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All the worshipping and no play make Jack a dull boy! So when Jack is in the holy land of Israel, he doesn’t just go worshipping around, he takes out time to negotiate those busy bylanes. He explores the beautiful landscapes and feasts on the charm of stunning Israel beaches – one of the key attractions in the Middle East. The turquoise beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Dead Sea keep brimming with tourists around the year and mustn’t be missed on your trip to Israel.

Bask in the glory of the setting sun, catch breathtaking pictures, float on the waters of Dead Sea, behold the best of coral beaches, and indulge in a range of water activities, the gorgeous beauty will take your beach love to a whole new level. Tel Aviv, with 10 km of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, has some of the best beaches in Israel.

Best Time To Visit Israel Beaches

April – May & September – October is the ideal time to visit the best beaches in Israel. The temperature remains around 25 degrees Celsius and is mostly mild and pleasant.

* In September, on the eve of Yom Kippur – an important day in the Jewish calendar, the whole country comes to a halt. It is also known as the day of atonement and not an advisable time to visit Israel

15 Best Israel Beaches Off The Mediterranean Sea Coast

Tel Aviv flaunts the best Israeli beaches that are too stunning to ignore. Stay cautious of the sunsets at the beaches here, they are highly addictive!

  • Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Banana Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Ajami Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Metzitzim Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Palmachim Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Dado Zamir Beach, Haifa
  • Dor Habonim Beach, Haifa
  • Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea
  • Sironit Beach, Netanya
  • Jisr az-Zarqa Beach, Jisr az-Zarqa
  • Beit Yannai Beach, Beit Yanai
  • Mineral Beach, Dead Sea
  • Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Red Sea

1. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv


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Popularly known as the unofficial gay beach, Hilton is one of the most photogenic beaches of Israel located in Tel Aviv. The beach is mostly abuzz with foreign tourists. With plenty of shopping options and eateries around and restless travelers in pursuit of a perfect sunset click, Hilton makes a spirited place to be. Gushing waves make sure that you have lots of fun and plenty of water activities to enjoy.

Frishman Beach is at a distance of 1.2 km from Hilton Beach. It shouldn’t take you more than a leisure walk to reach the scenic beach.

What’s special: Surfing at the beach, Herlinger Pub, David Ben Gurion’s House, Tayelet – a beautiful promenade


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2. Banana Beach, Tel Aviv


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Off the coastal region of Tel Aviv near Jaffa, Banana Beach has the right mix of tranquility and fun. The beach also has in store a multitude of activities for tourists. A perfect to chill out, this is where you throb to the beat of drummers in Israel.

Tel Aviv has some of the most qualified drummers in the country. Friday evening is the right time to be around the beach area when tourists assemble for dancing and drum circles session, which makes it one of the best Israel beaches.

What’s special: Surfboarding and windsurfing


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3. Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv


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Gordon Beach, with its amazing stretch of white sand and tourists chilling around by the beach, makes for a popular Israel beach. People around can be spotted with a beer can, riding a boat or hitting the dance floor by the time the sun calls it a day.

The central location of the beach makes it a perfect tourist attraction and the busiest beach in Tel Aviv. Equally thronged by people from all the age groups, Gordon is the place where you feast on the gorgeous beauties! Sheraton Hotel looks right into the Mediterranean from the beach and preferred by most of the tourists.


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4. Ajami Beach, Tel Aviv


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How about some authentic hummus at Abu Hassan’s before getting on with your exploration leading up to the Ajami Beach? The historical beach near Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv is one of the best beaches in Israel, and I have reasons backing the same. The historic church, lively beach area, restored limestone palaces, and beachside promenades are too much of a delight making your trip to the beach momentous.

The narrow alleys leading up to the beach make for a pleasant walk.

What’s special: Maronic church by the beach


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5. Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv

sunset at Herzliya Beach in Israel

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Ranked among the top beaches in Israel, the Herzliya is a popular city beach lying to the north of Tel Aviv. Located amidst the lofty hotels, well-maintained lawns, restaurants, and bustling cafes, the beach with clean white sand and panoramic views is one of the highlights of Tel Aviv tour and among the best Israel beaches.

The beach is ideal for swimming and also has lifeguard support for emergency situations. It’s a wonderful place to hangout with family and friends.

What’s special: Snorkelling and other water sports

6. Metzitzim Beach, Tel Aviv


Cut loose your wanderlust and spend a soothing vacation at one of the best beaches in Israel. Metzitzim Beach off the coast of Tel Aviv in the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal rendezvous for travelers on a beach hunting spree in the holy land. Calm waters, lagoons, cheerful people playing around, sprawling cafes, and plenty of awesomeness, this beach perfectly meets the fancies of a nature lover and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel.

What’s special: Cafe and playground area near the beach, and Friday afternoon beach party in summer


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7. Palmachim Beach, Tel Aviv


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Believed to be one of the most laid back and scenic Israel beaches, Palmachim is a beauty enveloped by low cliffs towards the south end making it a location ideal for photography. Tel Aviv looks perfect from the beach and one can affirm that this place is rightly one of the best-kept secrets of Israel.

The beach doesn’t boast of a huge crowd and too many facilities. Just a few lifeguards, some water activities, and lots of quietude.

What’s special: Paddling, photography, sunbathing, and water sports activities


8. Dado Zamir Beach, Haifa


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Planning an Israel beach holiday? Dado Zamir Beach has all plenty of surprises for you. Music, throbbing dance nights, majestic ocean view, and restaurants from the east complimenting them! The popular beach located in Haifa has all the necessary ingredients that make it the perfect vitamin sea.

