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Are you longing for a break from the ordinary and yearning for a trip closer to nature and away from the crowds? Located on the serene shores of Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand, Khlong Chak province is a tranquil haven and idyllic hideaway for travellers looking for some seclusion and a quiet moment of contemplation. This calm and peaceful getaway is shrouded in dense green foliage and bordered by gorgeous beaches of Andaman seas, emerald waters and pristine sands. Satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you by exploring the untamed beauty of the tropical forests, trekking through the jungle trails and navigating hidden gems.

Khlong Chak Waterfall

Mesmerising view of Khlong Chak Waterfall.

Image Source: Shutterstock
Khlong Chak Waterfall is a serene cascade and a hidden gem in the middle of a verdant green tropical forest on the island of Koh Lanta, Krabi. A moderate trek is what it takes to get to this seasonal beauty. The trail to Khlong Chak, taking about 30-45 mins to complete, can be challenging with steep slopes and slippery sections. Say hi to some cheeky monkeys, and exotic birds on the way navigating your path to the waterfall. Witness the gushing water streaming down from a height making it to a shallow pool perfect for swimming.

Distance from Khlong Chak: 1.3 km approx.
Khlong Chak Entrance fee: 200 Thai Baht onwards
Opening hours: 8.00 am to 5.30 pm

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Khlong Chak Cave (Bat Cave)

Entrance of Khlong Chak Cave amidst thick forest

Image Credit: Andrea Schaffer for Wikimedia Commons
One can find the Khlong Chak Cave on the same Khlong Chak hike route of hidden waterfalls. Covered by dense forest vegetation, one may easily lose the entrance to the Khlong Chak Cave. The tree roots have grown through the rocks. It seems as if the roots are holding the entire cave together. The entrance to the cave is small, but you’ll find impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. The unique geological wonder narrates the tales of nature’s timeless craftsmanship. Do remember to carry a torch, some water, snacks, or a lunch to enjoy a picnic while surrounded by nature’s wilderness.

Distance from Khlong Chak Waterfall: 0.5 km approx.
Khlong Chak Cave Entrance Fee: Included in the Khlong Chak Waterfall fee
Opening hours: Open 24 x 7

Khlong Chak Beach

Khlong Chak Beach with blue waters and cloudy skies.

Image Source: Shutterstock
Want some me-time and looking for a beach for some quiet contemplation? Khlong Chak is the answer. One of the beaches of Ao Khlong Jak settlement, Khlong Chak Beach, is located on the Andaman Sea and a part of the Indian Ocean. The beach is located in an urban area surrounded by limestone cliffs. This less crowded beach has a straight coastline with crystal turquoise water and bright sand is a haven for people craving for some seclusion. Indulge in water activities like surfing, sea kayaking etc.

Distance from Khlong Chak Waterfall: 1.5 km approx.
Khlong Chak Beach Entrance Fee: Free
Opening hours: Open 24 x 7

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Nearby Attractions To Khlong Chak

A trip to Khlong Chak will be incomplete without exploring the nearby prominent places around Koh Lanta. Here are a few places of interest:

1. Nui Beach

Bluish orange skies and the sun dipping down at Nui Beach

Image Credit: Alexey Komarov for Wikimedia Commons
Located 7.5 km away from the Khlong Chak waterfalls in Koh Lanta, Krabi is this Nui beach with breathtaking views, surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs and vegetation. The picturesque beach with turquoise waters is a secluded beach with a tranquil atmosphere, serving as an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying nature. Relax on the sandy beaches, bask in the sun, go for a quick swim in the pristine waters or go rock climbing. This secluded beach has an undisturbed coral reef. Take some time out to enjoy the snorkelling at this beach.

Distance from Klong Chak Beach: 6.5 km approx.
Nui Beach Entrance Fee: Free
Opening hours: Open 24 x 7

2. Mu Ko Lanta National ParK

Mu Ko Lanta National Park with a lighthouse afar on a hilltop to visit near Khlong Chak

Image Credit: Krzysztof Golik for Wikimedia Commons
Established in 1900, Mu Koh Lanta National Park, Koh Lanta, Krabi, is an untouched, beauty and serene marine park. Sprawling over 152 sq. km, this National Park is home to lush rainforests and vibrant coral reefs, which are a part of Andaman’s complex yet delicate underwater ecosystem. This sanctuary is a habitat for diverse wildlife, both terrestrial and marine. Get insights on the conservation efforts to preserve this fragile ecology. Escape into nature’s embrace, take a break from the crowded tourist spots of Krabi, and enjoy nature’s embrace at this rare paradise at Mu Ko Lanta National Park.

Distance from Klong Chak Beach: 3.7 km approx.
Mu Ko Lanta Entrance Fee: 400 Thai Baht
Opening hours: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

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3. Koh Lanta Old Town

Chinese temple at Koh Lanta Old Town.

Image Credit: Alexkom000 for Wikimedia Commons

Get to the Old Town of Koh Lanta for a quaint, laid-back vibe. Originally a sea gipsy settlement, this is the most preserved town of Koh Lanta. This small town has numerous restaurants, cafés, and small souvenir shops. Spend an hour or two strolling around the traditional wooden houses with charming Chinese influences, grab a snack, or stop over for lunch. Witness the Laanta-Lanta festival celebrated here during the first full moon in March. This festival is unique to this island, where all the ethnic groups show their appreciation for each other and their cultures.

Distance from Klong Chak Beach: 7.8 km approx.
Koh Lanta Town Entrance Fee: Free
Opening hours: Open 24 x 7

How To Reach Koh Lanta

Reach to the Khlong Chak by train or other ways.

Image Source: Pexels

  • Koh Lanta, in the Andaman Sea, is a district in the Krabi Province off the west coast of Thailand. The nearest airport is Krabi International Airport, and from there, we can take:
  • The ferry/speedboat from Ao Nang, Krabi, to Koh Lanta takes around 1.5 hours and may cost you around 15-20 USD per person.
  • Reaching Koh Lanta by land takes 2 to 3 hours by road, depending on the traffic, and may cost 70 – 120 USD, depending on the vehicle.

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Khlong Chak, a secluded, less-discovered gem in the Koh Lanta, is not a mere destination. From plummeting waterfalls to verdant tropical jungles, soak in nature’s serene and untouched beauty. Bask in the warmth of the sun at the pristine beaches. Embark on a journey to a sanctuary where nature’s splendour meets the soul’s yearning for tranquillity. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a nature lover, a trip to Krabi caters for all. So, why wait – pack your bags and plan a ‘trip to Thailand’ if our detailed guide on Khlong Chak interests you?

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Cover Image Source: Phoebus 28 for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Khlong Chak

Can you Suggest a few fun activities at Koh Lanta?

Apart from swimming and relaxing by the beach, one can indulge in beach hopping, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, visiting the national parks, and exploring the surrounding local villages.

What is the best time to visit Khlong Chak Waterfall?

The best time to visit Khlong Chak Waterfall is during the monsoons, i.e., from May to October. The view of the waterfall is at its best when the water levels are higher.

Are there any amenities available in Khlong Chak beach?

Khlong Chak Beach has a few amenities including sun loungers and umbrellas, a beach restaurant, changing rooms, showers, and toilets..

What are the other popular beaches in Koh Lanta?

Khlong Nin Beach, Long Beach and Bamboo Beach are a few tourist-crowded beaches. Relax on these beaches and spend some valuable time.

How many days are needed to visit Koh Lanta?

Two to three days are usually enough to cover the major attractions and beaches of Koh Lanta. However, you can take more days to explore every part of the Khlong Chak.

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