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Nestled on the Koh Rong Samleon island of Cambodia, Lazy Beach is a secluded beach away from the hustle and bustle of cities. With crystal clear waters, golden sands and lush green mountains, the Lazy Beach looks like an idyllic paradise. The long coastline dotted with palm trees and pristine waters should be on your list of beaches to visit in Cambodia. Being home to many tropical sea animals and aquatic life, you will even get to experience bioluminescent plankton in the darkness of night. A lazy beach is the perfect retreat from your everyday life where nature will heal you.

Things To Do At Lazy Beach

You can escape the crowd and wander into the secluded Lazy beach. The beauty and luxury of nature would make one just sit and admire the scenic view of Lazy Beach Rong Samloem. Here are our top-picked activities which you can do at the Lazy Beach:

1. Snorkelling

Lazy Beach has one of the clearest waters with shining sand along its side

Image Credit: wikivoyage for Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Beach has one of the clearest waters with shining sand along its side. This is the perfect spot to go into the water and observe the beauty of aquatic life. Get the headgear from the beach at rent to dive into the house of tropical fishes.

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2. Kayaking

Enjoy the waves of the Lazy Beach with your kayaking team.

Image Credit: Guillaume Bonastre for Wikipedia

Enjoy the waves of the Lazy Beach with your kayaking team. The best time to go kayaking is in the early morning or evening to enjoy the magnificent sunset view. Don’t forget to spot the sea turtle and enjoy the canvas that Mother Nature paints.

3. Paddle Boating

A paddle boat is the perfect way to enjoy your day at Lazy Beach.

Image Credit: Pradeep717 for Wikimedia Commons

A paddle boat is the perfect way to enjoy your day at the Beach. Hop on a ride of four people and navigate through the lush green views and serene environment. Even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy this activity as life jackets are provided. Paddle and look out for aquatic animals as you move across the pristine waters of Lazy Beach.

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4. Bioluminescent Plankton

As you walk across the lazy beach in the dark hours of the night

Image Credit: Hans Hillewaert for Wikipedia

As you walk across the lazy beach in the dark hours of the night, you will see patterns of plankton glowing after your movement. The shoreline glows with these blue-green planktons in the night. Avoid swimming in the plankton filled with water as it can lead to allergies in some people.

5. Savour The Lazy Beach Cambodia Menu

Take the food and sit beside the beach to enjoy the view.

Image Credit: SauceSupreme for Wikipedia

The cafe serves delicious hot food, from pancakes to burgers. Take the food and sit beside the beach to enjoy the view. The restaurant offers an array of food to satisfy all palates. Be it a pizzeria or a fish speciality, each cuisine has a restaurant.

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6. Be Lazy

The essential thing to do at Lazy Beach is to be lazy.

Image Credit: Takumi Fujiwara Boi for Wikimedia Commons

The essential thing to do at Lazy Beach is to be lazy. Relax and unwind as you explore the beach and enjoy the sounds of the water. Swim in the waters, build sandcastles and watch the waves as they come to you. Enjoy the vibrant colours of nature coming together at sunset and sunrise.

Places To Visit Near Lazy Beach Cambodia

Lazy Beach is located on the Gulf of Thailand and is nature’s tropical paradise. If you have some time in hand after enjoying the Beach, here are the places to visit in its vicinity:

1. Jungle Zoo

Dense forests of Jungle Zoo

Image Credit: Dmitry Makeev for Wikimedia Commons

Located just 2 km away from Beach, the jungle zoo is an exquisite example of experiencing animals and humans coming together to create an ecosystem. It was built by a Russian woman who planted specific trees on which the animals resided. The zoo is the home to many mammals, reptiles, birds and exotic animals. Walking through the forest, you will get to see beautiful butterflies resting on bright flowers.

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2. High Rope Adventure Park

Zip lining activity at High Rope Adventure Park, near Lazy Beach Cambodia.

Image Credit: Crusier for Wikimedia Commons

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want to enjoy the views of the scenery from a height, then visit the high rope adventure park. Located 25 km away from Lazy Beach, this adventure park involves activities. With several thrilling activities set amidst the background of lush green forest, you can enjoy zip lining, rock climbing, rope bridges and much more. An ideal destination for adventure lovers after a relaxing trip from the Lazy Beach, the beauty and the adventures will be your favourite memories.

3. Coconut Beach

Scenic view of Coconut Beach

Image Credit: Ton Rulkens for Wikimedia Commons

Coconut Beach is a worthwhile destination located just 10 km away from the lazy beach. Also known as the Long Beach, this white sand beach with sapphire blue waters will make you feel like a character from the movie. With dark forests in the backdrop, this beach has many coconut trees adorning the long coastline. It is the perfect scenic spot if you are looking for a secluded beach filled with tranquillity.

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How To Reach

You can take a bus or a minivan from Phnom Penh to reach Sihanoukville

Image Credit: Ilya Plekhanov for Wikimedia Commons

By Train: You can take a train from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and head on for a 10-hour journey to reach the dreamy beach. The train journey covers a scenic route, so you will enjoy your 6—to 7-hour train ride. From Sihanoukville, you will have to take a ferry to Koh Rong Samleom. Do book the tickets in advance during peak season. The ferry will drop you at Saracen Bay, from where you can either walk through the forest trail or take a boat service to reach Lazy Beach.

By Bus: You can take a bus or a minivan from Phnom Penh to reach Sihanoukville in a shorter time than by train. The journey takes around 4 to 6 hours. The bus will leave you at Serendipity Beach Pier, where you can take a ferry ride to Saracen Bay. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes and then dive into the crystal water of Lazy Beach to remove all your tiredness.

Best Time To Visit

Swimming in the waves

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The best time to visit Lazy Beach Cambodia is during the winter months of November to March. Cambodia experiences a tropical climate with hot and humid summers. Hence, the winter season is the best time to experience its beauty. With low humidity, minimal rainfall, and temperatures in the range of 20 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius, the roadways are certainly better in this season, and remote areas of Cambodia are accessible. It allows you to explore the beauty of the countryside of Cambodia.

The wet season extending from May to October experiences hot summers with high humidity and sudden rainfall. The temperature is in the range of 24 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. The western season is filled with torrential rainfalls which can be sometimes intense too. The wet season is a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Cambodia as the mountains are coated with lush green forests.

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Being one of the top beaches to visit in Cambodia, Lazy Beach has everything from nature to aquatic life to adventurous water sports. The calming waves and their sounds will wash off all your worries. The peace and calmness of the beach are unmatched and would rejuvenate your mind and soul. If this guide about the Lazy Beach motivates you, then here are the best packages for a trip to Cambodia. Book your next vacation in Cambodia and experience the tranquillity and scenic views of Lazy Beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lazy Beach

Can you swim at Lazy Beach?

Yes, you can swim at Lazy Beach. Enjoy your time admiring the beauty of nature and participate in the activities to get the most out of your time.

How much is the charge to enter Lazy Beach?

The charges for individuals above the age of 14 from Monday to Thursday: USD 25 and Friday to Sunday: USD 30. For children under the age of 14: USD 15

How much time should I spend at Lazy Beach?

Ideally, a day is enough to enjoy the atmosphere of Lazy Beach. You can extend your trip by one or two days to enjoy the beach.

Are there roads in Lazy Beach?

No, the roads are not well developed and most plants grow over them.

Are there vegetarian food opinions on the Lazy Beach Menu?

Yes, there are many budget-friendly vegetarian dishes you can enjoy here.

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