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Bridges are the most common and successful inventions of man that have helped in development of human civilization since times immemorial. And you all must be knowing how skilled China is in creating such man-made wonders. From the Great Wall of China to the glass- made bridge, it holds so much in store that prove its unparalleled capability! And here we are talking about such creativity called the Chengyang bridge. Known with different names, it is one of the most famous wind and rain bridges in China. Constructed to create a nexus between chinese villages across the Linxi river, it is seeking the attention of people around the world. And adding to its beauty is the fact that it is a UNESCO world heritage site. So, let’s take a look into the depths of this 100 year old bridge standing firmly!

Chengyang Bridge History

Closer view of Chengyang bridge

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The Chengyang bridge is one of the wind and rain bridges. It was built in 1912. The credit for the concept and construction of Chengyang bridge goes to the Dong minority in China. You can call them Chengyang bridge designer. These people are known for their carpentry skills and for producing sweet rice. And the example of their expertise in carpentry are these wind and rain bridges, the most among them being the Chengyang bridge. While the bridges are built to connect villages, they are like shelter to the people of villages and protect during wind and rain as their name suggests! Not a single nail is used to create these bridges and they are symbol of Dong people’s caliber. On the bridge a lot of activities take place and they are also a great place to spend time with friends.

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Chengyang Bridge Facts

The view of Chengyang bridge

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  • Chengyang Bridge in China is located in Sanjiang county of Guangxi province.
  • It was built in 1912 and is the largest wind and rain bridge in China.
  • The bridge is 64.4 m long and 3.4 m wide.
  • It has 3 stone pillars and 5 wooden pavilions.
  • It is mostly made of wood.
  • The roof of the bridge is covered with tiles and the corridors are decorated with carvings and paintings.
  • The 5 pavilions are in the shape of pagodas and provide space to relax and gathering.
  • The cost of getting on the bridge is INR 317 and extra charge is taken for watching a dance performance.

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Things To Do At Chengyang Bridge

People climbing the stairs of Chengyang bridge

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  • Witness the picturesque views of the Linxi river flowing parallel and the forests nearby.
  • Admire the unique, smart and beautiful structure of the bridge.
  • Play, sing or dance with friends on the bridge.
  • Shop unique Dong souvenirs and watch a dance show.
  • Get to know the Dong culture and befriend Dong people.

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How To Reach Chengyang Bridge

Sanjiang Station

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By Train:
Take the train for Huaihua city, it will take 3-4 hours to reach Sanjiang. From there you can take a minivan to reach the bridge.
By Bus:
Take the bus to Sanjiang county. Once you reach Sanjiang county bus station, walk for 10 minutes to get to County hospital. There you will get the minivan to the bridge.

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Now, you have the full Chengyang bridge information. It being a heritage site, you must visit it once. China also offers other amazing experiences so you must visit it atleast once in your life. You can plan an international trip and visit China. Include this bridge in your itinerary and witness the power of creativity!

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