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The month of January in Dhanaulti is rather chilly and cold. It is a perfect time if you enjoy colder weather than warmer ones. Dhanaulti is a quaint town in Uttarakhand, just 30 km from Mussoorie. It stands at an altitude of 2286 meters from sea level. It is a hilly station with beautiful sights to offer and fascinating tourist sports for you to visit. Immerse yourself in the culture and story of Dhanaulti in January to have a fantastic holiday in the mountains.

Places To Visit In Dhanaulti In January

We have curated a list of the best tourist attractions in Dhanaulti for January, and visiting them is a guaranteed delight.

1. Surkanda Devi Temple

The majestic Surkanda Devi Temple

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The Surkhana Devi Temple is situated in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand, it is 8 km away from Dhanaulti Hill Station and 22 km from Chamba. This is considered a holy place atop the hills, attracting tourists all year round to pay their respects to the Goddess and seek her blessings.

As it is at the top of a hill, it can be quite misty. However, if it is a clear day, then you can witness the beauty of the scenery there. You can view the breathtaking, snow-covered Himalayas and the Dehradun Valley, and you can enjoy the sight of the Garhwal region as well. Make sure to take a picture if it is a clear day! You must visit this temple again during the Ganga Dussehra festival, as the locals celebrate it with gusto.

Location: Kaddukhal surkanda hike start, Chamba, Saklana Range, Uttarakhand 249145
Timing: 5.00 Am to 10.00 Pm

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2. Tehri Dam

The biggest and longest Tehri Dam near Dhanaulti In January

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The Tehri Dam is the biggest and longest dam in India. Its multi-purpose benefits not only Uttrakahnd but neighbouring places as well. The dam has several roles, such as reservoir for irrigation, municipal water supply, and production of 1000 megawatt hydroelectricity. Other states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, etc. reap the benefits of the hydroelectricity powered by this dam.

This gigantic dam is built on the Bhagirathi River. Its surroundings are as beautiful as any part of Uttrakahand, attracting many tourists who want to go sightseeing. There are many thrill-seeking activities for you to participate in, but the winter season could bring a few precautions. However, there are a few tourist destinations for you to tour around.

Location: Tehri Dam, Chokhala, Uttarakhand
Timing: 6.30 Am to 8.45 Pm

3. Eco Park

 Eco Park in Dhanaulti in Uttrakhand

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The DFO Mousssories collaborated with the locals of Dhanaulti to construct the eco-park. It houses many endangered birds, driving towards its goal of preservation and conservation. You can also see the local trees that grow in the area, such as deodar trees, tall oak trees, and Rhododendron trees. This is the perfect spot to take your partner and see the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

This park offers quite a few activities for its visitors—flying fox, Burma bridge, trekking, hiking, sightseeing, rock climbing, etc. It is a perfect place for children, family, and friends to have an amazing time and bond with each other while enjoying nature.

Location: Chamba – Mussoorie Rd, Dhanolti, Uttarakhand 249180
Timing: 9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm

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4. Dhanaulti Adventure Park

The best place to have fun with friends - Dhanaulti Adventure Park must visit in Dhanaulti in January

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The Dhananulti Adventure Park is the perfect place to heal your inner child. It is in the mountains, but it also reminds you of home with its rather city-like establishments. This place is ideal for you and your family, especially when travelling with children.

The park is open all year round, though it might close if the weather takes a turn for the bad. However, many fun activities await you, like skywalking, zip lining, sky bridge, rappelling, trekking, camping, zip swing, and many more exciting things.

Location: Km After, 1, Chamba – Mussoorie Rd, Dhanaulti, Kempty Range, Uttarakhand 249180
Timing: 10.00 Am to 6.00 Pm

5. Kanatal Adventure Camp

Kanatal Adventure camp in Uttrakhand

Image Source: Shutterstock

The Kanatal Adventure Camp is at the Mussorie-Chambal road in Dhanaulti. It is the perfect place to be one with nature, surrounded by your loved ones. A perfect place for you to rejuvenate – whether you are a working adult or college student or have children who go to school, it is still an ideal place for you to lean back and relax with some fun activities and delicious food.

