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The Kinnaur district is known for its stupendous view of the Himalayas and the adrenaline-fueling trek of Kinnaur Kailash. But it also hides another gem in its midst. Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh is situated 11,320 feet above sea level. The mountains of snow, rich yet sparse vegetation and crystal clear rivers more than makeup for its harsh climatic conditions. Given its position near the Indo-Tibetan border, it is inhabited by both Indians and Tibetans. Homestays in Chitkul is always filled with tourists from around the globe visiting this destination because of its proximity to one of the Kailash treks.

Homestays In Chitkul For A Memorable Vacation

Whether you are visiting Chitkul with your friends or family, choosing a homestay over lodges and hotels is always the best option. After all, nothing is better than delicious home-cooked meals. So, here are some of the popular homestays in Chitkul wherein you can get comfort as well as luxury for a memorable stay:

1. Rakchham Vista Homestay

The Last Village Of India, Chitkul of the Kinnaur District

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Rakchham Vista Homestay is one of the best premium Chitkul homestays, offering a view of the mountains. Situated in Saturang, Himachal Pradesh, this homestay comes with free parking in the private property. Guests can relax in the garden. The rooms have an attached dining area and a balcony. So, have your breakfast, relishing the beautiful view of the mountains.

The rooms have air conditioning designed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Moreover, you can also catch a view of the Khargola River. It is one of the most popular pet-friendly properties where you can explore a lot. The kitchen is not available for cooking; it is only for heating.

Pricing: Rs 3,694 onwards

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2. LAP Stays: Wanderer’s Nest

LAP Stays

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Situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, LAP Stays is truly a Wanderer’s Nest. Once you visit this homestay, you will surely be surprised by just how beautiful this property is. The balcony and terrace access is available from the rooms for the guests, which offer an excellent view of the surrounding mountains.

Different types of rooms and dormitories are available here to accommodate huge groups visiting the homestay. If you’re booking your homestay room at this dormitory, you can also set out to explore a wide range of activities, especially hiking and trekking. They also have linen and laundry washing facilities for the guests.

Pricing: Varies depending on the room

3. Eskape Camps

The homestay in Chitkul offers a magnificent view of the surrounding areas.

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Although the name suggests that this is a camp, it is not. As you book your stay at this Chitkul homestay, you will get the entire house to yourself. Each room at Escape Camps can accommodate three guests, two adults and one kid.

The rooms have a balcony that offers an exclusive view of the river and mountains. Moreover, it comes with free private parking for the guests. If you do not want a traditional room, you can book your stay at the tents and enjoy your luxurious meal there. It is truly a high-end homestay in Chitkul, considering the experience it has to offer.

Pricing: Rs 6,440 onwards

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4. Mannat Home Stay

The best homestay covered with snow during winter.

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Mannat Home Stay in Chitkul is a mountain-facing homestay that offers an exclusive view of the mountains. The private entrance ensures that the guests have their own privacy when at this homestay. There’s also a common sitting area in the garden for visitors to seek some peace as they enjoy the beauty of nature.

This homestay in Chitkul also offers paid pickup and drop service from the railway, airport, and bus station. The facility has free Wi-Fi, ensuring that you don’t lose touch with your virtual browsing just because you’re taking a break in the mountains. Moreover, the rooms have a balcony and terrace.

Pricing: Rs 1,471 onwards

5. Rani Guest House

Take a break and visit the exclusive homestay

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Rani Guest House is probably one of the most affordable homestays in Chitkul. It can accommodate up to four guests and offers a range of amenities such as luggage storage and a shared kitchen. The kitchen is only for heating food, not cooking.

This is not a pet-friendly property. To ensure a smooth check-in, you need to carry valid ID proofs. You can get your food from outside and enjoy your meal here. For the convenience of the guests, there’s public parking, which is free of cost. Moreover, the caretaker is available at all points to support you in exploring the place.

Pricing: Rs 1,457 onwards

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6. Rudra Homestays

The homestay in Chitkul offers the option to try delicious local cuisines.

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Rudra Homestays in Reckong Peo is one of the best destinations for you, especially if you wish to explore the true beauty of the place. You must book this homestay while travelling with your family, considering its wide range of benefits and amenities. The family rooms at the homestay are designed to accommodate two adults and one kid.

The rooms in the homestay come with free WiFi, a balcony offering mountain views, and a kettle. The hosts install all the necessary amenities before the visit to create a welcoming atmosphere. You will get free breakfast in your room only. This homestay is a non-smoking zone, so make sure to follow the rules and regulations.

Pricing: Rs. 2300 per night

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Chitkul is a location where the touch of nature, history, and culture is deeply rooted in the locals. You will be stumped about the day-to-day lives of the locals and the challenges they face during the harsh months. But you will also be inspired by their resilient spirit and their love for their motherland. Plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh today and be a part of this beautiful culture, one that thrives on natural beauty and harmony.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestays In Chitkul

How do I find a cheap homestays in Chitkul?

Your best bet is online booking to find cheaper accommodation in Chitkul. You can ask the locals for help in finding a place to stay in Chitkul.

Is the weather at the best homestays in Chitkul pleasant?

The best weather in Chitkul is during the summer months when there is low to no snow.

How do I find the best homestay in Chitkul?

To find the best homestay, you can research online for options that suit your needs and your budget.

Can I go to Kinnaur Kailash from Chitkul?

Yes, the Kinnaur Kailash trek is accessible from Chitkul. You can easily add it to your itinerary and make the most of your trip.

How do I reach Chitkul from Delhi?

You can arrive at Chitkul by road, or rail or air from Delhi. Based on your convenience, you can choose the mode of communication.

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