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You should add Dhaunalti, in winter, to your bucket list! A snow wonderland with beautiful, mesmerising mountains and tall oak, deodar, and rhododendron forests. This place is for all nature lovers, adventure seekers, and photographers. Winter starts in Dhanaulti in November and stays until February. This is a magical place for you to visit with family and friends. It most definitely is a romantic getaway for you and your partner. Enjoy everything this town in Uttrakhand has to offer to you. Filled with tourist attractions and fun, thrill-seeking activities, this place is a hub for tourists, slowly receiving attention from people worldwide.

Fun Activities To Enjoy In Dhanaulti In Winter

From the skating rinks of Kulri Bazar to the well-known Kedarnath Trek. Here are some fun activities that you can enjoy in Dhanaulti in winter.

1. Skating

Snow-covered mountains in Dhanaulti

Image Credit: nasir khan saikat for Wikipedia

The skating rinks of Kulri Bazar and Disco Skating Rink are considered to be the largest. These rinks are extremely famous among locals and tourists to enjoy bonding time with their friends and family. Enjoy a day of skating, tripping on ice and having a blast with loved ones.

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2. Cable Car

Cable cars near Dhanaulti

Image Credit: RM Bulseco for Wikipedia

Imagine being high up in the sky, having the perfect view of mountains, houses and beautiful forests, all covered in snow. A scene right out of a romance, a perfect place to go on a date with your partner or to make a memorable day with family and friends. This activity requires no age limits or any other obligations. All you have to do is sit and enjoy.

3. Trekking

A breathtaking view of the Himalayas from the Dhanaulti

Image Credit: Paxson Woelber for Wikipedia

Trekking in snow is more common than you think. However, staying on the trail and not losing your way may be more tough during the winter. This is why joining a group will allow people not only to mingle with new people but also, to go on an adventure with a group of people. So make sure to carry your comfortable shoes, pants and warm jackets, ready to climb!

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4. Sainji, Corn Village Tour

Corn Village

Image Credit: Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla for Wikimedia Commons

Sainji and Bhatoli villages are located in the Jaunpur block, on the western side of Masoourie. These villages are the oldest and most authentic villages in modern times. You can go on a tour and learn about the people and their culture, or you can try water milling.

5. Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath peak and valley

Image Credit: anurupa_chowdhury for Wikimedia Commons

This trek is one of the most famous winter treks to take place in Uttarakhand. Enjoy this beautiful trek, with an easy trail so that people can finish the journey comfortably. This trek has a lot of mythological significance which attracts a lot of tourists and devotees to join the trek The word ‘kedar’ is another name for Lord Shiva and this mountain has a lot of connections to the Indian epic, Mahabharata. If you go on this adventure you are guaranteed to witness some of the most exquisite views and find inner peace in it.

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How To Reach

View of Dhanaulti roads

Image Credit: Dehradun Airport for Wikipedia

By Air: 83 km away is the Jolly Grant Airport, which is the closest airport to Dhanaulti. The Delhi International Airport has frequent flights to and fro from Jolly Grant Airport. The roads are in good connection and have a good network in Dhanaulti. The airport has taxi services and bus shuttles to take you into the town of Dhanaulti.

By Rail: There are two railway stations close to Dhanaulti, Rishikesh and Dehradun. These three places are well connected via railway tracks to all the major cities in India. These stations are also well connected by roads to Dhanaulti. Dehradun is 60 km away, and Rishikesh is 83 km away. If you choose to travel by the Shatabdi train, then the ticket price is INR 900.

By Road: If you choose to reach Dhanaulti by bus then that might cost you INR 450 and INR 650. These buses can be taken from different places as Dhanaulti lies on the Musoorie-Chambal Highway, it is very accessible. Places from where you can Dhanaulti are Roorkee, Nainital, Haridwar, Dehradun, Mussoorie and Rishikesh.

Things To Pack Before Your Journey To Dhanaulti In Winter

Dhanaulti roads are surrounded by snow-covered mountains

Image Credit: Familydestinationsguide.com Images for Wikimedia Commons

Tourists visit Dhanaulti throughout the year and must pack accordingly. The winter here lasts from November till February so if you plan to visit then these are some of the essentials you need to pack.

Clothes: The winter season sees no sign of rain. It is perfectly dry and sunny but the night can turn really cold. The temperature can go below 10 degrees Celsius. You should carry a heavy-wooled jacket to keep you warm.

Shoes: As mentioned before travelling on foot will reap all the benefits of Dhanaulti so carry comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes that will allow you to have a good grip and will not give you any shoe bites. Carry comfortable, woollen socks as well.

Gadgets: Make sure to carry all your important gadgets like your phone and its charger if you are going to use it for navigation rather than a map. A power bank for backup, a camera to click pictures of the wonderful scenery around you. Batteries for your camera but not too many. Buy new batteries before your travel.

Medicines: Please carry medicines that you might need during your travel, such as Medicines for colds, coughs, headaches, motion sickness, etc. If you already have any ailments, visit your doctor before you leave for your journey and carry all your prescribed medicine.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, etc are a must but having a lightweight bag is essential, especially if you are planning to hike and camp. Only carry your necessities and nothing extra.

Miscellaneous Items: You should also carry things such as torches, and a short bag to keep things that you might need and it is good to keep them around. You can keep your small snacks like chocolate or nuts to give you an energy boost or to keep your hunger at bay.

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Now that you know all the important points about Dhanaulti, what to do there, what to pack and how to reach, it is time for you to book your trip to Dhanaulti during your winter vacation to have a magical, snow land like holiday with your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dhanaulti In Winter?

Can you travel to Dhanaulti during winter?

Yes, it is but certain precautions must be kept in mind. You should try having a guide with you as you explore the mountains on foot, away from the town. Carry warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold weather and stay hydrated to not get tired of walking.

Where is Dhanaulti?

Dhanaulti is a quiet hilly station, located in Uttarakhand, standing at the height of 2286 metres from sea level. It is 30 km away from the hill station of Mussoorie, and it is located on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan Range.

What are the best attractions in Dhanaulti?

To have a wonderful time in Dhanaulti you must visit tourist sites like the Tehri Dam, Surkanda Devi Temple, Dashavatar Temple, Kanatal Adventure Camp, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Eco Park, Deogarh Fort and Apple Orchard Resort.

What is Danaulti famous for?

Dhanaulti is a quaint town in Uttarakhand, slowly becoming a famous vacation spot among tourists. It offers people a calm and quick getaway from their busy city lives. There are natural parks, temples, and fun, thrill-seeking activities.

What is the best time to visit Dhanaulti?

You can visit Dhanaulti throughout the year but monsoon ought to be avoided. It can become very dangerous so summer, spring and winter seasons are the best to visit this hill station and enjoy your downtime here.

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