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Helix Bridge in Singapore is an iconic bridge which a lot of us must have seen in postcard pictures. This gorgeous bridge is made in the design of a reversed-DNA structure. At night, the Helix Bridge is lit up with lights that make it look absolutely stunning. There are many beautiful bridges near Helix Bridge Singapore that you must visit.

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3 Bridges Near Helix Bridge Singapore

Here are the most popular bridges near Helix Bridge Singapore that you must visit:

1. The Jubilee Bridge

The Jubilee Bridge

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The Jubilee Bridge, affectionately known as the brainchild of Singapore’s founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, was conceived as a barrier-free access pedestrian bridge that forms a seamless link with the Marina Bay waterfront pedestrian loop.

Emerging champions from a competition held in 2009, Arup, Cox Architecture and architects61’s winning design is an elegant and sleek geometry that connects two famed landmarks – the Esplanade Theatre and the Merlion. Its simple, shiny curvilinear pathway takes reference from the water spray of the Merlion and was designed to counterpoise the more elaborate Helix Bridge across the bay. Set in a busy maritime environment, the design team were challenged to achieve the aspiration of a slender bridge form, while minimizing disruption to the public during construction.

Created to cater for large crowds, the Jubilee Bridge is three times wider than its adjacent Esplanade Bridge and can hold at least 2,000 people. Made of three spans, the entire weight of the bridge rests on two main columns. The bridge utilised a post-tensioned, single-cell concrete box girder of varying depth as its structural system, forming a continuous slender box spanning between the columns. The result is a structure that does not require any vertical support from above the deck, allowing for unhindered views of Marina Bay. The bridge deck has a varying curved section to accommodate the changing needs due to structural stiffness. Arup pushed boundaries on the structural design to achieve a shallow deck depth of 1.5m at mid-span and 3.5m at the two columns – realizing the sleek design and beautifully curved geometry at its apex. Driving efficiencies into the design translated to economies in material cost and wider unobstructed watercraft access in and out of the Singapore River.

With its timely completion to mark the nation’s 50th year of independence, the iconic bridge has become intricately linked to the Singapore’s modern history. It forms part of an 8km heritage trail around the Civic District and closes the pedestrian loop in the precinct. Offering an unobstructed panoramic view of Singapore’s magnificent skyline, the Jubilee Bridge has since added to the city’s vibrancy and aided its aspiration of becoming a walkable city.

2. The Benjamin Sheares Bridge

The Benjamin Sheares Bridge

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The Benjamin Sheares Bridge is highly popular in Singapore for being the longest bridge in the country. The bridge that was opened in 1981 spans a distance of 1.8 km. With a height of 29 metres (95 ft), the Benjamin Sheares Bridge is also the tallest bridge in Singapore. It is also known as ‘Jambatan Benjamin Sheares’ in Malay. The bridge has been named after the second president of the Republic, Dr. Benjamin Henry Sheares. He had passed away just 4 months before the bridge was opened to the public. The Benjamin Sheares Bridge was constructed at a cost of S$110 million. It is a part of the East Coast Parkway (ECP), located towards the Western end of the expressway.

The Benjamin Sheares Bridge passes over the Kallang Basin and Marina Bay and runs along mainland Singapore’s Southern coast. This bridge also crosses through the planning areas including Kallang, Marina East, Marina South, and Downtown Core. The built has been made with pre-stressed concrete and stands strong. It was built over the land that was reclaimed by Sato Kogyo, a construction company. The Benjamin Sheares Bridge connects East Coast Parkway on the East Coast of Singapore to Marina Bay on the West Coast of this island country. Various popular events are hosted on this bridge, for instance, it is the venue for the annual SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (formerly the Sheares Bridge Run). The Benjamin Sheares Bridge’s picture has been featured on the rear panel of the Ship Series S$50 banknote.

3. Marina Barrage


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While exploring the attractions in and around the Helix Bridge in Singapore, you should keep the Marina Barrage in your itinerary. Built at the confluence of the five rivers, the barrage provides water storage, flood control, and recreation activities to all. This Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir is the vision of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

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Plan a trip to Singapore and come to explore the popular bridges near Helix Bridge Singapore to see the city’s most stylish side.

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