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Bring a home to innumerable tourist attractions, Singapore is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations in the whole wide world. Admired by the people from all over the world, this island city state is historically, culturally, as well as economically rich. The country has undergone a lot of developments over the year after attaining independence from the rules of British and later Japanese empires. Each industry has developed in this country and most of them contribute tremendously towards the country’s economy, including tourist industry.

There are various skyscrapers, islands, beaches, monuments, etc. in the country that are considered to be the most alluring attractions. One of the significant monuments in Singapore is The Cenotaph war memorial. Situated in Esplanade Park in Connaught Drive, this memorial lies in the country’s main business district. Visiting this memorial will take you on a journey to the past. If you feel like taking some time off from this site, then you can always plan a visit to the beaches near Cenotaph to have a relaxing experience amidst the azure water and golden sands.

There are numerous beaches in Singapore. These beaches have various restaurants, cafes, and bars located around them where you can try the scrumptious Singaporean and other Asian cuisine. You can even plan your stay in one of the beach resorts there from where you can behold the fantastic view of the sea and sand. The beach resorts are luxurious and ensure comfort in the best way. This why exploring the beaches of Singapore is always a must!

Best Time To Visit Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate that remains throughout the year. There are no particular seasons of this country and neither does the temperature experiences too much fluctuation. The climate has more to do with the Intertropical Convergence Zone than the trade winds – it is considered to be equatorial.

The best time to visit this country in Southeast Asia is during February to April – it is during this time that you’ll get to experience the best of Singapore. The weather around these months is quite pleasant and breezy – ideal time to indulge yourself in various outdoor activities. However, the months of November, December, and January experience heavy rainfalls while May and June are considered the hottest.

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3 Beaches Near Cenotaph

If you want to delve into the culture and history of this country, you can visit the various sites that are popular all around the world. Beaches in Singapore are ideal for having a laid-back experience and this is why you must explore the ones located nearby The Cenotaph! A few of them have been listed below!

1. Siloso Beach


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This amazing Beach hosts some of the biggest and happening celebrations for the new year in the island city-state. There are some delicious restaurants here which offer bountiful of food and the bars will let you get your groove on. So get into your swimsuit, take a dip in the warm waters or you can simply unfold your Beach umbrella and sunbathe. Then sip some delectable drinks at the bars or indulge in an impromptu shopping spree. When night finally arrives, then feel the spirit of this venue with amazing parties.

Location: 51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, Singapore, 099538
Hours: Open for 24 hours.

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2. Pasir Ris Beach


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Among the largest beaches in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is a wonderland for kids and adults alike. The 6.6 km long beach is lined up with lush mangrove forests where you can have your share of adventure. Enjoy having a picnic by the beach under the sun and surrounded by the cool ocean breeze. The views of the ocean from this beach are also breathtaking.

Famous for:Picnics and natur walks, park
Facilities available: There is a cycling track, park, and a playground area which also features play-station

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3. Noodin Beach


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Sunbathing on the clean quail and picturesque beaches of Singapore can be a dream come true in the month of February. Offering a sun which is beach ready and a climate which supports all your water thrills, the Noodin Beach is a must visit destination if you are in Singapore in February.

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Your vacation in Singapore will be one heck of an experience if you make the most of your tours around the country. From islands to beaches and monuments and museums to monuments, Singapore has everything in store for you. Don’t forget to add the beaches near Cenotaph listed above to make your experience more fulfilling.

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