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Welcome to your guidebook to the lakes in Vietnam. Featuring hints of the natural landscape and an age-old preserved culture, these lakes represent our human heritage from its core. And it is only fair to witness it all on your trip to this majestic nation. Every water body represents a unique story, biodiversity and even mythology. These lakes offer the perfect escape from the daily grind. Let’s explore the most important lakes and get accustomed to how these lakes weave themselves into the fabric of Vietnam’s identity.

Beautiful Lakes In Vietnam You Must Visit

Prepare to plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip, to explore the lakes in Vietnam. Whether you are seeking a glimpse of this nation’s culture or want to awe yourself with the natural landscapes surrounding water bodies, these lakes will surely fulfil your dreams.

1. Ba Be Lake

A glorious view of Ba Be Lake, one of the best Lakes in Vietnam

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We would like to start our list big. Ba Be Lake is a perfect example of this approach. One of the largest natural lakes in Vietnam, Ba Be is a part of the Ba Be National Park. The lake is away from city life, hidden in a dense jungle, surrounding high hills. Furthermore, the mysterious and naturally dense ambience makes way for an unusual yet beautiful trip. The ideal way to explore it all here is through a boat ride. You can also take a trip to the huge cave. Ethnic inhabitants’ villages and a waterfall are some other places to explore. Moreover, many cyclists and trekkers have made this lake and surrounding area their go-to spot.

Things to see: Ban Gioc Waterfall, Ethnic Inhabitants’ Village

Size: 6.5 Square km

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2. Quan Son Lake

A delightful view of Quan Son Lake

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This is another lake spanning 850 hectares of water in the My Duc District. Located 50 km from Hanoi, the lake is in a league of its own, thanks to the lush vegetation and lotus growth over its water surface. Furthermore, the limestone mountains, often featured on desktop wallpapers, add to the beauty of Quan Son. It is usually a must-visit destination for couples and families. You can see the full blooming sheet of lotus flowers across the lake between May and June.

Things to see: Limestone mountains, Lotus flowers

Size: 8.5 Square km

3. Ta Dung Lake

A gorgeous view of Ta Dung Lake, one of the best Lakes in Vietnam

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Ta Dung is one of the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam. Unlike other natural marvels, this one is created by constructing a dam. The water level here was controlled after the dam was formed, creating a reservoir called Ta Dung. Furthermore, the beauty of this lake is that it consists of hundreds of islands, creating a palette of lush forests, beaches, shores and even small hills. The lake is called ‘one of the most beautiful sights to behold’ and Halong Bay of Central Highlands in the local language. There are many viewpoints, and one can take a boat trip to visit various islands through water channels. And yes, this is the biggest lake in Vietnam, so dedicate an entire day to experiencing everything this majestic wonder offers.

Things to see: Mountains, small islands, waterfalls

Size: 36.32 Square km reservoir

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4. Hoan Kiem Lake

An enchanting view of Hoan Kiem Lake

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Hoan Kiem is a spectacular lake, especially at dawn and sunset. The lake sits peacefully in the centre of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and is easily accessible. Its strategic location in the city gives it a critical stature. Two temples are located on an island right in the centre of the lake. If you want to experience the quintessential Vietnamese life, this lake is the best place to visit. Locals of all ages come here to train, walk, and socialise.

Things to see: Island temples

Size: 0.12 Square km

5. Hoa Binh Lake

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Hoa Binh Lake is part of a unique and must-see travel tapestry in Hoa Binh Province of Vietnam. Located near the world-famous valley of Mai Chau, the lake offers picturesque views from every point and is easily accessible from Mai Chau valley. You can take a boat trip over the lake and enjoy the floating fishing villages and caves here. There are waterfalls and wildlife to explore. If you want to enjoy something extraordinary, consider staying at one of the resorts along the lakeside to wake up with amazing views.

Things to see: Floating fishing islands, caves, waterfalls, Mai Chau Valley

Size: 208 Square km

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6. West Lake

Famous Lakes in Vietnam

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West Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Vietnam for several good reasons. It is a giant waterbody and is historically significant. Also, the lake is the biggest in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. When you reach here in the right season, you can feast your eyes on the vast fields of water lilies. Furthermore, you should drink at one of the lakeside cafes or eating joints, overlooking the spectacular scenery from the rooftop terrace. The ideal time to visit is late afternoon as you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the nation. Also, make sure that you visit Tran Quoc Pagoda, an ancient temple located on the lake.

Things to see: Quoc Pagoda, waterfalls

Size: 5.3 Square km

7. Thac Ba Lake

 A stunning view of Thac Ba Lake, Famous Lakes in Vietnam

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If you want to experience the magical landscape of Vietnam and address the fact that these are unusual, visit Thac Ba Lake without a second thought. The enormous lake is a cluster of hundreds of islands. Interestingly, it is one of the three biggest man-made lakes in Vietnam. More than 1300 islands make up this green giant waterbody. Furthermore, the lake is also home to irrigation and other water supplies for many minorities, and with their ancient traditions, they call the area their home. An authentic experience of this lake would include visiting villages and even spending a night at a homestay. Moreover, you can also see the world-famous rice fields near Mus Chang Chai.

Things to see: Green islands, wildlife, rice fields

Size: 230 Square km

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Vietnam has so much to offer. But if you want to enjoy the most unnatural and unique landscapes, do not miss visiting these lakes on your trip. These lakes represent how wildlife flourishes in these lands and show us how nature and humankind live in harmony on their shores and surrounding areas. Plan your trip to Vietnam for a journey as enriching and illuminating as these lakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes in Vietnam

Which is the biggest lake in Vietnam?

Ba Be Lake is the biggest natural lake in Vietnam. Ba Be comes from the word three lakes.

Which is the most visited site in Vietnam by tourists?

Halong Bay is a spot in Vietnam that receives a regular influx of tourists from all over the world during all seasons. The place is popular for being a UNESCO heritage site and consists of 3,000 islets of towering limestone rocks amidst an emerald-water lake, offering a splendid experience.

Which city is most famous in Vietnam?

Halong is the most famous city in Vietnam. The city is home to most of the country's tourist destinations thanks to its rich culture and exquisite scenic location. You can also visit here for adventure and water sports activities.

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is ideal to visit between November and April. During spring, nearing April, various rare flowers bloom here, encapsulating the lake's surface with sheer magical colours. This time frame is suitable because the country remains cooler during these months.

How many days does an ideal trip to Vietnam last?

While the country may seem more minor on the map, it has so much to offer that you need ample time. Anywhere from 10 to 21 days is enough to experience it all. Since the locations are far off, you may need to keep an extra few days to travel. However, it's all worth it.

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