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Champawat is an extremely beautiful place in the historical state of Uttarakhand, India. This is a rather hidden gem and is not known to many. This place is famous due to the Champawat tiger. It has a lush green forest and great wildlife that attracts visitors from all parts of the world. This is the legendary land of great wildlife that raises curiosity in every mind. This is a great treat for nature lovers and those seeking peace from their stressful lives. This is a one-time opportunity, you are not supposed to miss this one. The serene landscapes must be explored in their full glory. There’s no better way than planning a trip to Uttarakhand this year and enjoying it the most with your family and friends.

History Of Champawat

Beautiful views of the town of Champawat in Uttarakhand

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This is a place located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. This place reflects a rich history from ages ago. The legends and myths are weaved around this land which is also mentioned in several Hindu scriptures. This place was ruled by the Chand dynasty in ancient times. Champawat is named after Champawati, the prince of the Chand dynasty. It reflects the great trading culture in the region of Kumaon. This place is widely popular for its art and culture under the rule of the Chand dynasty. Champawat was also a great location for trade routes in the ancient era. The natural beauty of this place is calming too. It is a great link between the northern plains and the Tibetan plateau that provides a strategic location for the trade of goods. Several goods like salt and wool were traded through Champawat. This place reflects the great traditions and culture of the Kumaon region that has so much to offer.

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Things To Do At Champawat

The beautiful Champawat that you should visit this year.

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This place has natural beauty and surroundings, you can spot a rich variety of plants and animals at this place. The rich biodiversity of Champawat is famous as you can get glimpses of deer and monkeys. Leopards can also be spotted in certain seasons by the visitors. Apart from this, you can visit the famous Nageshwar Temple which was built in the ancient era. It has exquisite architecture and carvings on the stone. You can check the Champawat-Devidhura trek and enjoy the lush valleys and great waterfalls. This waterfall poses great opportunities to capture panoramic views. Additionally, you can explore local markets and enjoy local cuisines. They can even enjoy a picnic with their family on the river bank of Kali. You can visit Abbott Mount for the panoramic views and snow-capped Himalayas. Local festivals organized on Navratri and Baisakhi are extremely popular.

Nearby Tourist Attractions In Champawat

Experience Panchachuli Peak, a true site of heaven in Uttarakhand

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This place has several tourist attractions having great importance culturally and historically. The lakes and waterfalls of the region are exceptional. While on your visit to Champawat, you can visit Devidhura Lake and Kranti Waterfall that has scenic spots for great photography. A little away from Champawat, there’s a great hill station named Munsiyari. It has great views and Panchachuli Peak adds to its beauty. Gangolihat is about 60 km from this place and has great Hindu temples like Kali temple. The Chandika Temple of Champawat is also a great tourist attraction that has devotees from around the world. Nagnath Temple is located about 80 kilometres from Champawat and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Purnagiri Temple is another Hindu shrine that is dedicated to Goddess Purnagiri and has the Kali river around it. You can visit Abbott Mount, which is famous for its pine forest and church.

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What To Expect In Champawat?

Visit Champawat to have a great vacation while experiencing the Chaliya Dance Group

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The cascading waterfalls and mountain peaks covered with snow are breathtaking. The warm hospitality that the visitors receive brings immense pleasure to them. Locals always greet the visitors with smiles and friendly gestures. The interactions with the locals are great and mostly informative. A large number of temples are present in Champawat. The spiritual serenity of this place brings tranquillity and works as a retreat among the Himalayan foothills. The scenic drive and walks for leisure bring so much positivity to life. The historical landmarks and cultural heritage perform tasks of spiritual rejuvenation. Local delicacies like Gehat ki Dal and Aloo Ke Gutke with Bhang Ki Chutney provide the best adventure in Uttarakhand.

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A trip to Uttarakhand can help you provide a fresh perspective this year. Leave the stress aside and start planning for the beautiful trip. Mountains, waterfalls, and waiting for you! You should not miss the fabulous state for its true beauty. Book your tickets now and have an exciting trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Champawat

What are the popular places near Champawat?

You can cover popular destinations like Shri Baleshwar Temple and Nagnath Temple. Other than these two, you can visit Golu Devta Mandir which is popular among locals. Advaita Ashram, Mayawati, and Lohagat are two attractive destinations from Champawat that should be on your list.

What is the best time to visit Champawat?

Champawat has great weather all around the year. Summers are comfortable and lively. Winter has its charm with snowfall. You are advised to check the forecast before visiting. Avoid frequent landslides in this region.

What is the weather like in Champawat during Monsoon?

The place is great and vibrant during most parts of the year. The winter season is popular for experiencing snowfall in this region. You are advised to carry light sweaters for summer and heavy woollens for winter.

What are the popular food items near Champawat?

Local dishes like Aaloo ke Gutke and Phaanu are trendy. You can savour Gahat ki Dal in this region. The local restaurants serve a variety of North Indian cuisines that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

How to reach Champawat?

One can take a flight to Pantnagar Airport. This is the closest Airport near Champawat. Kathgodam railway station is the closest railway station to Champawat. Train connectivity from all the major metropolitan cities is great from Kathgodam Railway Station.

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