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Israel is a beautiful place to visit and it has a lot to offer to both its locals and tourists. The holy lands have some great religious spots such as the Wailing Wall, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the city of Nazareth. If you are visiting Israel in November, then there is much for you to see and experience. There are many natural spots where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Israel. There are also many festivals that take place at this time of the year especially Rosh Hashanah (The Israel New Year) which would have just started. Since it would be Autumn, the weather in Israel in November would be quite pleasant like most countries are since the warm months would be over and the cold months are yet to come.

Weather In Israel In November

The weather in Israel in November would be rather pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15 degree Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The afternoons would be warmer especially in the areas around the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Places like Jerusalem would have temperatures ranging from 5-10 degrees Celsius. It might rain occasionally but it isn’t a sure thing. If you are wondering what to wear in Israel in November then we have got you covered. You can wear t-shirts, jeans/pants, light fleece jackets and gloves for the evenings.

Things To Do In Israel In November

If you are visiting Israel in November and you want to make the best of it, then worry not. We have listed some of the best things you can do at this time of the year to make your trip memorable:

1. Experience the Jerusalem Knights Festival in the Old City

Experience the Jerusalem Knights

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This festival is a great experience if you want to learn about how Jerusalem was before, then you should definitely check out this festival if you are visiting Israel in November. You have to take a stroll down the Old City’s Christian Quarters, where there will be scenes acted out along the way from the kingdom of knights. There will be tales acted out about mythological creatures, love stories and heroes of that time. There will be special fire performances and more if you decide to visit. All the locals will be flocking to this area, so you might have to be quick in order to get a clear view of the performances.

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2. Go stargazing at the Planetarium in Tel Aviv

Go stargazing at the Planetarium

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If the weather in Israel in November has got you down then worry not. You can visit the Eretz Israel Museum where the platinum is out of the world. What’s great about this is that you get to watch a presentation about the galaxies that exist in the system and the chairs that you sit on continue revolving in different angles to enhance the effect. There are plenty of pictures that can be found which are provided by NASA. If you require an English presentation, then you will need to book in advance. Planetariums usually give you a great view and teach you about the stars but the different efforts that this planetarium goes through is what makes it unique.

3. Go for a Rosha Hanah hike

Go for a Rosha Hanah hike

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Rosha Hanah is the Israel New Year and Israelites like to spend the new year by going for a hike in a peaceful environment. There are some places that offer free guided nature hikes in Aminadav Forest in Jerusalem. You can get the opportunity to visit the beautiful dense forest and the wildlife there. If you are interested, you can have conversations with the other people about forgiveness, sins and finding God. There are many other places that you can hike to such as any famous mountain or hill. You can hike on the Golan Trail, The National Trail or the area around Beersheba.

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4. Enjoy some authentic Israeli food

Enjoy some authentic Israeli food

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Israel may just be famous for hummus but it definitely has more to offer your belly than just that. There are some very popular dishes such as tahini, falafel and baba ganoush. International cuisine has also become very popular in Israel. You can find some restaurants that sell some great Indian and Italian dishes. If you want to taste some authentic Israeli food, you can check out places like Shakshuka, Azura or Popina. The street food is delicious as well but just make sure that your stomach is prepared to handle it.

5. Be a part of the International Shakespeare Festival

Be a part of the International

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If you are a Shakespeare fan, then you can’t afford to miss out on this. The Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv will be celebrating the 450th birthday of Shakespeare. There will be an original production of his plays and there will be famous directors from Israel, Britain, Romania, China, and Slovenia.
There will be intense discussions, workshops and special presentations that take place by the directors. The special play will be presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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6. Go birdwatching at the Hula Valley Birds Festival

Go birdwatching

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This migration festival shouldn’t be missed. It happens every year usually in the month of November. The weather at this time of the year will be great and getting to see rare birds and wildlife is definitely a benefit. The festival goes on for a week and it attracts, photographers, tourists and bird lovers from all over the country. If you choose to be a part of it, you will get the option to travel to the Negev to observe raptors and rare birds. If you are a bird lover and you are visiting Israel in November 2022 then you should definitely have this on your to-do list.

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7. Experience Jerusalem from the seat of a bike

Experience Jerusalem

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November is actually the best time to go biking, so if you love biking, don’t miss out. All you have to do is rent a bike from the Tel-O-Fun Network Station and take the midnight biking tour. The tour goes on from 9:00 pm till midnight. You can also rent one during the day or sign up for special events that take place during Autumn. There are special events such as the Wheels of Love or The Israel Ride which are charity events that take place. If you don’t want to take part in a competition, you can just explore the city.

8. Check out the art fairs in Tel Aviv


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There is an art fair that is held every year by the Fresh Paint company. The fair attracts locals and tourists from far and wide. There are many different paintings that are put on display here and there are many beautiful masterpieces that even sold at great pieces. You can also find smaller souvenir pieces to take back with you from your trip if you plan to travel to Israel in November. The 2021 art fair will be held at the Sports City Center which is home to the Hapoel basketball club. If you are an art lover then you surely won’t be disappointed!

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9. Spend the day at Utopia Orchid Park

Spend the day

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The park is entirely air-conditioned and the smell and sounds produced are similar to that of a tropical rainforest. There are massive lush green hills surrounding the area, a labyrinth of 2 levels, a classic French maze and a herb path where you can find biblical species. The garden has thousands of beautiful flowers and orchids during this time of the year. There are many animals that can be found here and a massive water found that just adds to the scene.

10. Experience the nightlife in Israel

Experience the nightlife

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If this seems like your kind of scene then you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing the nightlife when you travel to Israel in November. Tel Aviv is the best place to experience this. You can find hundreds of bars and restaurants around the city. You can find American jazz bars or the famous Pearl Diver where there are unique infusions of margaritas. You don’t have to deck up to visit these places if a drink and a fun night out is what you want, then you will definitely get it! There are some bars that are certainly considered gems because of the views they offer and the uniquely made drinks.

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Israel is an enchanting place with its popularity increasing among the globetrotters. The climate and culture make two of the most prominent factors to take a trip to Israel. If this got you interested in visiting Israel in November, then why wait? Far from disappointment, you will be mesmerized to visit a country that is so different from yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Israel In November

How is the weather in Israel in November?

Israel experiences a temperature ranging from 14.6°C to 23.4°C in the month of November.

What is the best time of year to go to Israel?

November to March is a great time to visit Israel.

Is it cold in Israel in November?

The weather is pleasant but not really cold in November in Israel. The temperature rarely goes below 10.9°C.

What should I pack for Israel in November?

November is the fall season and other than light cotton clothes, one can pack a raincoat and a hat too.

What is there to do in Israel in November?

Some of the things that one can do in Israel in November are: 1. Witness the Jerusalem Knights Festival 2. Star gaze at the Planetarium in Tel Aviv

How many days do you need in Israel?

On can easily spend 10 days to around 2 weeks in Israel to fully explore the country.

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