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Chilika Lake is one of the largest lagoons in India and Asia. It is a true beauty of nature that once was part of the Bay of Bengal until one of the River Mahanadi split it into a brackish water lagoon. It is 8m, but scientists believe it was much deeper years ago. It is an ancient lake that has stood to the test of time and has gone under changes just like its surroundings. To enjoy this place, you must have a relaxing stay to enjoy your vacation thoroughly. Continue to read to understand more about Chilika Lake Resorts.

Chilika Lake Resorts

There are a plethora of resorts near Chilika Lake. Here is a well-curated list of captivating resorts to mak your trip more comfortable and heart worthy

1.Swosti Chilika Resort

Rambha area in Chilika Lake

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Swosti Chilika Resort aims to ensure their guests feel the same ambience they think when they visit the Chilika Lale. To bring them joy, refreshing mornings, and soothing surroundings, this resort is exactly what everyone needs. Enjoy luxury and nature in the Swosti Chilika Resort, which is a perfect blend of exotic scenes, lush green plantations, beautiful islands, and varied species of flora and fauna. They have added contemporary touches to their design, yet another charm for guests.

There are many tourist attractions that you must visit while you enjoy your stay in this luxurious hotel, such as Kalijai Temple (49.2 km), Satapada (66.2 km), Breakfast Island (27.1 km), Mangalajodi (52.9 km), and the Biju Patnaik International Airport (114 km).

Location: Swosti Chilika Resort, Odia Alapur, Bejiput, Ganjam, Chilika, Odisha 761029

Starting Price: INR 5,938 onwards

Water Sports
Game Zone
Swimming Pool
Yoga and Fitness Centre
Room Service

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2. Samudra Resorts and Spa

Aerial view of Chilika Lake Resort

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Samudra Resorts is a serene place filled with adventurous activities for you to partake in. It is situated in the sacred city of Puri. It is considered sacred due to the proximity to the famous Jagannath Temple which is considered as one of India’s Char Dham which people often visit.

This beautiful resort overlooks the sea and provides a spectacular and even better staff and activities. What makes this resort stand out is its location. Often resorts are situated at the beach, but this unique resort is located in front of a river. You can just imagine staying at a resort like this. The serene water, noise of the river flowing, birds chirping, etc will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself finally. Chilika Lake is not too far from this resort so you can visit it at your convenience, Shree Maa Tara Tarini Temple is a four-hour drive away, Sea Mouth Island is a 53-minute drive, and Tampara Lake is a three-and-a-half drive away. Make sure to add these stops to your itinerary.

Location: Samudra Resorts and Spa, Baliharachandi, Near Biju Patanayak College Motobrahmagiri, Brahmagiri, Odisha 752011

Starting Price: 3,236 onwards

Breakfast (free)
Parking (free)
Room Service

3. Eco-Cottage Chilika Island Resort

A view of Chilika Lake resort

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We already know how diverse Chilika Lake’s environment is. It is home to a variety of species, different types of sea creatures, migratory birds, and lush green plantations with small islands spread across the lake. Conserving and preserving our environment is important, which is Eco-Cottage Island Resort’s aim.

The resort blends luxury and responsibility so well that it seems like just any other resort people visit. It is a slice of paradise amid the actual paradise. Enjoy the amazing services, the hospitable staff, and the spectacular scenery. Make sure to visit some famous tourist places such as Chilika Lake, Tampara Lake, Satpada, and many other places.

Location: Eco-Cottage Chilika Island Resort, Eco Cottage Chilika Barhampura, Satapada, Odisha 752011

Starting price: INR 6,048 onwards

Free Breakfast
Room Service
Air Conditioning

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4. Pipul Odi Museum Resort

A view of Chilika Lake resort

Image Source: Pexels

Pipul Resorts comes under the Pipul Hotels franchise. It was first established in 2018 and has only been growing since then. They are located in famous cities like Chilika or Barkul, Puri, Bhubaneshwar, etc.

Luxurious rooms that vary and can be to your liking. You can enjoy your vacation here with your friends and family. Their rooms include the presidential suite, bamboo cottage, family room, suite room, executive room, etc. In this place, you need not worry about your needs or wants. The professional yet friendly staff will ensure everything is taken care of.

Location: Pipul Odi Museum Resort, At/po-badakul via-Balugaon dist-church, Barkul, Odisha 752030

Starting Price: INR 3,586 onwards

Parking Space
Room Service
Swimming Pool

5. OTDC Panthanivas – Rambha

A view of Chilika Lake resort

Image Source: Pexels

The resort of OTDC Panthanivas may not be luxurious or have the fanciest lighting system inside its resort. However, it does have a homely aura to it. A humble yet comfortable and hygienic resort is the best experience you can share with your loved ones. It has a fantastic view of the lake right outside. You need to wake up to look outside at this beautiful, serene blue lake to have a magical morning.

The OTDC takes pride in its services and has excellent staff who will go out of their way to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. The ambience is calm and tranquil, just the thing you need to get away from your hectic city life. Visit Kalijai Temple (61.1 km), Rajhans Island, Satpada, Nalabana Island, and many more places.

Location: OTDC Panthanivas – Rambha, G37V+FFQ, Rambha, Odisha 761028

Starting Price: INR 1,245 onwards
Tour Assistance
Bellboy Service
Air Conditioning

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6. Michaels Island Village Eco Stay

One of the best Chilika lake resort

Image Source: Pexels

This quaint and luxurious resort is situated on the island of Maensa. It is located on the corner of Brahmapura, overlooking the Chilika Lake. A perfect place for you to relax and enjoy without being disturbed. This is your opportunity to embrace the culture of the locals and have fun.

This resort has something for everyone. Whether you seek some quiet, adventure, or a tour, the Michaels Island Village Eco Stay can provide you with anything and more. They have some rooms that you might enjoy immensely, such as a garden suite, luxury villas, executive rooms, and outdoor tents. One of the most critical aspects that you will love is the cuisine. They incorporate many types of cuisine but you must try the traditional, authentic Odian cuisine they serve in their restaurant.

Location: Michaels island Village Eco Stay, Berhampura Island, Via, near Satapada, Brahmagiri, Puri, Odisha 752011
Starting Price: INR 3500 onwards

Wedding halls
Room Service

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Now that you have a list of some of the most amazing Chilika Lake resorts in and around your destination, you must book your tickets to Odisha. Have an epic trip to Odisha with your family and friends. Enjoy the lakeshore and everything that it has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chilika Lake Resorts

Can you sight dolphins in Chilika Lake?

Yes, the Irrawaddy Dolphins are a frequent sight in Chilika Lake. So much that there is a sanctuary made for them as well that you can visit anytime.

Are the resorts near Chilika Resort expensive?

There are multiple resorts in and around Chilika Lake that range in price. You just have to look at what comes under your budget. Irrespective of the budget, all the resorts in Chilika Lake promise a great experience to all their guests and ensure to follow through with their words.

What are some Odian cuisines you should try?

The cuisine of Odisha is one filled with flavors that melt in your mouth and keep you wanting more. You must try dishes like malpua, pithas, chungdi malai, and many more delicious things. Do not forget to indulge in their mouthwatering seafood dishes.

What activities can you do in the Chilika Lake?

You can do a lot of things such as dolphin sightseeing, bird watching, boat riding, and many more exciting and adventurous things.

How can you reach Chilika Lake from Puri?

You can reach Chilika Lake from Puri via a car drive or a bus ride. It is approximately an hour and a half to two hours drive. You can even take the train if you wish to Balugaon.

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