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Kamakshi Amman temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi and is one of the best places to worship Shakti or female energy. The temple is in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, known as the city of temples. The Kamakshi temple’s grand architecture, history, and spiritual aura make the temple among the most revered in the country. The temple is a must-visit for those who seek the blessings of the goddess and want to experience spiritual awakening. Goddess Kamakshi is the goddess of fertility, prosperity, and fame. This guide will unfold all the significant details regarding the temple.

5 Reasons To Visit Kamakshi Amman Temple

1. Rich Kamakshi Amman Temple History And Symbolism

Kamakshi Amman temple history is interesting and symbolic

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The Kamakshi Amman temple is significant for Hindus because it is believed to be where the ‘Nabhi’ or navel of Goddess Sati fell. The temple is among the 51 Shakti peethas and one of the seven mokshapuris. It is also considered to be located at the centre of the earth, and the idol of the goddess manifested itself after the temple was constructed. It is believed that the three dynasties of Pallava, Chola, and Vijayanagara, helped construct the temple and expand it into the place of worship it is today.

The Kamakshi Amman temple history states that the place where the goddess resides is the Nabhisthana Ottiyana Peetam. Goddess Kamakshi is said to have Goddess Saraswati in one eye and Goddess Lakshmi in the other eye. Another way of looking at it is by decoding the word ‘Kamakshi’. The ‘Ka’ part of the name represents Goddess Saraswati, and the ‘ma’ part represents Goddess Lakshmi. The remaining ‘kshi’ refers to the eyes. This way the three goddesses are connected to form the holy trinity that encompasses the female universal energy.

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2. Convenient Kamakshi Devi Temple Timings

Timings and other details for visitors

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Whether you want to visit the temple to appreciate the architecture or want to get the blessings of the goddess, the Kamakshi Amman temple timings are convenient for everyone. The Kamakshi Devi temple is open every day for visitors thereby making it convenient for you to travel with your family and friends and give darshanam to the powerful goddess.

Temple timings: 5:30 am to 8:30 pm (every day of the week)
Goh pooja and Vishwa Roopa Darshanam timings: 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Palliarai pooja timings: 8:30 pm
Entry fee: Free

  • Kamakshi Amman Mandir Abhishekam Timings

Abhishekams are also performed at the temple. So, a priest is always present in the temple premises. The Kamakshi Amman temple timings for abhishekams are different and start in the morning. Other details are as follows:

Kala sandhi timing: 7:30 am
Utchikalam timings: 11:00 am or 11:30 am
Sayarksha: 4:00 pm or 4:30 pm
Cost of abhishekam: Rs. 1000/-

  • Pulling The Golden Chariot And Other Poojas

The golden chariot at the Kamakshi Amman temple pulls on Fridays and the first day of the Tamil month. It also pulls on special occasions such as Poornima and Amavasya among others. The Utsav murtis of the following deities are taken out during the procession: Sridevi, Kamakshi, and Boodevi. Other details are as follows:

Golden chariot fee: Rs. 2,500/-
Kumkum Archana timings: At all times when the temple is open
Kumkum archana fee: Rs. 1/-

3. The Alluring And Complex Architecture Of Kamakshi Devi Temple

The stunning Kamakshi Devi temple architecture

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The Kamakshi Amman temple spans over 5 acres. The architecture has three main sections: the gopurams, the temple tank, and the mandapams. The gopurams are majestic towers visible from far away. The temple tank, or Pushkarini, is where the float festivals (also called teppotsavams) take place. The mandapams are used to host different festivals that take place during the year at the temple. Each festival is hosted in a different mandapam in the temple complex.

Goddess Kamakshi’s murti is a sight to behold in the Kamakshi Amman temple because of the depth of symbolism present. The goddess sits in the temple in a padmasana pose, reminiscent of a lotus. She holds a parrot and lotus in her right hand while her left hand has a sugarcane bow. She also holds a pasha-Ankush that translates to a noose and goad. It is used to prevent her devotees from doing wrong and ensure they tread the right path. The goddess has a Chandra Prabha on her forehead.

