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North America, a hub of the gorgeous group of islands, forms one of the most popular tourist spots offering a real sense of escape. Offering a blend of the best beaches, nightlife, local food cuisine, arts, culture and music, the islands in North America offer a world of experience that is a must-try.

8 Best Islands In North America

Here are the best islands that one can plan a vacation to in North America. Have a look.

1. Kiawah Island

View Of Kiawah Island

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This gorgeous island is located on a barrier island that is situated at a distance of 33 miles south of Charleston. This is a sea or barrier island located on the Atlantic coast of the United States. This island is spread over a giant area of 10,000 acres. It comprises of 10 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline and proudly boasts the Kiawah River. The river is further accompanied by lagoons and marshes. It allows guests to avail of a wide array of opportunities and enjoy nature to its utmost. The island has been developed after proper planning was done in a constructive manner. It is primarily popular as a private beach which comprises of a golf resort. The island is also known to be a hub of around 700 alligators.

Location: South Carolina
Things to do: Rent a bicycle, beach walker Park, play golf, watch dolphins, sailing, enjoy the sunset, and other activities

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2. Miami Beach

skyscraper and beach

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Miami Beach is the perfect blend of the beach and Southern Florida art, culture, fashion, and culinary experiences. This island city has always been popular for beaches and grand nightlife. The last few years have witnessed culture, art, and entertainment to become a few of the new focal points. The island is located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and is also known to be a major city. Offering the best of both worlds’, the beach is the perfect destination to offer relaxation and a number of activities to enjoy.

Location: Florida
Things to do: Check out the historic architecture, visit galleries and furniture, view a shoe at Frank Gehry, Shop at Bal Harbour Shops

3. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu in Hawaii

Oahu is the most populous out of all islands in Hawaii that offers a wide array of urban amenities. This is particularly offered in the capital city of Honolulu. Oahu is the third-largest island in Hawaii which offers a dedicated remote feel. The island boasts of a wide array of natural assets along with a set of amenities that includes mountain hikes, unique rural communities busy shaping life full of color, street food, and varied culture. With a shoreline of 227 miles, the island is a major tourist spot for one and all. Visitors can grasp the mesmerizing view of two distinct shield volcanoes that includes Wai’anae and Ko’olau ranges.

Location: Hawaii
Things to do: Climb the diamond hill, shopping in nearby places, visit Iolani Palace which is the official residence of royalty in the US, and explore the local culture and its food

4. Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Amelia boasts 13 miles of fine golden sand and has paved the way for being acclaimed as one of the best beaches in the world. The island has been well colonized by wealthy Americans as a destination. Its southern end is firmly centered on the luxurious hotels that include Ritz Carlton along with Amelia Island Plantation. The middle of the island witnesses a low key beach, Fernandina beach. It is a heritage site that comprises of adorable clapboard houses and rocking chair-strewn verandas. The island is centered on Florida, a town that boasts houses along with an increasing number of boutique hotels.

Location: Florida
Things to do: visit the beach, watch sunsets, explore the surrounding town and its culture, live a posh life

5. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

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The island comprises of three distinct Maritime Provinces and is the smallest province of Canada in terms of area and population. Although it is the smallest in terms of area and population, however, it is the most densely populated one. On becoming a British colony in the 1700s, it got federated in Canada as a province. Prince Edward Island has since history welcomed a large array of visitors of all ages. This has paved the way towards the creation of authentic island experiences for each and everybody to enjoy. The coastline offers some of the gorgeous vistas in the whole wide world. The rolling lush green hills along with the scenic farmland help to keep the cameras of travelers busy. Visitors are bound to have a fun time visiting the island and exploring its local cuisine that includes the freshest seafood in the world.

Location: Canada
Things to do: Experience authentic island experiences, island vacation, explore nearby local cuisine and places, enjoy beaches, coastal drives, beach activities, golfing and others

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6. Cuttyhunk Island

Cuttyhunk Island

This spectacular island is a part of Gosnold town that rests 12 miles south of New Bedford in MA. It further rests at a distance of 8 miles west of Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard. The island boasts a small beach which is popular for comprising sand that moves each year. It offers an environment, very unique to its own where it offers a quiet and isolated setting. Popular for fishing, the island attracts a lot of fishing enthusiasts all around the year. The beautiful ocean environment is an ideal place to get closer to nature. The island serves as an ideal place for individuals seeking for some quiet and peaceful time. It serves as a great place to catch up with family and some good reading.

Location: Massachusetts
Things to do: Fishing, relax by the beach, read books, watch sunsets

7. Iles De La Madeleine

Iles De La Madeleine

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The Magdalen Islands are a part of the Iles De La Madeleine region located in the Canadian province of the town Quebec. It is one of the exotic islands to visit, irrespective of whether you are in a couple get-away or a family trip. The island boasts of plenty of attractions that are of interest for one and all. Some of the major tourist attractions involve museums, theme parks, and various activities. The island also comprises of wildlife reserves, arts and crafts, and a breathtaking nightlife. For visitors visiting this place, the island offers an accentuating nightlife that is worth an experience. Make your holiday-worthy by visiting a wide array of bakeries, farm visits, performing several adventure activities, and so on.

Location: Quebec
Things to do: Sailing, kayaking, farm visit, nightlife, explore arts and crafts, wildlife reserves, taste locally produced beverages, and microbreweries

8. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Located in the north-eastern Caribbean Ocean, the island is a heaven for beach lovers. Offering a breathtaking tropical taste, it forms as the ideal destination for beach lovers. Offering a coastline of 300 sandy beaches, caves and bioluminescent pools, the island offers you a world to experience. The bays look spectacular at night with single-celled organisms that light up the water just like glowing stars. Home to some of the most popular caves including Cueva Ventana and the popular Rio Camuy Caves, it offers visitors to embark on a tour to witness the incredible save formations.

Location: Caribbean
Things to do: experience tropical life, nightlife, and experience breathtaking water life

We hope that this article of ours entices you to book your vacation to the gorgeous North American Islands that offers a blend of the best culture, arts, food, music, tropical islands, and water sports and so on. Make the most of your vacation by traveling to these spectacular islands in North America. Book your trip, with TravelTriangle and have a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Islands In North America

What are the islands in North America famous for?

The islands in North America are highly popular for exotic beaches, popular nightlife, relaxed ambiance by the beach, arts and culture of the local area, and local food cuisines.

Which is the best time to visit North America?

The best time to visit North America is during the months of Spring and Fall.

What kind of weather dominates the islands of North America?

The weather is usually warm with hot and sunny days.

What kind of water activities can we practice on the beaches of North America?

You can enjoy a wide array of water activities in North America that includes sailing, fishing, kayaking, and surfing.

Which island is the most populated in North America?

A number of islands are densely populated in North America; however, a few that are worth the mention include Prince Edward Island, Florida Keys, and Long Island.

What are the stay options available in the islands of North America?

Some of the popular stay options available include resorts, hotels, and motels.

What is the cost of visiting the North America islands?

For traveling to the islands in North America, a budget of INR 8965 and INR 14340 per day is required.

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