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Kodagu District, also known as Coorg, is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka that is beautiful and serene and provides a much-needed break from the harsh tones of city life. Homestays in Kodagu mean that you will have the opportunity to enjoy not only the scenic surroundings of the district but also the unique traditions of Indian people and their warm welcome. Be it a need for a homestay in Kodagu for the whole family, a homestay that is affordable with the cheapest homestay option in Kodagu, or looking out for a luxury homestay in Kodagu, you’ve come to the right place.

Homestays In Kodagu

Homestays in Kodagu are the best way to get a high-touch feel of the natural and cultural endowment of the country. Suppose you are looking for a rustic family homestay in Kodagu where you can spend time with your family. In that case, if you need a cheap homestays in Kodagu to save a few bucks or want to indulge in a luxury homestays in Kodagu to pamper yourself, Kodagu has something to offer. Capture the essence and character of Kodagu, indulge in cuisines befitting the region, and relish the comforts that the hospitable ambience provides. For a perfect vacation, you need to know what makes it the best homestay in Kodagu.

Here are the top four retreats that guarantee a blissful experience:

1. Serenity Homestay In Kodagu

Tranquil Serenity Homestay in Kodagu offers scenic views and authentic experiences.

Image Source: Pexels

Serenity Homestay, a beautiful sanctuary overlooking the hills of Kodagu, provides an excellent opportunity to find quiet. Being one of the famous homestays in Kodagu, we are pleased to offer you an unforgettable experience accompanied by beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and views of the hills. For families needing a quiet place to relax, Serenity Homestay offers clean, large rooms with basic facilities in mind. The management’s commitment to hospitality makes the facility accommodate and welcome every guest, making it popular for those in search of a family homestay in Kodagu. Thus, while providing the best amenities and services, Serenity Homestay is still competitive in terms of prices, making it even more attractive for travellers looking for an economical homestay in Kodagu.

Often touted as one of the “finest home stays in Kodagu, our focus is to ensure the guest has the best of his stay and service par excellence is consistently delivered. For those looking for more comfortable and stylish accommodations, the Kodagu homestay listed above provides outstanding service and fabulous services that will allow a guest to enjoy the region’s picturesque scenery while having an unforgettable vacation.

Price: The price starts at Rs 7500 per night.
Location: Sudarshan Extention, near Muneeshwara Temple, Madikeri, Karnataka

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2. Green View Homestay in Kodagu

It is offering authentic experiences amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings.

Image Source: Pexels

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Kodagu by staying at Green View Homestay. This homestay is for the adventurous type of tourist who wishes to be accommodated in the heights of the western ghats for bird watching, trekking, and other forms of environmentally enabled natural touring. This is because we are large and comfortable, with beautiful views of neighbouring coffee farms and the hills, ensuring the guests have a quiet time.

Sit in the lap of Kodagu simplicity, enjoy fresh produce procured locally for your benefit, and let the services put you at ease. This can be an ideal destination, especially if you are searching for a relaxing retreat or an adventurous holiday to explore the goodies of the spectacular and culturally rich Kodagu region of Green View Homestay. Call us today, and such beautiful traditions of the Kodagu region are not a dream but a reality.

Price: The price starts at Rs. 1800 per night.
Location: 2nd Main Right, near Kaimara, Laxmipura, Karnataka 577131

3. Lake Trail Home Stay Kodagu

cosy lodging nestled in nature's embrace, perfect for budget retreats and relaxation.

Image Source: Pexels

This homestay is located in a very peaceful area with lots of trees and an overlooking view of the lake, making it ideal for tourists who seek a quiet time. Homestays in Kodagu are famous for their hospitality. This is a fabulous homestay that provides traditional and luxury rooms and facilities for its guests. Lifestyle amenities can range from nature walks, bird watching, fishing, or just a nice book by the water’s edge.

This is made even more special because of the delightful rooms and homemade meals available for guests. Available for romantic couples or families, this Lake Trail Homestay in Kodagu will make you think of the superior beauty of Coorg when it provides cosy accommodation. Get a room for yourselves now and make your stay at this beautiful and cosy homestay extremely pleasant.

Price: The price starts at Rs 2400 per night.
Location: Hulithalla Rd, Hakathur, Karnataka 571201

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4. Forest Cabin Homestay In Kodagu

Experience the ultimate hospitality and charm at this homestay

Image Source: Pexels

Lying in a beautiful district with many trees and bushes, this charming little spot gives one a splendid chance for a restful and uneventful sojourn. The cabins have a traditional appearance, resembling log cabins, but are equipped with every necessary amenity.

Astonishing observation of the dense forest around aids the district to appreciate the beauty of the entire Kodagu and to have a fine walk in the forest tracks. Whether you are keen on an activity-packed holiday or a quiet getaway, Hidden Valley Co. will guarantee an experience with all the desired features. Enjoy Kodagu dishes and other local cuisines, the hospitality of the people of Kodagu, and cultural attractions and sites. The Coorg Homestay, known as Hidden Valley Coorg, establishes that vacation does not have to be boring and tiring; instead, the homestay provides tourists a chance to have a peaceful time, making Hidden Valley Coorg the best destination for holiday-making. Come and make your Kodagu experience the best of your life.

Price: The price starts at Rs 14500 per night.
Location: FMQ7+Q77, Galibeedu, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

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Explore the homestays in Kodagu to immerse yourself in its unparalleled natural beauty and the lovely warmth of the locals. Plan your trip to Karnataka and let a serene stay in the lap of nature fill your vacation with bliss and pleasure. Engage with the true Kodava spirit, savour the gastronomic delights, and make memories that will linger for eternity.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestay In Kodagu

Is it safe to do homestays in Kodagu?

Yes, homestays established in Kodagu provide safe, hygienic accommodations for the guests to make them feel at ease while they are visitors to the place.

Are vegetarian foods available at Kodagu homestays?

Yes, most of the Kodagu homestays also serve vegetarian food. However, it is always wise to notify the hosts of any special diets you have ahead of time.

Are homestays pet-friendly?

Most of the homestays in Kodagu might accept pets, but one needs to confirm it with the host before booking the homestay.

What activities can I enjoy during my stay at a homestay in Kodagu?

Yes, most of the homestays in Kodagu provide several activities and tours, including trekking, bird watching, plantations, etc. These activities can be arranged for the guests by the homestay itself.

What is the best time to visit Kodagu?

The ideal time to make a trip to Kodagu is from October to March, when the climate is favourable and the scenery is gorgeous.

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