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As a traveler trying to explore himself anew, Kushagra Kapoor gave Australia a miss, to spend his honeymoon in the serenity of Maldives. For an utmost hassle-free experience, he booked a package through TravelTriangle, which cost him Rs.213,000. The package was inclusive of his 6D/5N accommodation in resort, transfers, airfares, GSTs and Maldivian taxes. Take a look, as he reminisces about his whole journey.


The idea that my honeymoon has to be at a beach place was always on my mind. I was doing all research on the internet by myself when I stumbled upon TravelTriangle. After putting in a query, I received an email from Apoorva, which included a blog about the best honeymoon locations across the world. The blog struck me and drove me to figure out about Maldives, instead of Australia.

When I got a response from one travel agent, I decided to go with it, until I Need Trip Travels Pvt Ltd came into the picture. Here, Gaurav (the travel agency representative) needs a special mention, because he is greatly responsible for making my experience pleasurable.

My Payment Related Concerns

My second concern was the payment, for which I was assured by Gaurav, that everything would be smooth and in an equal amount of EMIs. Moreover, I Need Trip Travels included the GST and the Maldivian tax in the package. Now that I have come back, I realize, that including it has to be a basic necessity! At every point, I was getting quick confirmations and my payment was getting acknowledged on time.


Day 1: Maldives, here we come!

Tanu in Maldives

My wife Tanu and I have known each other for four years, before marriage. No matter how many plans we made, they never worked out – until this one. This time, we were going to Maldives to have time to ourselves, in peace. Therefore, there was no particular itinerary involved (which was totally my idea). Our flight got delayed by two hours and we reached Male at 5 am. We got a pick up from the airport and were transferred to the Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa on a speed boat. The resort authorities were very courteous and were actually waiting for us.

Our beautifully decorated room at The Ocean Front villa

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The Ocean Front villa that we were allotted was magnificent beyond dreams. The best thing there was our room. Apart from the perfect setting and a great view, it was centrally located and was just a few steps away from the restaurant, the water sports center, and the diving center. So, the first day was pretty much about unwinding and staying at the villa — sinking in the honeymoon flavor.

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Day 2: Unlimited fun awaits!

Our resort's waiting area

Maldives in itself is so relaxing, that you don’t want to think about time. Since I work night shifts, I am used to waking up at around 12 noon. So, in the afternoon, we took to the reception to figure out the prices for scuba diving, trying to understand what all things were the part of our all-inclusive package and the procedures to avail them. The meals at the Ocean’s Restaurant (the resort’s own restaurant) were included, and get this – the food was absolutely delicious. We were really surprised to see dal on the first day, rajma on the second, aalu ki sabzi on another.

A stunning view of the Viu Bar, Malaysia

But the best thing that happened to us on day 2, was the Viu Bar. Set right above the ocean, this bar had a mesmerizing setup. One could sit inside the bar or on the hammocks installed around its circumference. Lying on these nets, with the pleasant breeze and a starry night – I hardly remember the count of the hours that we spent there. The moments at the bar got magical with a small group singing and preparing for Christmas.

The well lit area around the Viu Bar

Day 3: Scuba diving in Maldives

Scuba Diving in Maldives

I was desperately waiting for Scuba diving. In the afternoon, I checked for water sports activity at the reception. Even Gaurav had informed me that scuba diving is going to be a costly affair, and it was! $ 444 for two! With all the information in hand, all I needed was Tanu’s consent. To my surprise, she agreed to tag along. Surprise, because she does not how to swim.

Kushagra and Tanu with the scuba diving trainer - Roy

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So, we met our trainer — Roy. After a brief but detailed theory and training session, he took us for the actual diving. Take this – the jump for your dive is religiously relieving. You get to find yourself in a quick couple of seconds. We dived together and scuba-ed together, but only until the water level increased. Tanu got an anxiety attack and she was taken back to the beach. I went on with Roy. Around 45 meters – down, and the world was beyond definition. Mesmerizing corals, magical marine life, and that feeling of reaching beyond limits. The words will never be enough.

I must say, for a non-swimmer to show this incredible amount of courage — by getting into the ocean with the scuba gear, the buoyancy kit, keeping up with all the breathing techniques and most importantly, fighting the water demons for a good hour — was absolutely commendable! I immensely love Tanu for this, since it was her strong-headedness, which made the experience really special for me.

