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Bangus Valley is located in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on the Pir Panjal range. This place is known for its stunning views of mountains and forests between the valley. Bangus is nearly 150 km away from Srinagar. There are lots of flora and fauna found in this place. There are nearly 50 species of wildlife (animals) and 10 species of birds. The plants in the place are also said to have medicinal properties. This place was not a big tourist attraction because of its poor maintenance and infrastructure. But now there are many night camps, safari, fishing and trekking activities available.

Places To Visit Near Bangus In 2024

Here are a few places to visit near Bangus to have an amazing and unforgettable trip.

1. Lolab Valley

The mesmerising view of Lolab Valley

Image Credit: Eshankaul007 for Wikimedia Commons

Lolab Valley located in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir, is an oval-shaped valley and one of the most beautiful places. There are tourist huts and campsites near this valley that provide an amazing mountain life experience for visitors. This valley is home to many wild animals like Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, ibex, markhor, Hangul and musk deer. This valley is right beside the Kishenganga valley.

The road to this valley from Srinagar is pretty good. It takes nearly two hours to travel by bus. There are a few resting places in Lolab that tourists visit to spend their peaceful time in nature. During winter, this place is stunning with snow covered all over the mountains. Activities like trekking, bird watching, photography and camping happen here. This place is the best destination to escape from the fast-running world. This place is nearly 120 km away from Bangus.

Location: Lolab Valley is located in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Distance From Bangus: 70 Km

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2. Sadhna Pass View Point

Stunning views of Sadhna pass

Image Credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg for Wikimedia Commons

Sadhna Pass located in Kishanganga Valley, Kupwara District, Jammu and Kashmir is located on the Shams Bari mountain range. This place is famous for its mythological legend about blind and deaf fairies. This place is very dangerous to trek during peak winter because of its heavy snowfall and hence strictly prohibited. During the rest of the time, this viewpoint is an unforgettable destination with amusing views of nature. This place was originally known as Nastachun Pass. This place is 3000m above sea level.

This place has crystal clear water flowing through, with beautiful, lush green forests all around. Sadhna Pass is the best destination for tourists who strive for adventure because of its unexpected climate and trekking routes. This place is also a sacred spot for the spiritual tourists. It takes nearly 5 hours to visit this viewpoint. The road to this viewpoint is very dangerous, with narrow roads. So, it is important to take measures beforehand.

Location: CX23+FCJ, Jammu and Kashmir 193225

Distance From Bangus: 85.4 Km

3. Dal Lake

Beautiful Dal Lake

Image Credit: Suhail Skindar Sofi for Wikimedia Commons

Dal Lake located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir is 113 km away from Bangus. This place has many names, such as the flower lake of Kashmir, Srinagar’s jewel, and many more. This lake is nearly 15 km long with beautiful forests and mountains all around. It has many attractions like floating islands, floating gardens and houseboats. People from all over the country visit this place to have an unforgettable experience between the mountains and the lake. This place is surrounded by lush green Mughal gardens. There are many houseboats that need prior booking. The houseboats float around the small islands near the lake. A perfect view of the Shankaracharya hills is seen from this lake.

There is also a floating market, which is very famous in Dal Lake with handicrafts and food available. Char Chinar Singar is the most beautiful and famous island on Dal Lake. Dal Lake is one of the most surreal lakes. It takes nearly hours to explore the entire lake. This place during winter, is covered with heavy snow on the mountains that can be just amusing to look at.

Location: Srinagar

Distance From Bangus: 113.5 Km

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4. Drangyari

Scenic Beauty of Drangyari

Image Credit: Priyanka for Wikimedia Commons

Drangyari located in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir is one of the hidden gems of Kashmir. This place is also known as paradise on earth because of its exceptional beauty. Dard people live in this village in a traditional lifestyle. This place is known to have one of the most ancient Buddhist monasteries. To reach this place, one must take a local vehicle from Srinagar and enjoy the amazing scenery of the roadway.

The best time to visit Drangyari is between April to September because, during this time, the weather is fresh with colourful flowers and lush green forests blooming. The markets in Drangyari provide various handicraft items that are authentic. With such rich flora and fauna, scenic beauty and unmatched view of nature this is the perfect destination to visit. Booking your stay beforehand can be a great benefit to staying in this place for a longer time to enjoy the essence of nature.

Location: Drangyari is located near the town of Chowkibal

Distance From Bangus: 67.7 Km

5. Kalaroo Caves

The Mysterious Cave

Image Credit: Jaiviru for Wikimedia Commons

Kalaroos caves located in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir are one of the most ancient caves dating back to the times of Pandavas. These caves are believed to have a secret way to Russia, which is interesting. This place is famous for its picnic spots and historical significance. This place has a Sathbarr stone, which has seven doors. A mysterious point is that nobody knows the origin of this stone. Locals believe that these caves also lead to many other countries in the world. People also found Chinese transcripts on the rocks inside the caves.

This place is known to be an archaeological treasure. Tourists who are enthusiastic about history and archaeology from various places around the world visit this place to learn about the caves. There are also many theories about the sounds of running water, high power sources and many other mysterious things happening deep inside the cave. It is a very interesting place to visit.

Location: Misri Behak 193222,Forest block, Kupwara

Distance From Bangus: 58.6 Km

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6. Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Mandir

Image Credit: Nirjal stha for Wikimedia Commons

Bhadrakali temple located in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir is an ancient temple of Goddess Durga. The temple was reinstalled after the idol was stolen in Jammu. Goddess Durga resides in one of her avatars, which symbolises fortune and strength. This place is very sacred because of its spiritual significance. This place is located on the top of the hill between tall and thick pine forests. There are many festivals celebrated throughout the year in this temple.

Location: 96G7+M95, Bhadrakal, Handwara,, Jammu and Kashmir 193221

Distance From Bangus: 28.6 Km

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Now that you have a list of things to keep in mind for your vacation, do visit Bangus, which is one of the hidden gems of Kashmir. Plan your trip to Jammu and Kashmir beforehand for a smooth and peaceful vacation surrounded by nature.

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Cover Image Credit: Wasiq 9320 for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Bangus

What is the climate in Bangus?

The climate in Bangus is moderately cold most of the time because of the mountain ranges. During the winter and the monsoon, it may receive heavy snowfall and rainfall, due to which many places are prohibited from visiting. It is advised to check the weather before planning your trip.

What are the adventurous activities in Jammu and Kashmir?

There are many activities like paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, safari, fishing, camping, houseboat stay and many more.

Do the houseboats in Dal Lake provide all the facilities for the stay?

Yes, they provide all the facilities required for the stay just as other hotels. The houseboats have spacious rooms, a restaurant, a living room, a bathroom and all the facilities.

How to reach Bangus?

By air, the airport is in Srinagar. From there, one should catch a local vehicle to reach. By road, tourists should pre-book their vehicle or use the local transport taxis, cabs or jeeps to reach the destination.

How many days does it take to cover places around Bangus?

It depends on your planning. There are a few valleys and religious places around. Tourists can decide on which places to trek and cover up in 3 - 4 days. If they are interested in exploring, they can extend their stay anytime.

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