Day Trips From Salzburg

Salzburg is a one-of-a-kind destination, a perfect encapsulation of all that Austria has to offer, but undoubtedly, it is also one of the busiest cities when the tourism season is on. It can often mean that restaurant reservations become scarce, the main tourist attractions are bustling with people from all over the world and even the natural regions seamlessly blend into the city’s concrete jungle. This is where the geography of Salzburg helps us easily get around to beautiful destinations that can be perfect for a day trip. Whether you want to experience the natural bounty with a hiking tour or simply spoil yourself on a shopping spree in the capital, our selection of the best day trips from Salzburg caters for all and everyone.

7 Most Popular Day Trips From Salzburg

Fancy a classic Europen-style day trip from Salzburg? From the countryside charm of Innsbruck to fine-dining in Vienna, these are the best day trips from Salzburg.

1. Werfen

biggest fortress of Salzburg

Image Credit: MatthiasKabel for Wikimedia Commons

An underrated but surely unforgettable destination that you can visit from Salzburg in Werfen, a small town in the Pongau area. Accessible by both road and train, marvel over the panoramic Salzach river valley and take a tour of the Festung Hohenwerfen—the second-biggest fortress of Salzburg. Moreover, don’t forget to gear up for some adventure and explore the Salzburg Ice Caves or Eisriesenwelt which are the biggest ice caves in Europe.

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2. Vienna

Vienna is a remarkable city

Image Credit: Sandro Gonzalez for Unsplash

Vienna is a remarkable city and capital that you can discover on a weekend trip. Competing with Paris, London and Rome; the biggest city of Austria has a rich history traced from Roman times and is home to landmarks loaded with history. there is a lot to find in Vienna. Walk around the central district with a cup of the famous Viennese coffee and unapologetically do all the touristic activities because that’s a great way to learn about the city.

3. Hallstatt

natural escape into paradise

Image Credit: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos for Unsplash

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Austria’s Salzkammergut region, Hallstatt is a hidden gem worth discovering. With a small population, no traffic, cosy inns and a lot of homestay options, even a simple walk here can feel like a natural escape into paradise. Learn about Gemutlichkeit’s Austrian approach to everyday life, unwinding amid nature and lose yourself in an adventure you are bound to remember on a day trip from Salzburg.

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4. Innsbruck

boast unpopulated forestland

Image Credit: Patrick Robert Doyle for Unsplash

There are destinations outside Salzburg that boast unpopulated forestland for visitors to find serenity and then there’s Innsbruck with unspoilt Alpine nature that you won’t find anywhere else on the European continent. While most journeys start from the rather touristic and popular Golden Dachl in the historic old town, from the Innsbruck cable cars to ski jump, you won’t be able to resist diving headfirst into the wilderness here.

5. Kitzbühel

single sporting activity

Image Credit: Peter Moers for Unsplash

Just as we mentioned ski jump, if you want to focus on one single sporting activity on your day trip from Salzburg, Kitzbuhel’s internationally renowned ski resort is the best place to get the fun started. With glistering views of the Kitzbühel Alps in the distance, walk through the medieval centres, warm yourself with cups of local coffee and rest up for a day trip of skiing along with exploring the western Austrian province of Tyrol.

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6. Eagle’s Nest

relationship between history

Image Credit: Petriukas for Wikimedia Commons

While exploring a place where Adolf Hilter would spend his summers can be a niche area of interest, Eagle’s Nest also offers a scenic view of the Bavarian Alps, a trip worth taking despite its unfortunate association with the political. Photograph the surrounding scenes of culture that showcases a relationship between history and the community here. As the sun sets, find yourself near Konigsee River for a golden hour sunset to conclude your days of wandering.

7. Munich

it is easy to sideline this popular city

Image Credit: Jan Antonin Kolar for Unsplash

Just an hour and a half by train, it is easy to sideline this popular city given its status as a metropolis which usually doesn’t make the cut for day trip destinations. But Munich is unique and doesn’t share this stereotype at all. The former capital of Bavaria is busy with beer bars, cultural art scene, a growing tourism scene and more that goes beyond your average walking tour.

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While the duration is short, the simple pleasure of escapism with a day trip when you travel can be a great experience. Because the best day trips from Salzburg are just a heartbeat away. Planning to travel to Salzburg in the upcoming weeks or months? Explore our Salzburg tour packages to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Day Trips from Salzburg

What is Salzburg known for?

From the internationally renowned Salzburg Festival to Baroque architecture, while many features popularised this city, it is also the birthplace of Mozart.

Should I go to Vienna or Salzburg?

If you are planning to visit Austria sooner or later and have a limited time to explore all the cities, choose between Vienna and Salzburg based on what you would like to see. Vienna is the thriving capital with a cultural metropolis and access to the Viennese woods while Salzburg is the perfect destination for outdoor activities and not to mention the proximity to the Alps.

Are there any current restrictions on international travel to Austria?

According to the official website at the time of writing, travel to Austria is possible for touristic purposes. Proof of vaccination/recovery or a test is no longer needed.

What is the best time to visit Salzburg, Austria?

June is considered the best time to visit Salzburg. Seasons by and large dictate tourism in Salzburg. Most of the mountain resorts in the region have two distinct tourist seasons: winter for skiing enthusiasts and summer for hikers and backpackers. The climate in Salzburg in June is comfortable, the crowds are less and hotel and flight prices are lower.

How many days do you need in Salzburg?

If you want to explore the major tourist attractions and experiences, a 3 to 4-day itinerary is recommended.

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