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    Renowned for its floating markets, bird gardens, herbs, scrumptious delicacies which includes vibrant magenta rice cakes, peppery snails and a lot more, the city of Can Tho has something for everyone. In case you’re wondering what the nomenclature “Can Tho” stands for, it means river of poems. One of Asia’s most sacred cities, owing to its exuberantly rich culture and glorious history ,Can Tho has turned into a tourist magnet in recent years. The serene city is a traveler’s paradise and a foodie’s paradise as well. Along with the scenic beauty, the city offers a wide range of food to relish and hog over without burning a hole in one’s pocket. For someone who loves to explore various cuisines, Can Tho restaurants are a dream come true.

    Top 10 Can Tho Restaurants

    Can Tho restaurants prepare each meal with the finest rice and herbs cultivated in almost every single inch of Can Tho. Here’s a list of top restaurants of Can Tho worth visiting:

    1. Phuong Nam Restaurant

    Phuong Nam Restaurant

    Image Source

    A long day of travelling calls for some good food and a bottle of beer. This place is a “tourists’ den”. If someone is looking for amazing quality of food at a budget, this is the place. They cater Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine mainly. Also, it’s vegetarian friendly, brownie points for that!

    Google rating: 4/5
    Location: Khu vực 1, P. 092000, 48 Hai BàTrưng, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

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    2. Bo Tung Xeo Nu Nhi Hong

    Bo Tung Xeo Nu Nhi Hong

    Image Source

    Formerly known as Micky’s bar & Grill, beef rolled with stuffed cheese, steak and Vietnamese draught beers are a customers’ favourite from this eatery. This place guarantees yummy dinner. Apart from food, it has a spectacular ambience that looks gorgeous in night.

    Google rating: 4.0/5
    Location: 202, Đường Võ Văn Kiệt, An Hoà, Bình Thủy,Can Tho, Vietnam

    3. Sushi Sakura Can Tho

    Sushi Sakura Can Tho

    Image Source

    As the name suggests, it’s a Sushi specialist. When in mood for Japanese cuisine, head to this food hub. The average cost for two is said to be quite reasonable. The place is extremely tourist-friendly with great service and lovely hospitality. The sushi and Sashimi are worth every penny.

    Google rating: 4.2/5
    Location: 103, Trần Hưng Đạo, AnPhú, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

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    4. Pizza Company

    Pizza Company

    Image Source

    For someone who’s craving for Italian food, Pizza Company is at your service. Its menu includes French fries, Sizzlers and Pizzas. All of them are lip-smacking. The eatery witnesses foreign tourists and Vietnamese locals. Make sure to stop by at this awesome place on your visit to Can Tho.

    Google rating: 4.1
    Location: Sense City, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

    5. TTC Hotel Premium

    TTC Hotel Premium

    Image Source

    A 5-minutes walk from the river-side of Hau River leads to this cozy hotel. Apart from providing comfy rooms with picturesque view, casinos and other luxuries, this hotel satisfies taste buds too. It offers international food and free breakfasts for the ones staying there. Make sure to stop by here.

    Google rating: 4.2/5
    Location: 2 Hai BàTrưng, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

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    6. Bún bò Huế Vĩ Dạ

    Bún bò Huế Vĩ Dạ

    Image Source

    Rice noodle soup and beef noodles are the favourite of the masses from this restaurant, hands down. This restaurant really cares about its guests, they serve free tea to their guests, isn’t that a sweet gesture? A bit on the higher end of price, but the quality is superb. Make sure to book a table.

    Google rating: 4.1/5
    Location: 15 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

    7. Quán chay Bách Thảo

    Quán chay Bách Thảo

    Image Source

    This one’s a cute cozy restaurant in Vietnam dedicated to Vegans. Moreover, they prepare dishes without MSG which is great. They have a variety of boiled and normal rice in their menu and noodles cooked in Korean and Thai style. The food here is definitely worth the try. Make sure to reserve a table.

    Google rating: 4.1
    Location: 86E ĐềThám, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

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    8. L'Escale


    Image Source

    Known for offering many cuisines under one roof, this restaurant is a gem of a place. The local cuisine, European, Asian and vegetarian and vegan friendly menu is a crowd puller. It won the Certificate of Excellence in the year 2014 and 2018. Their homemade bread, dessert and espresso is something to feast on while you dine here.

    Google rating: 3.8
    Location: 1 Ngô Quyền, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

    9. Sao Hôm

    Sao Hôm

    Image Source

    Travelling with kids can be a tough job. Children friendly restaurants make parents’ job easier. Sao Hom is one such restaurant. Its ambience can make you go head over heels. The restaurant offers Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. Its speciality is cocktails and fish in clay pot. Make reservations before heading here.

    Google rating: 3.9
    Location: Hai Bà Trưng, Tân An, Ninh Kieu,Can Tho, Vietnam

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    10. Book Café ONC

    Book Café ONC

    Image Source

    It is the best place for tired tourists who just want some me time. There’s plenty of books and enough space for someone to chill after a rough day. They have super cosy sofas and air-conditioned space. A visit to this café is incomplete without a cup of brewing coffee. Go ahead and make reservations to dine here.

    Google rating: 4.1
    Location: 6 Hoa Binh,Can Tho 92000, Vietnam

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    Can Tho is an enthralling city which can captivate anyone for sure! It is a perfect destination for people looking for a detox. The former Western Capital will keep you coming back for more. The quaint and antique atmosphere of Can Tho can be explored at the restaurants in this place. The Can Tho restaurants offer an experience of a lifetime. Make sure to visit Vietnam soon and hog on these culinary delights.

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