Join the maximum fun at the weekly public dance nights. Salsa music, good food, and a buzzing crowd; Dado Zamir Beach is the place to be.

What’s special: Castra Art Market and Kitesurfing


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9. Dor Habonim Beach, Haifa


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Dor Habonim Beach brings you all the excitement by the sea. Go camping, make a bonfire, unwind and connect with strangers, a lot can happen in the marine world of Mediterranean in Israel. When here, you’ll end up discovering an array of reasons why beach bums consider this one of the best Israel beaches. The beach is a class act and is popular among nomads for its exciting trails and rustic surroundings tucked into the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the refreshing environs around and perfect setup holding history with shipwrecks and sunken troves lying by the beach. Behold the magic, you are at one of the best beaches in Israel.

What’s special: Romantic sunset view, camping, hiking around the coast region


10. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Caesare


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Places like this are the reason why I find myself perpetually in love with the rustic charm of ruins. Boasting of historical sites around, and relaxing environs, the ruins of Caesarea Aqueduct Beach beams with exceptional ocean view, things that make it the best beach in Israel.

Caesarea Beach has spotless white sand, aqua blue waters, and magnificent aqueduct structure along the beach that belong to the 1st century BC. It truly a must-visit place in Israel. Unwind and rejoice, this place will stay in your conscious for a very long time.

What’s special: 2000-year old aqueduct structure


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11. Sironit Beach, Netanya


If you are in Israel make sure that you keep Netanya atop your bucket list. Reason being it covers one of the longest stretches of the coastline and offer the visitors an eight beach delight. Take part in beach volleyball competitions, ride the glass-walled elevator descending clifftop and facing the sea, and indulge in numerous activities, Sironit in Netanya is a tropical paradise.

Ride the breakwaters, and take a calm dip, the beach is considered ideal for swimming. Herzl Beach lies adjacent to Sironit and both the beaches offer identical facilities. Owing to its awe-inspiring beauty, it makes for some amazing Israel beaches pictures and selfies!

What’s special: Dj on Fridays, salsa dancing, sports competition, and matka competition


12. Jisr az-Zarqa Beach, Jisr az-Zarqa


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Jisr az-Zarqa is the only remaining Arab town off the coast of Israel and has done quite well to have gradually gained lots of visitors over the past few years. Located in the close proximity of Caesarea, this place has won the confidence of tourists over the time, thanks to the bonhomie and compassionate locals!

Affordable living, nice locales, clean environs depict Jisr az-Zarqa, one of the most secluded yet fascinating tourist attractions in Israel. The unspoiled beauty of the beach has been exploited lately and now you have surfing and other water activity options there.


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13. Beit Yannai Beach, Beit Yanai


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Magical spectacles are created where rivers mingle with the sea. Something similar happens at Beit Yannai – another popular and breathtaking Israel beach, which is rather a peaceful sojourn and a perfect respite from the city. Eucalyptus grove and ancient ruins are a perfect attraction nearby where you can marvel the great enchanting spectacles that belong to the bygone era.

Believed as the most beautiful of the Israel beaches known for its serenity and quietude, Beit Yannai is also a popular nature reserve with rich wildlife around. This place is fascinating! The beach is a 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

What’s special: Kite surfing, camping by the beach, and soft-shelled turtles


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14. Mineral Beach, Dead Sea


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Located in the northern part of the Dead Sea, Mineral Beach has a rich deposit of minerals that have healing and cleansing powers. The beach lies en route when you are headed to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or somewhere north in Israel. An ideal place to stop by once you are around, this Israeli beach plenty of resorts that offer great massage services.

Spot the black muds around the beach, it has secret beautifying powers. Cleanse yourself in the warm sea water, the water temperature mostly remains around 39-degree Celsius at the Mineral Beach.

What’s special: Resorts around the beach offering Swedish massage, warm-rocks massage, and holistic massage

Kalia Beach is another popular place to visit off the coast of Dead Sea. Mud bath, campsite, and mountains around in golden-brown hue make it a popular attraction.

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15. Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Red Sea

Shores of Coral Reef Beach in Israel

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Spend a day out with friends or family at Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve off the coastal region of Eilat by the Red Sea. The shining multi-colored corals sitting idle near the coast makes Eilat a popular Israel beach and a popular tourist attraction. The diverse aquatic life along the beach can be spotted in the clear waters near the beach.

Interestingly, Eilat is also known as the popular beach town and apart from Coral Beach, one can also head towards Dolphin Ridge where dolphins are spotted more often, which will certainly make for some lovely Israel beaches pictures with dolphins. Spend a day at the northernmost coral reef in the world stretching 1.2 km from the Red Sea.

What’s special: Snorkeling, diving, and multicolored coral garden along the beach


*Listen to the lifeguards, the glistening colorful rappelling waves are at times deadly and turn out to be life-threatening.

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All set to get tanned at one of these best Israel beaches? It’s never too late to plan a trip to this fascinating country that offers so much fun and adventure to beach bums and water babies. Now is the time to just pack and go!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Israel beaches

Which sea is near Israel?

The Mediterranean Sea is near Israel.

Why is Black Sea called black?

There are many hypothesis regarding name of the black sea. The most famous one is that during winters severe storms hit the sea and so it looked dark in color. The sailors used to call it Black sea and since then it is known as the Black sea.

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