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4. Stories That Make The Kamakshi Amman Temple Come To Life

A representation of goddess in Temple

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Many stories and legends are associated with the temple and the goddess residing in it. For example, the sanctum has four walls which depict the four Vedas. The Gayatri mandapam has 24 pillars that symbolise the 24 letters of the Gayatri Chand. The goddess of Kamakshi temple has three Swarups; shunya, sthula, and sukshama. Initially, there was a gold image of the devi at the temple premises, where she had a prayer pose. However, due to safety reasons, it was shifted to Thanjavur.

Goddess Kamakshi Amman is said to have been called upon when a demon called Bandasura was wreaking havoc in the three worlds. His misuse of immense power caused great concern to the Gods, who believed him to be impossible to defeat. Goddess Parvati took the form of Kamakshi Amman and fought relentlessly with the demon until she killed him and achieved victory over the demon. She then resided in Kanchipuram, where she was praised as Kamakshi Amman. That is why the temple is called Kamakshi Amman temple.

Another story describes how she got married to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the goddess made an idol of Lord Shiva with mud so she could worship and please him. Lord Shiva became the Kamba River and tried to destroy her idol. But she put all her might into saving the idol and ensured the tide could not damage the idol even a little bit. She also prayed on the tip of the needle. When Lord Shiva saw how much effort she put into pleasing him, he married her. That is why you will find many Shiva temples in Kanchipuram.

5. A Perfect Place To Start A Spiritual Sojourn

Kamakshi Amman temple shines bright at night

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A sense of serenity washes over you when you glance upon the beautiful Kamakshi Amman temple. The intricate perfection with which the exterior is constructed and the incredible interior of the temple will make you want to stay there forever. The feeling of tranquillity and peace is enhanced when you enter the temple and reach the sanctum where the Goddess’s idol is. It makes an excellent starting point for a spiritual sojourn as you can seek blessings from the powerful goddess.

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Now you know why so many devotees and curious visitors visit the Kamakshi Amman temple in Kanchipuram. You can add the temple to your itinerary when you plan a trip to Tamil Nadu because it will be an experience like no other. Take your family and friends on this life-altering journey and experience the temple’s grandeur that is equally calming on the inside. Have a blissful trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chandrodaya Temple

What makes Kamakshi Amman temple so popular?

The temple’s architecture has been built by three dynasties over centuries which makes the temple one of the most beautiful and intriguing ones in the world. The temple is very popular because it is the only one with a goddess sanctorum in Kanchipuram. Also, the temple is known for making miracles happen which is the reason so many devotees and visitors go to the temple.

What is the story of Kamakshi Amman?

Lord Shiva had asked Shakthi to help fight and control a demon named Bandasura. She took the form of Kamakshi Amman and then fought with the demon fearlessly and fiercely. She succeeded in slaying the demon once and for all; there was peace in the world. After this, the goddess chose to stay in Kanchipuram.

Who married Kamakshi Amman?

Lord Shiva married the Kamakshi goddess. She is a swarup of goddess Parvati, and she made him happy through her diligent worship of Lord Shiva. They got married.

Why do so many people believe in Kamakshi Devi?

Goddess Kamakshi in Kamakshi Devi mandir is highly powerful and many people have experienced miracles after they wholeheartedly prayed to her. For example, childless couples have prayed and conceived their children by visiting the temple and praying to the goddess.

What are the other names of Kamakshi Amman?

Bhuvaneshwari, Shakti, Parvati, Lalita, Tripura Sundari, and Rajeshwari are the other names of Kamakshmi Amman.

Who is responsible for building the Kamakshi Amman temple?

The temple is considered to be first built by the Pallava dynasty around the 5th to 8th century. Later, more structures were erected by the Chola dynasty in the 14th century. Lastly, the Vijayanagara dynasty added more elements to the temple and improved certain parts by the 18th century.

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