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The Bali Pass Trek is an exciting and challenge-loaded trekking experience you can visit in the Garhwal region of Uttar Pradesh. The high altitude of this trek takes you through the most beautiful and panoramic landscapes of the Himalayas. The snow-capped mountains, the lush green beauty and majestic lakes are all that you need to visit this trek for. You will have to be physically fit, mentally strong and quite adventurous. The greenery opens in the alpine zones, giving you the best life experience. Beautiful meadows, running glaciers and the Ruinsara River will make it an unforgettable excursion.

Trip Itinerary For Bali Pass Trek

Snow Trekkers At Bali Pass Trek

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The adventure through the Bali Pass Trek starts from Dehradun. On day 1, you drive through the scenic beauty of mountains from Dehradun to Kotgaon, which covers approximately 200 kilometres and takes about 10 to 11 hours. For this drive, you can hire an SUV, which will cost you approximately Rs. 6,500, or a tempo traveller for more passengers, which will cost around Rs. 10,000. This drive offers a picturesque journey through the dense forests of Uttarakhand and promises a serene view throughout your trip to Kotgaon.

Day 2 of this trek begins with a short excursion to Taluka, a 1-hour drive covering a distance of 12 km. From Taluka, you will start your trek to Chilugrad, which is approximately an 11 km trek over the span of the next 7 to 8 hours. This trek ascends through lush meadows and is one of the most beautiful sceneries you will find in this trek. The third-day trek covers 6 km from Chilurgad to Devsu Thatch. On day 4, you will cover a shorter trail from Devsu Thatch to Ruinsara Tal and Thanga and advanced base camps on the following days. Overall, this trek would be around 6 to 9 days, depending on your speed and time spent at each location.

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Difficulty Level Of The Bali Pass Trek

The Bali Pass Trek is one of the most difficult treks in Uttarakhand

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The terrain through the Bali Pass Trek is pretty challenging and requires extra attention when travelling through these trails. The climb is pretty steep and requires an expert guide to help you find the perfect route. During winters, you might come across a lot of snow, so carrying a snow shovel or axe in your trekking backpack becomes essential.

You will also have to cross rivers consistently, which requires some tricks and a higher level of precision. Most of the time, wooden bridges help you cross these rivers, but it is a little difficult to pass through the river when they are drowned or broken. Overall, it is recommended that you take every safety measure possible and be extra cautious while trekking where there is snow or water.

Best Time To Visit

The summer months are the best time to experience the greenery of the Himalayas

Image Credit: Photo by Kushal Verma on Pexels

The best time to visit the Bali Pass Trek is during the summer months, from May to Late July. You will also experience it the best during the post-monsoon autumn period, which spans from September to October.

In the summer, you can majestically experience a white blanket of snow melting into the lush green beauty of the mountains. If you plan to visit between May and June, you will enjoy the sight of blooming flora and vibrant nature the most.
However, during the post-monsoon autumn period, you will have the opportunity to witness dramatic changes occurring in nature with a change of seasons when the lush green beauty starts turning into a rusty yet beautiful orange colour. This is the best time to witness beautiful mountains.

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How To reach

One can reach by road by enjoying the beautiful landscape

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The most accessible destination from the Bali Pass Trek is the small and beautiful town of Dehradun. To reach Dehradun, you can take a bus or a train from Delhi or Chandigarh. If you wish to travel by car or taxi, all the roads are well-connected to the main city of Uttarakhand. After reaching Dehradun, it is suggested that you take a bus to Sankri directly.

Sankri is approximately 200 km from Dehradun, and the buses usually leave early, from 6 am to 8 am. You can also travel by car or taxi and reach Sankri since that will be the start of your trek in Bali Pass.

Travel Tip For Bali Pass Trek

  • It is important to ensure your safety throughout the trek. Since the trek is challenging, it is advised that you remain cautious throughout the journey.
  • To ensure physical health, it is recommended that you check your oxygen saturation levels and pulse daily.
  • You should also carry an extra oxygen cylinder as a safety measure.
  • Pack a big backpack that is neither too heavy to handle nor too small, not to include all the essential stuff.
  • You should carry a good pair of trekking shoes to avoid discomfort during trekking through the nature trails.
  • You should carry an extra pair of lightweight, comfortable shoes to rest your feet from the heavy trekking shoes.
  • Carrying a primary first aid kit with you in an emergency is also advisable. Make sure to pack antiseptic liquid, bandages, and painkillers.
  • Other personal medicines prescribed by a doctor are also essential.

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Now that you have a list of things to remember for your next vacation to Bali Pass Trek plan your trip to Uttarakhand to these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bali Pass Trek

How long is the Bali Pass Trek?

The entire distance covered in the Bali Pass Trek is approximately 55 km, and it takes 7 days on average to complete. The maximum altitude for this trek is 16,207 ft., and the minimum altitude is 6,397 ft.

Can a fixed number of trekkers go at one time?

Yes, the maximum number of trekkers who can go on the Bali Pass Trek at once is 15. Once the slots are full, you will have to wait on the waitlist.

What kind of weather can you expect at the Bali Pass Trek?

Bali Pass Trek enjoys pleasant weather ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius during summers. It snows heavily during winters covering the entire place in a beautiful blanket of snow.

How advanced should one book the ticket?

Since the number of spots is limited and the Bali Pass Trek is quite popular among tourists, it is recommended that you book at least three months prior. The trek also has an extensive selection process because it requires you to be perfectly fit physically.

How can you reach the Bali Pass Trek from Dehradun?

You can get on a bus that travels from Dehradun directly to Sankri. This bus leaves from Dehradun around 6 to 8 in the morning. Dehradun is the nearest hill station to the Bali Pass Trek and is well connected by road.

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