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Naggar is a beautiful place located in the lap of the great Himalayas, which provides a splendid break from mundane life. This beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh offers beautiful landscapes, historical and cultural remains, and a peaceful environment that relaxes people. For an ethnic feel while travelling amidst the Himalayan range, homestay in Naggar are some of the best accommodations that you can opt for.

A Guide to the Best Homestay In Naggar

Staying with local families may be one of the greatest experiences for tourists since they are likely to get acquainted with the native practices of the people. What if individuals could wake up to fresh mountain air, eat tasty homemade food made right in the region, and communicate with welcoming families? Here’s a curated list of the top 8 homestays in Naggar, each offering a distinctive experience for your Himalayan retreat:

1. Woodsmoke Cottage

 You can experience the best views of Kullu Valley

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This is a very simple and small homestay with spacious rooms furnished with wooden requirements and big glass windows that bring in the magnificent view of the mighty Himalayas.

  • Meals:
    Savour carefully cooked home-style meals made with quality produce sourced from the farmers’ markets. The warm-hearted hosts will always be glad to open the conversation.
  • Activities:
    It is time to take a nature walk along the apple trees, indulge in the nearby trails, or just lie down on the hammocks tied between two trees and listen to the melodious birds chirping.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Located within a few hundred metres from the main town thus within walking distance to local stores and will have a serene environment.

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2. Horizon Homestay

You can pick the perfect homestay in Naggar according to your preference and taste.

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Located on the hilltop overlooking Kullu Valley, Horizon Homestay has a splendid and fascinating view. The homestay has a Himachali-style construction with most of the stone walls and the sloping slate roof.

  • Meals:
    Taste delicious home-cooked meals on order using recipes that have transcended time, cooked with vegetables and fruits grown on the homestay farm.
  • Activities:
    It is possible to go trekking up the nearby hills to enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas, take part in the terrace yoga sessions or just relax and enjoy the stunning views while lying on the terrace.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Slightly off the main business district of the town, this business is conveniently situated in an area that is free from too much traffic and noise.

3. The Lazy Lounge

 Having a comfortable stay is extremely crucial.

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Living up to its name, The Lazy Lounge welcomes one for some lazing and chilling out. What separates this particular homestay from others is the rather relaxed vibe suitable for resting right amid mountains.

  • Meals:
    Fresh tasty dishes are available for order and made of local produce depending on the season. They are offered on the open-air terrace with an excellent view.
  • Activities:
    Pamper yourself with an Ayurvedic massage, attend a cooking show to learn Indian recipes or just remain cosy with a book and fireplace.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Located on the cliffs on the outskirts of the town of Naggar, the hotel provides the guests with opportunities for absolute calm and, at the same time, openness to any sightseeing.

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4. Shiva Guest House

Picking the right homestay in Naggar depends on how your research and decide on the place.

Image Credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg for Wikimedia Commons

Experience the warmth of Himachali hospitality at Shiva Guest House. This family-run homestay offers a homely atmosphere, where you’ll be treated as a guest and not just a tourist.

  • Meals:
    Savour delicious home-cooked meals the family prepares, using traditional recipes passed down through generations. Enjoy lively conversations and gain insights into the local culture.
  • Activities:
    Embark on nature walks with the friendly host, who will share his knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Participate in local festivals and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Naggar.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Located in the heart of Naggar Town, offering easy access to shops, restaurants, and historical sites.

5. Naggar Heritage Homestay

Naggar Castle is a mediaeval castle, which can be seen from the homestay in Naggar.

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Take a trip to the past at Naggar Heritage Homestay. This old typical Himachali house has been fully renovated and now it can be a good example of the architecture of this area. The homestead has nicely carved wooden designs on the doors and windows and the stone walls give a cramped feeling of the entire house.

  • Meals:
    This highlights the opportunity to taste traditional Himachali food, always made with new and fresh products.
  • Activities:
    Visit the Naggar Castle, a castle located in the nearby area, Take part in entertaining Himachali food preparation shows, or just sunbathe at the rooftop restaurant.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Situated in Naggar Town having proximity to historical places, shopping centres and elaborate eateries and at the same time inculcates a touch of the town’s culture.

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6. Wildflower Hall

Wildflower Hall is regarded as one of the most comfortable

Image Credit: Vinayaraj for Wikimedia Commons

Experience total luxury at this stunning uniqueness, which is Wildflower Hall. Here in this homestay, the host blends Himachali architecture and contemporary facilities, and it is one of the cosiest and most stylish places. There are overgrown gardens of wildflowers that are so calm, encompassing the compound.

  • Meals:
    Taste the best dishes delivered and prepared by a professional chef for lunch and dinner.
  • Activities:
    Take part in the nature walks that are offered within and around the forest, have night-watching sessions on the rooftop, and spend your time around the fireplace as there are often fires at night with people watching the stars.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    Naggar Town is easily accessible by car or on foot and the Inn is situated a few kilometres away from Naggar Town.

7. The Nature Nest

Ambience aesthetic homestay in Naggar around the Castle.

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Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and shepherds tending to their flock on our eco-friendly homestay. This particular homestay aims at environmental conservation and allows the guests to have direct contact with ecology.

  • Meals:
    Cosy local dishes made from healthy natural ingredients from the vegetable farm organically grown within the compound. The dinners were prepared from traditional recipes..
  • Activities:
    Attend seminars on environmentally friendly ways of living, learn about the organic farming system, or enjoy the peace of the environment by sleeping on hammocks that are hung between trees.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    A bit further from Naggar Town, perfect for tourists, who want to get to the completely nature-based stay.

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8. Honey Bee Homestay

You can find some of the most comfortable homestays in Naggar with beautiful views.`

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Escape to the lanes of home-stay style comfort with Honey Bee homestay that imbibes the ethic of a family-run business. This homestay is all about family like you are being with your people, or like being at home if you will.

  • Meals:
    Enjoy tasty home-cooked dishes that are being cooked using organic products of the region. The serving staff flaunt their kitchen skills and allow the guests to get a taste of authentic Himachali cuisine.
  • Activities:
    Pick up some beekeeping tips and tricks from the hosts, go out into the community to dance at honey-themed fests and other cultural celebrations or just lounge on the sun-soaked terrace.
  • Distance from Naggar Town:
    It can be found in Naggar town and it is easily accessible to shops, restaurants, and attractions within the town and yet the hotel was friendly like home.


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Naggar’s homestays are a one-of-a-kind experience. From those seeking basic comfort in a countryside environment to those who want luxury and state-of-the-art facilities in the middle of nature, there is accommodation for everyone. So plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh today and set out for an extraordinary Himalayan vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestay In Naggar

Why choose a homestay in Naggar?

A homestay in Naggar offers local experiences, delicious home-cooked meals, and a unique ambience.

What to consider when choosing a homestay in Naggar?

Location, desired atmosphere, activities offered, and budget are key factors for you to choose the best homestay in Naggar.

How accessible are the homestays in Naggar?

You can have the best homestay in Naggar which offers several amenities and is easily accessible. It is best to research online and choose the perfect homestay based on your needs.

What amenities are offered by the best homestay in Naggar?

Amenities vary, but most provide comfortable beds, clean rooms, and meals. Some offer balconies, fireplaces, terraces, or gardens.

Do I need to book a homestay in Naggar in advance?

Booking in advance for your preferred homestay in Naggar is recommended, especially during peak season.

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