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Christmas is almost everyone’s favorite holiday. It is during this time that most countries tend to get chilly or cold and so that really brings in the Christmas spirit. Apart from the weather, there is the also the Christmas lights, the music, and not to forget, the delicious food! People especially look forward to the food around this time of the year. However, every country is different and they usually have their own traditions during Christmas, including the type of food eaten. Although most of us are used to the idea of Santa or Christmas cake at this time of the year in some places, there are dishes such as mince pies or salted cod being consumed. If you are looking for local dishes to try around the world this Christmas then we have mentioned some of the best options right here.

10 Christmas Delicacies From Around The World

Make sure you try each and every one of these delicious treats from around the world to make your Christmas even merrier! Which of these would you like to try first?

1. Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose

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This traditional Christmas food is a part of Germany and dates back to the middle ages. It was eaten during St. Martin’s day but eventually became a dish eaten during Christmas. The goose is stuffed with apples, prunes, chestnuts, and onions. It served with cabbages, gravy, dumplings, and sauerkraut. The feast is glorious for those foodies who really want to have a delicious meal. It is served with Gluhwein, a mulled wine which is made from cinnamon, cloves, and lemon. Some of the desserts include stollen (a fruit cake made with marzipan, and dried fruit and covered with powdered sugar), spritzkuchen (a type of donut which is fried and glazed in syrup) and spritzgeback (a German biscuit made during Christmas from butter, flour, sugar, and eggs). There are special marzipan designs made of animals, fruits and all kinds of shapes.

Location: Germany

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2. Panettone


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If you are looking for the best traditional Christmas food around the world, then be sure to visit Italy because they actually consume the seven fishes as suggested in the Bible. The 7 different kinds of fish are cooked in different ways. Two of the fish include Bacca ( salted cod) and calamari. In a few places in Italy, they eat poultry, duck or chicken and cook it with different sauces and pair it with wine. In some places, Lazoia (lamb and potatoes), Apulia (grilled eel) or Sicily ( a baked pasta) are cooked. Sweets play an important role in Italy during Christmas. There is a famous sweet called Panettone which is a cake that is filled with candied fruits, raisins, nuts and, chocolate. Some other sweets include marzipan, nougat, torrone, panforte, cannoli, and pandoro.

Location: Italy

3. Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

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The dish is called figgy pudding or plum pudding or pud and refers to the Christmas pudding eaten all throughout the United Kingdom. Most people really look forward to their dessert which is the best part of the meal. The pudding isn’t actually made of plums but raisins which were considered as plums in the Victorian period. The dried fruits are the primary ingredient in the pudding. Apart from this, there is eggs, spices, and molasses that go into this. The best part about this? Brandy is poured over the pudding before serving it! Apart from the dessert, you can also enjoy some roast turkey, goose and mince pies.

Location: United Kingdom

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4. Buche de Noel

Buche de Noel

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This is France’s traditional dessert. It is a log-shaped cake that is slathered with buttercream and decorated with unique Christmas figures. The cake is supposed to represent the Yule log which was brought inside the house, the wine was poured on it and then it was burned on Christmas Eve. Eventually, that wasn’t practiced anymore, but the cake took up the same tradition. The original dish includes a sponge cake with chocolate cream but many variations have been introduced since then. You can now find different kinds including tiramisu, caramel cream, raspberry mascarpone and much more. Apart from this, at a French Christmas table, you will also find smoked salmon, foie gras and stuffed turkey or goose.

Location: France

5. Melomakarona


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Melomakarona is a sweet cookie that is baked and then soaked in honey or chocolate and has lemon zest all over it. It is also served with walnut shavings. These popular treats appear on almost every table in Greece. Since there is a fast done just before Christmas, there most certainly has to be a glorious feast. Apart from the delicious dessert, you will usually find pork roast or grill along with Christopsomo or Christ’s bread which is a specialty baked at this time of the year. These delectable buns are usually decorated with a dough cross on the top.

Location: Greece

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6. Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma

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Nyama Choma is roasted meat and usually goat since Kenyans are known as the people who love goat meat. Christmas in Kenya is a little different. It is usually at this time when the grills are turned on and neighbors are invited for a BBQ. The meat is supposed to be eaten hot and right off the warm charcoal. The entire goat is to be finished in one sitting. Some tribes in Kenya offer specific parts of the goats are for girls and some special parts for boys. Apart from this, freshly made flatbread, mashed potatoes and peas, and Kenyan pilau can be consumed as well as Christmas cake for those that come from the city. If you are looking to take part in some holiday food traditions around the world, then this would be the best place to do it.

Location: Kenya

7. Bacalao


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Bacalao or salted cod isn’t very common in most places but it forms a part of the staple diet for Mexicans. In the original tradition, the fish was salted and then preserved through special methods. Since refrigerators are popularly used nowadays, most locals don’t go through those methods but some who like to keep the tradition intact, continue to do that because they say it gives the fish a unique flavor. The fish is then rehydrated and cooked to the point where it becomes absolutely juicy and tender. In the dish Bacalao, Mexicana tomatoes are used along with anchovies, potatoes and onions to create a filling and warming meal.

Location: Mexico

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8. Russian King Cake

Russian King Cake

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This popular dessert is a three-layered cake made with poppy seeds and cocoa powder. The newer creation is made with more chocolate, more layers and garnished with walnuts. The cake is sinfully delicious with the different layers of chocolate and walnuts. This dessert is commonly eaten on Christmas day along with Russian tea cakes which are sweet little cakes made with flour, butter and is covered in powdered sugar. There isn’t really any proper meal since many people fast till they see the first star on Christmas Eve. If you are looking for local dishes to try around the world this Christmas, be sure to visit Russia.

Location: Russia

9. Saffron Buns

 Saffron Buns

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The Christmas feast in Sweden is called julbord and consists of 5 different courses. The first course consists of seafood such as pickled herring or shellfish. The next course consists of cold cuts such as Christmas ham followed by turkey or roast beef which is eaten with a dark bread called vortbrod. The third course consists of meatballs, boiled potatoes, and air-dried cod. All the food is washed down with glogg, a mulled wine. The last course would be dessert and although rice pudding is popular so are saffron buns. They are yellow and sweet and baked in the shape of an S with plenty of butter. If you are looking to enjoy celebration food around the world, then be sure to carry some loose pants when going for a feast in Sweden!

Location: Sweden

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10. Roast Pig

 Roast Pig

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In the Philippines, it is a tradition to have a roast pig on Christmas day. Cured pork leg, as well as spit-roasted pig, are eaten on this day. The roast is accompanied with queso de bola or a ball of cheese, pasta, spring rolls, and salad. Christmas usually starts early in the Philippines and is a very important time. Christmas carols start as early as September and continue till January. The food starts early as well but the traditional feast takes place on the 25th of December.

Location: Philippines

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