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One of the Southern Islands in Singapore, Kusu Island is located 5.6 kilometers south of the main island of the nation. In Malay, Kusu Island is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul. The term ‘Kusu’ means ‘Tortoise Island’ or ‘Turtle Island’ in Hokkien. This island is a great destination for day-trips, though the overnight stay is not permitted here. So in day-light, the gorgeous scenic sites make this an ideal place for outdoor photoshoots. There are some beautiful bridges near Kusu Island Singapore that can prove to be picture perfect spots for your Instagram feeds.

3 Bridges Near Kusu Island Singapore

Kusu Island is one of the best destinations to visit in Singapore. Here are some of the most popular bridges near Kusu Island Singapore in Singapore:

1. Elgin Bridge

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Running across the Singapore River, Elgin Bridge is a vehicular bridge in Singapore. It connects the Downtown Core with the Singapore River Planning Area which falls in within the Central Area of Singapore. Elgin Bridge is an iron bridge that was constructed replacing an older wooden bridge in 1862. It gets its name from Lord Elgin, who was the Governor-General of India from 21 March 1862 to 20 November 1863. The present-day bridge that you see is a rebuilt version of Elgin Bridge constructed in 1929. This was the very first bridge that was built across the Singapore River so the two roads that lead to this bridge were considered very significant and were named North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road.

2. Anderson Bridge

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This is one of the most gorgeous bridges near Kusu Island Singapore. Spanning across the Singapore River, Anderson Bridge is a vehicular bridge in Singapore. Located in the Central Area of Singapore near the mouth of the Singapore River in the Downtown Core Planning Area. Complete in the year 1910, the bridge was Sir John Anderson who had officially inaugurated the bridge on 12 March 1910. Sir John Anderson was the Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner for the Federated Malay States (1904–1911). Anderson Bridge forms part of the Singapore Grand Prix’s Marina Bay Street Circuit which was started on 28 September 2008. Post-reclamation of Singapore River’s south bank, the colonial government, and the Municipality came together in a joint venture for the construction between 1908 and 1910. This grand bridge features a mix of intricate plasterwork and metalwork. Anderson Bridge also displays prominent steel arches that are supported by steel ribs. It also has two fluted piers at each end.

3. Marina Barrage


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Helix Bridge is one of the best places to visit in Singapore, while visiting this place you should also keep the Marina Barrage in your itinerary. Built at the confluence of the five rivers, the barrage provides water storage, flood control, and recreation activities to all. This Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir is the vision of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

A Helix Bridge Guide For History Lovers And Aesthetic Experience Seekers

Bridges offer some of the most splendid views of any location. Make sure you visit all these bridges near Kusu Island Singapore and do not miss them out from your tour itinerary. Explore the gorgeous Kusu Island on a day-trip and visit all the other places to visit near the island including these bridges. Book your vacation to Singapore and also keep the best time to visit in mind while doing so. The best time to visit Singapore is from November to January and from June to July.

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