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Beaches in Cambodia allow you plenty of relaxed time, far from the bustle of a city life, and make for a perfect retreat. They are pristine & secluded sea beaches that allow you enough of quiet and private moments in the company of your loved ones.

On your trip to Cambodia, make sure you spend enough time lazing on the best Cambodia beaches. It the best way to unwind while enjoying the splendid views of the endless sea.

Top Cambodian Beaches In Sihanoukville

1. Otres Beach – A soothing retreat
2. Sokha Beach – For a long, quiet walk
3. Serendipity Beach – The party spot!
4. Koh Pos Beach – Untouched beauty
5. Victory Beach – Kick back & sunbathe
6. Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev 
7. Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Sanloem
8. Koh Tonsay 
9. Koh Rong Island 
10. Koh Thmei Island 

1. Otres Beach – A soothing retreat

Sunbed and umbrella by the Otres beach in Sihanoukville

A relatively calm and soothing retreat, Otres beach is one of the many picturesque Cambodian beaches. The long sand beach enclosing a dense forest is a perfect escape for honeymooners and couples. Hotels in the area ensure a great stay. There are three islands in the bay, highly recommended for a boat trip.

Otres is an ultimate de-stress therapy, thanks to numerous bars dotting the beachfront. It is one of the quietest beaches in Sihanoukville, and thus in this list of must-visit sea beaches in Cambodia.

Key attractions near Otres beach: Night market, fish cakes at Naia Beach Restaurant, and massage parlors

Recommended for: Honeymooners and couples, photographers, and solo travelers

2. Sokha Beach – For a long, quiet walk

The lovely tropical Sokha beach in Cambodia

The 1.5 km-long beach offers silicon-like sand, cool breeze, and warm water. The eastern end is open for tourists and it is here that you can relish the magic of this serene beach. Sokha beach is comparatively calmer and quieter than other beaches which make it an ideal escape for couples. Go on and discover the hidden beauty of Sokha beach from your shutter.

Key attractions near Sokha beach: Massage and spa treatment by the beach

Recommended for: Couples, family, and photography enthusiasts

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3. Serendipity Beach – The party spot!

Visitors relaxing by the Serendipity beach

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Boasting of plenty of places to eat, drink and hangout, Serendipity is another renowned beach in Cambodia that lies on the western front. Sufficient partying spots and a pretty sea beach overlooking the sea makes it an ideal allure for the travelers.

Key attractions near Serendipity beach: Motorcycle and buggy rentals, travel shops, massage, and tattoo parlors

Recommended for: Friends and party enthusiasts

4. Koh Pos Beach – Untouched beauty

Snake island bridge as seen from the beach in Sihanoukville

Image Source

Raw and unblemished beauty make Koh Pos beach in Sihanoukville one of the most sought after Cambodia beaches.

Koh Pos island is a kilometer away from Lomhe Kay beach, off the coast of Sihanoukville province. The untarnished beauty and lesser exposed nature of the beach hold it among the top attractions of Cambodia. Get a feel of the Southeast Asia by booking a Cambodia tour package.

Key attraction near Koh Pos beach: Treasure Island beach restaurant at the beach for serving delicious seafood

Recommended for: Seafood lovers, solo travelers, and backpackers

5. Victory Beach – Kick back & sunbathe

Travelers sunbathing at the Victory beach in Sihanoukville

Image Source

Boasting of Sihanoukville Port in the backdrop, Victory beach is another Cambodia beach that’s a major tourist hotspot in the island nation. It facilitates recreational activities like mini golf game and also has whiskey bar. With lots of people frequenting the beach, Victory is certainly the place to be.

Key attractions near Victory beach: Queenco Casino, Step Inn bar, and boat trips

Recommended for: Party enthusiasts and group of friends

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Other Popular Beaches In Cambodia

6. Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev – How about some adventure?

A boat standing by the quiet Coral beach in Koh Ta Kiev

Image Source

The Coral beach in Koh Ta Kiev is one of the best beaches in Cambodia in terms of water activities and facilities for the travelers. Be it spending a thrilling night lying on hammock or trekking across the dense forest surrounding the beach, Koh Ta Kiev has it all.

This is one of those ideal places where you can collect lots of memorable moments with friends and family, and cherish them for the lifetime.

Key attractions at Coral beach: Snorkeling, spear fishing, kayaking, jungle treks, cliff diving, private coral beaches, and food prepared by french chefs

Recommended for: Foodies, backpackers, and friends

7. Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Sanloem – The name says it all

A captivating view of Lazy beach on the Koh Rong island

Image Source

A perfect hideout on the Koh Rong island Lazy beach is a seamless stretch of sand surrounded by tropical jungle. It is also highly recommended for swimming and other water activities. The bars by the beach offer private moments to couples and honeymooners.

Key attractions near Lazy beach: Snorkelling, tree house, pubs, and diving sites

Recommended for: Water sports enthusiasts and couples

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Beautiful Islands In Cambodia

8. Koh Tonsay – Serenity at its best

Tourists on a boat at Koh Tonsay island in Cambodia

At Koh Tonsay, hush is the word! This is where you find Cambodian beaches that are absolutely quiet. The few activities offered here become all the more relaxing as the beaches are serene and less crowded. The tropical island is rather popular among nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

The island is a 25-minute ride from Kep by boat and is one of the most easily accessible beaches in Cambodia. A stay in one of the many wooden bungalows there – overlooking the turquoise sea – makes for a world class experience on the island.

Key attractions at Koh Tonsay: The Wooden Bungalow, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and hiking. Watch out for occasional jellyfish and spiky sea anemones while snorkeling.

Recommended for: Honeymooners and backpackers

9. Koh Rong Island – A lazy retreat for the lazy you!

Perfect view of a beach at Koh Rong island with blue sky making the backdrop

The second largest island in the country, Koh Rang boasts of some of the best beaches in Cambodia. Pristine beauties brimming with turquoise water are home to some breathtaking resorts that mesmerize with indescribable charm. With lots of water sports activities and exciting things to do, Koh Rong island is the place to be in Cambodia.

25 km off the Sihanoukville coast in the Gulf of Thailand, this little heaven is for everyone looking for a break from the chaos of urban life. Go speed boating or kayaking with your better half if you are looking for adventure amidst a soothing retreat.

Key attractions at Koh Rong Island: Diving, speed boats, adventure park, kayaking, and snorkeling

Recommended for: Backpackers looking for quiet & soothing haven and watersports enthusiast

10. Koh Thmei Island – A calm retreat amidst flora & fauna

A bright sky before the sunset at Koh Thmei island in Cambodia

Image Source

Falling in the area of Ream National Park, Koh Thmei island is a treat for nature freaks. It has beautiful and quiet Cambodia beaches and boasts of diverse flora and fauna.

Koh Thmei – the only resort here – is a perfect retreat located amid the lush green environs of the picture-perfect beach mostly frequented by backpackers. With over 150 plus species of birds and threatened animal species like the fish cat and Sambar found on the island, it makes for an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Key attractions at Koh Thmei Island: Snorkeling, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, and diversities found in Ream National Park

Recommended for: Backpackers, couples, and solo travelers

Beaches have the magical power to soothe your soul and encompass new dimensions to your life. These best beaches in Cambodia are all that you need for a refreshing break.

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