The ticket to enter starts from INR 1,300 per person. Some outdoor activities include zig-zag Mowgli walks, camping, bonfires, etc.

Location: Chamba – Mussoorie Rd, Kanatal, Kempty Range, Dhanolti, Uttarakhand 249145
Timing: NA

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6. Apple Orchard Resort

 Natural stream in Dhanaulti in January

Image Source: Shutterstock

People who appreciate fresh produce and believe in visiting such places must visit the Apple Orchard Resort, as it has all the organic fruits and vegetables you can think of. They are open to showing everyone as long as you have a genuine interest and appreciation for organic farming.

They also serve amazing authentic food to their guests, so make sure to visit this place and learn about the local farming techniques.

Location: Ward Jaunpur, Lagga Goth, Dhanolti, Uttarakhand 249180
Timing: 8.00 Am to 11.00 Pm

7. Dashavatar Temple

Amazing views of the Mussoorie mountain ranges

Image Source: Shutterstock

The Dashavatar Temple, initially known as the Panchayatan Temple, dates back to the Gupta period as the architectural style is evidence. Vaishnites all over the world come to see this temple situated in Deogarh, 10 km away from Dhanaulti.

This temple built concerning Lord Vishnu with inscriptions carved into its walls. It is a place to seek blessings for happy futures and wishes for people who come to pay their respects.
Location: Dhanaulti, Uttrakhand
Timing: 6.00 Am to 10.00 Pm

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8. Aloo Khet

Aloo Khet

Image Source: Shutterstock

As the name suggests, this place is not only famous for its potato farming. It is also a famous sunrise point that you can enjoy with your partner. The scenery around this place is different—not the usual mountains and hills, but near the marketplace in Dhanaulti. This Government establishment should pique your interest if you like immersing yourself in other cultures and better understanding them. Learn and understand the cultivation process of the locals, and visit the bazaar to do some much-needed shopping, full of souvenirs and local aromatics.
Location: Main Market, Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand
Timing: NA

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Now that you have a list of the most sought-after places among tourists hurry and book your trip to Dhanaulti In January for a wonderful vacation surrounded by snow-covered mountains and valleys. It is the perfect place to relax, have a warm cup of tea, and enjoy some of the local delicacies to forget all your worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dhanaulti In January

What should you pack for your trip to Dhanaulti?

If you visit Dhanaulti in January, you must carry warm clothes such as a thick jacket, woollen socks, and gloves. Jackets that have hoods to cover your head and ears from the cold wind. Carry your necessary toiletries, gadgets, important documents for identification, medicines, etc.

What is the best time to visit Dhanaulti?

Dhanaulti is open throughout the year but try to avoid the monsoons. The rain can hinder your plans. However, January is a beautiful time as well.

Are there any good resorts in Dhanaaulti where you can live?

There are quite a lot of eco huts that aim to provide an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can choose from many options, such as Green Forest Resorts, Camp Calista, Garden Cottage Resort, and many more.

What are the local foods that you should try in Dhanaulti?

Dhanaulti has a lot to choose from when it comes to food, and they all are a must like Jaiselmari Biryani, Peshwari Kebab and Rasgullas, Naan with Homemade Rasgullas, and Mutton Curry.

How can you reach Dhanaulti?

You can travel by air, rail, or road to reach Dhanaulti. If you choose to travel by air, the Jolly Grant Airport is the closest to this town in Uttarakhand. There are taxi and bus services to help you reach Dhanaulti as it is 83 km away. If you travel by train, then Dehradun and Rishikesh are the closest train stations. The former is 60 km and the latter 83 km away. If you plan a road trip then the state of Uttrakhand has a good network of roads and can be reached from major cities of India.

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