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Australia is home to innumerable beaches and water landscapes. Situated in the western part of Australia, Cable Beach is known for its powdery white sand shores that line the turquoise waters from the Indian Ocean. The 22 km long shoreline is famous for camel rides, south sea pearls and water sports. Located a few kilometres from Broome, Cable Beach gives the panoramic view of the sand dunes and acts as a gateway to the ochre red cliffs of Kimberly. This handy guide on Cable Beach is what one needs when planning to visit the stunning coast.

Best Time To Visit Cable Beach

Best Time To Visit Cable Beach

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The weather around Broome region in west Australia is dry for most of the year. From May to September the temperature averages at 30℃, making it the best kind of weather to enjoy the warm waters of the Cable Beach. The calendar winter months from December to March are the driest in the area as the temperatures sore to 36℃. Humidity can be expected in the day from May to September while the nights are mild. The beach sees a high tourist influx in June and July as they record the lowest temperatures in the year.

Things To Do In Cable Beach

While there’s only so much you can do around any beach, Cable beach won’t disappoint you for sure. Take a look at these you have to see on your next visit!

1. Sunset Camel Rides


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The origin of camel rides on the beach dates back to 1980s when an Australian from Broome decided to travel to Mecca on a camel. There are tourist offices available along the beach that take bookings for a camel ride along the vast shoreline during sunrise and sunsets. The change in the colours of the sky and the water reflecting upon the beach, the camel rides are mystical.

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2. Staircase To The Moon

Staircase to the moon

It is a natural phenomenon exclusive to the Roebuck Bay at the Cable Beach that occurs 2-3 days every month during summers. Every full moon, the high tidal waves of the beach form an illusion that corresponds to an image of staircase appearing that leads to the moon. It is a popular natural effect that attracts people from all over Australia and beyond. The phenomenon can be experienced during sunset from March to October. The beach during such days turn into a festival ground with food markets and live music.

3. Pearling Tour

Pearling Tour

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Broome is known for its cultivation of the finest South Sea Pearls in the world. Pearl diving or lugging is an occupation in this area since the 1800s. Visitors can take a guided tour on farming that starts at the jetty in the beach and walks one through the pearl farm ending it at the heritage museum in Broome. One can even buy the finest pearls from a myriad of pearl shops in the city.

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4. Dinosaurs


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Although this is not exactly an activity to do at the beach, this rare phenomenon has to be experienced when visiting the area. Located at the southern end of the Cable Beach is the Gantheaume Point that is famous for the footprint relics on its sandstone cliffs. The fossilized imprints are observed on flat red rocks that are visible only during low tides. Till today, only 3 kinds of footprints from the Cretaceous period have been identified.

5. Water Sports

Water Sports

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Like any other beach in the world, the clear waters of the Cable Beach, Australia beckons visitors to relish the waters. Kayaking, surfing and jet skiing are the popular beach activity in Cable Beach. One can either bring their own surfboard or rent it from any of the shops in the city. Kayaks and jet skis are provided purely on rent. If the adrenaline rush doesn’t suit one, sunbathing on the pristine white sands is always an option.

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Cable Beach: Best Places To Stay

Exploring a beach as stunning as this one surely requires a one night stay, be it anywhere around. So, why not take a look at some of the best ones for your next vacation?

1. Cable Beach Resort And Spa

Cable Beach Resort And Spa

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It is the only Cable Beach accommodation that stands on the beach overlooking the pristine waters. The Cable Beach Club also offers pools, entertainment area for kids and four restaurants for some of the best meals in Broome. The Cable Beach Resort offers Kimberly style villas and suites for a stay along with a luxury spa experience. They also offer guided tours to the Broome culture tour or the pearling experience. Mini golf and tennis courts adore the property. Located just 3 km away from the Broome airport, the Cable Beach Resort and Spa is the most suitable option for those thinking of visiting the Cable Beach.

Location: 1 Cable Beach Road, Broome, Western Australia 6726
Cost: INR 13000 per night

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2. Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary

Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary

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Finding the Cable Beach Resort, Broome is not a task. Although the Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary, Australia is not on the beach, it is pretty much close to the waters. Located just a kilometre away from the immaculate beach, the Cable Beach Resort is situated at the core of the city giving it easy access to many tourist spots in the city. The resort offers stylish studio rooms nestled within acres of tropical plants to provide solitude. It also houses a spa, lagoon pools and restaurants that serve delectable meals.

Location: 11 Oryx Road, Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia 6726
Cost: INR 11000 per night

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Cable Beach Restaurants

Indulging in the finest savouring experience won’t be a problem when it comes to this beach. Scroll down to know what all awaits you here for satiating your cravings!

1. The Aarli

The Aarli

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The Cable Beach Resort, Broome run four successful restaurants on the beach. Apart from this, there are a few Cable Beach hotels in the area that are a must try. Among them is the Aarli that offers a unique twist to the modern southeast Asian food. Located in the Chinatown, a few minutes walk from the beach, the restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and also has a fine collection of classic Australian wine. The breakfast here is the most-sought after meal while the dinner menu impresses with some lip-smacking dishes as well.

Location: 16 Hamersley Street, Broome, Western Australia.
Cost for two: INR 6000
Timings: 8:00 to 10:30
TripAdvisor Rating:

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2. Bali Hai Cafe And Restaurant

Bali Hai Cafe And Restaurant

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Another one of the Cable Beach hotels to try when visiting the beach is the Bali Hai Cafe and Restaurant that offers Australian-Asian fusion food. The cafe is famous for its coffee brews while the restaurant boasts of presenting food cooked from the locally grown produce. The bar has an extensive list of alcoholic drinks that provide a perfect haven for a relaxed evening. The restaurant and cafe are vegetarian-friendly and the dishes are reasonably priced.

Location: 6 Murray Road, Broome, Western Australia
Cost for two: INR 4000
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
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How To Reach Cable Beach

How To Reach Cable Beach

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Broome can be reached via air from India. However, one might have to catch the connecting flight from Singapore to any of the major cities in Western Australia and then travel further to Broome. One can even travel by road from either Perth or Darwin and then further drive down to the Cable Beach which is about a kilometre away from the airport. Regular shuttle buses also ply between the city and the beach all day long.

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Cable Beach is an iconic location in Western Australia that has a rich history and some fascinating natural phenomena. If these features appeal to you as well, plan your trip to Australia and get set for an awesome experience like never before! Make sure you pack a few extra clothes in case you decide to extend your vacay!

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