita Ram Mandir on 47, Wattle Avenue. The temple isn’t far away from Ayyappan temple and if you are feeling religious while touring Sydney, you must visit the place. The temple or mandir is open from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am to 12 noon and you can visit any time between this. Devotees from all parts of Sydney come to visit this temple to offer their prayers.

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2. Sydney Murugan Temple

Sydney Murugan Temple

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In this temple, you will get to see at 217, Great Western Highway and here you will find various Hindu gods and so many devotees offering prayer. The culture of the temple is entirely South Indian, and so many devotees every year gather here to offer their prayers to the deities. You will see, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, and so many other divine beings are placed at the temple. This is also a great place for religion researchers and it’s a field of vast education in Tamil culture, philosophy, religion, and Tamil language as well.

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3. Sri Siva Jyothi Temple

Sri Siva Jyothi Temple

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If you are on the journey of soul searching in Sydney you must not miss this very temple on Pendle Hill. By its name, you know that it’s a temple of Lord Shiva and the place attracts so many crowds throughout the year. You can sit in the temple and pray to the divine power, and you will find your spiritual side is opening up in the best way.

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Tips For Visiting Ayyappan Temple

Do follow the rules of the temple, of which one is straying away from smoking on the temple ground.

  • You can take your time while visiting the Ayyappa temple and other places nearby, but bring a bottle of water with you. For the tour, you must stay hydrated.
  • In case you get hungry, bring some snacks, but don’t eat them on the temple grounds, it might look disrespectful.

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So, what are you thinking? Plan your trip to Australia with TravelTriangle, visit the famous Ayyappan Temple in Sydney, and experience the feeling of devotion around you. Also, try visiting the temple at the time of the festival to enhance your experience.

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