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When people are asked how many languages they think exist on Earth, the answers vary quite a bit. That isn’t surprising, since even linguists have not been able to give a definite count. It is estimated that there are currently around 7,000 languages in use around the world. Unfortunately, it is predicted that we will lose almost half of them by the end of the century.

When a language ceases to be learned by children, its days are clearly numbered. To foreign ears, languages can be hard to tell apart. So, how many do you think you’d recognize at a glance? Take our language quiz to find out!

The Hardest Language Quiz Questions You’ll Ever Deal With

This country language quiz will challenge anyone who knows more than one language. Don’t worry if you’re feeling lost in translation, we have given you some options:

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If you’ve scored between 0 to 3: Well, we have news for you. You will not be able to order beer for yourself in Spain, let alone for that pretty girl sitting alone in the bar. Comprende?

If you’ve scored between 4 to 7: Not bad. To avoid making a complete fool of yourself on a date with a foreigner, make sure to whip out your phone and ask Google Translate what “veux-tu un café” means. You can thank us later for this golden advice.

If you’ve scored between 8 to 12: We bet you can speak Parseltongue and open the Chamber of Secrets while showing off your expert linguistic skills to Hermione (who’s the smarter one now, Granger?). Go back to Hogwarts, you’re too good for this world!

Linguistic diversity plays a very important role in shaping the interactions of human groups. However, it is steadily declining, as local forms of speech become moribund before the advance of the major languages of world civilization. Are you making any efforts on an individual or community level to prevent a language from turning extinct? Let us know in the comment section below! As for us, we recently started writing Hindi blogs to cater to the 310 million people worldwide who celebrate it as their mother tongue.

An alternate way of keeping a language alive is, you guessed it, traveling! We recommend you to take a round-the-world trip to expand your vocabulary and make new friends along the way. Join us in our crusade to save languages from dying!

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