Waves Pool Bar in Maldives

After such a fulfilling time, we had to leave. Here is a thing – you can’t travel for 24 hours after scuba due to different pressure levels. Thankfully, we had our flight two days later. In the evening, we paid a visit to the Waves Pool Bar. Here, my wife turned into a total water baby, insisting me to teach her some basic tricks and then actually performing them. The view of the sunset from the pool was fascinating. After another beautiful day, we came back and relaxed at the resort.

Sunset at Waves Pool Bar

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Day 4: The Party goes on

Our fourth day was laden with the usual — going to the beach, chilling around the bar and chit-chatting. There were bartenders on every part of the beach and used to come to your spot to take the order. There were a lot of things included in our package itself. Thanks to that, I don’t remember missing out on any cocktail from that particular menu. The best cocktail was the Long Island Iced Tea, which is the smoothest I have ever had.

Fun at the beach in Maldives

Day 5: The last day at leisure

Traveling makes you friends – from lands unknown, for times till life. Mama, the cook at the restaurant, turned out to be the one. To our surprise, this guy had learned tits and bits of several languages. His warmth made us feel at home in the foreign land.

The Ocean's Restaurant

Anyway, this day was the last at the resort. We went kayaking, shopping and spent the rest of the day lazing around in the resort itself. Shopping was not a bright experience on this trip, but we bought a couple of key chains and some spoons with local Maldivian fishes inscribed on them.

A beautiful view from the Waves pool bar

We enjoyed our evening at the Waves Pool Bar and spent a couple of hours there. This guy, Vishnu, at the bar happened to be from Hyderabad. Meeting an Indian in the foreign lands is always overwhelming. We talked a lot – about Hyderabad, of the Hyderabadi Biryani and about home – back in India. He served us with his special cocktail, which had coffee liquor at the base and man, it was amazing. With the breeze and water crafting the romance, it was an amazing evening with Tanu.

The mesmerising Waves Pool Bar in the night

Day 6: And here we go!

A good thing about the resort was that they used to tell us everything in advance. Since it was our last day in Maldives, we were informed about the transfers in the morning. All we had to do was move out from the room. The check-out happened with utmost ease and we were offered a recce of the resort on a golf car. We spent the rest of the time at Giraavaru Lobby Bar, before getting escorted to the airport.

At the Ocean's Villa in Maldives

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High Points:

  • Not being bothered about the payments, made the trip smooth as butter.
  • The much-awaited scuba-diving left me craving for more.
  • As part of the honeymoon benefits that were given to us by the resort, our room was beautifully decorated and we were given a cute little card, with a bottle of wine and chocolates.

Low Points: We were informed on the first day that although the mini bar was completely chargeable, the things kept atop the table — were not. But to our surprise, we were charged for those too at the time of our check-out.

Tips for future travelers: While booking a package, make sure that the GST and the Maldivian taxes are included.

To simply lay back and enjoy the Maldivian beauty, book your trip to Maldives NOW!

Common Queries You May Have About Honeymoon In Maldives

Is Maldives good for honeymoon?

Known for its breathtaking marine life, coral reefs, and gorgeous overwater villas, Maldives is the perfect honeymoon destination especially if both of you are seeking ultimate bliss and privacy.

How much does a Maldives honeymoon cost?

A Maldives honeymoon can cost from somewhere INR 20,000 to INR 2,50,000 per person depending on your itinerary and budget (excluding flights).

Which are the best islands in Maldives for a honeymoon?

Here are the best and most romantic islands that you can visit for your honeymoon in Maldives:
1. Hulhumale Island
2. Maafushi Island
3. Veligandu Island
4. Fihalhohi Island
5. Biyadhoo Island

Is Indian currency accepted in Maldives?

Indian currency is not at all accepted in Maldives. Rufiyah is the original currency of the Maldives, however, you can also carry US dollars as they are acceptable almost everywhere.

How many days are enough for a Maldives honeymoon?

Since Maldives is all about island hopping, water adventures, sunset watching, and long walks, 4 to 5 days are ideal for honeymooning in Maldives.

What are some romantic things to do in Maldives?

Some of the most romantic things to do in Maldives are snorkeling together, enjoying a dinner on the beach, taking a stroll under the stars, and staying in a luxurious overwater villa.

Is Bora Bora better than the Maldives?

Given that both Bora Bora offer almost similar kind of experiences, it is a little hard to choose between Maldives or Bora Bora for honeymoon or even call one better than the other. However, depending on where you are traveling from, the time and budget you have for your trip, and the kind of luxury you are seeking can help you pick one of these equally beautiful destinations.

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