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The Cham Islands or Cu Lao Cham is a group of eight small islands that is located in the Quang Nam Province in Vietnam and is part of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park which is a world biosphere reserve, recognized by UNESCO. These islands have today become a popular tourists spot.

All About The Beautiful Cham Islands

Beautiful Island

The islands that make up the 8 islands of Cham Islands are the Hon Lao, which is the biggest island, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho con, Hon La, Hon Tai, and Hon Ong. These are all under the administrations of Tien Hiep Commune of Hoi An city. The islands are mostly mountainous and forested. Only Hon Lao has streams and is also the most populated and active and offers numerous beaches, activities, and facilities to tourists. Bai Lang is the capital village and has around 2400 people whose main occupation is fishing and rice farming along with trading pepper, ivory, cinnamon bark, and wood though the port of Hoi An.

The Cham Islands are known for the diverse biodiversity and the flora and fauna that can be found in the forests on these islands along with the aquatic resources which include 165 hectares or 410 acres of coral with 135 species of coral, 84 species of mollusc and 4 species of tiger shrimp. Some of these are endangered and mentioned in the Red Book of Endangered Species too.

The island is also known to be inhabited by people from around 2500 to 3000 years ago which is evident through the numerous artefacts and monuments found in the islands. The Cham people considered the island holy. The city of Hoi An was the commercial capital of the Champa Kingdom and controlled the spice trade route that passed through here and was a major trading port. Champa Islands were used later on by large vessels to transfer their cargo to smaller vessels to take to Hoi An since the larger vessels could not enter the shallow Hoi An river inlet.

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Best Time To Visit The Cham Islands

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Cham Islands weather is affected by the tropical monsoon and the best time to visit the islands is during the months of March to August when it is sunny but a bit humid and the sea is quiet and calm which is also good time for snorkelling and scuba diving. One can also visit during the 14th and 15th of lunar calendar month when the people of Hoi An light up numerous lanterns which really makes the city look beautiful. Cau Ngu festival takes place on the 3rd and 4th of April and is a good time to visit.

How To Reach The Cham Islands?


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By Air: You can book a flight to Da Nang city to reach the islands. From here one can book a bus or cab to Hoi An.

By Water: One can buy a ticket for a canoe ride from Hoi An to the island which costs around 300,000 Dong. One can travel by Tau Cho which is a wooden boat which travels once a day in the morning and is the slowest way to get to the island and choosing this option is the cheapest costing just 50,000 Dong. One can also hire a private canoe which is the fastest way and you can freely travel the island and to and from the island hence it costs around 8 to 12 million Dong.

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Things To Do At Cham Islands

1. Scuba diving in Cham Island

Scuba diving

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The island has numerous places and companies that offer services for scuba diving. No previous experience is needed for scuba diving as they will give you a brief training and you can dive in after to check out the marine wildlife and the coral reefs. Diving in Cham island is one of the best things to experience.

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2. Snorkelling in Cham island


With the numerous coral reefs around the island snorkelling is also an amazing experience there. If you don’t want to go scuba diving then snorkelling in the shallow waters near the beach is an amazing way to see the marine life and coral reefs.

Snorkelling spots in Cham Island: If you want to go snorkelling, Cham Island Diving Center is the place where you can explore the underwater world.

3. Sea Trekking

Fishes in the seawater

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Another amazing underwater experience is sea trekking where you just have to put on a helmet and then walk on into the sea to see the amazing marine life and coral reefs. No experience in swimming and diving is necessary and is available for ages ranging from 8 to 80 years. Sea Trek Vietnam is the company that offers this service.

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4. Swimming


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With the numerous beaches available, one thing you must do is go for a swim and laze around the beach under the sun. Hon Lau has around 7 amazing beaches to laze at. Have a splendid time with your friends, family or beloved at the gorgeous beaches of Vietnam. If you’re a water baby, you’ll surely enjoy the colorful fishes swimming in the crystal clear waters.

5. Shopping

Shopping material

Tan Hiep market is located next to the pier and is a place where you can buy fresh seafood, souvenirs, snacks, accessories and even wild animal meat. The locals call this market Cu Lao Cham Market. Find quirky souvenirs here to take back home.

Popular markets in Cham Island: Tan Hiep Market and Hoi An Market are the most popular markets on the island.

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Where To Stay At The Cham Islands?


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There are many good hotels and resorts in Hoi An like Sunrise Premium Resort, which is one of the more popular places to stay, Vinpearl Resort and Spa is a 5 star luxury resort which will exceed all your expectations, and Muong Thanh Holiday is a budget hotel that still offers comfortable stay, good view, and food along with a pool.

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Enticed yet? Cham Islands in Vietnam are sure to give you an amazing experience and is an ideal destination to visit with family and friends. Book your trip to Vietnam now with TravelTriangle and have a great time here!

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