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Nature is the way that we can know a country. Sri Lanka is an island country present in the Indian ocean just below India. The small country is known for its biodiversity ranging from rainforests, sandy beaches, and arid plains. So, if you are in Sri Lanka, then it is fair to visit the different natural destinations. One among them is the Maduru Oya National Park present in the Uva province. Go out and explore the best sights around this wildlife retreat while in Sri Lanka along with this handy guide.

About Maduru Oya National Park

About Maduru Oya National Park

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The park opened in 1983 and provides sanctuary to a variety of wildlife and works as an immediate catchment to the five reservoirs present in the area. Inside the park likes the community of Vedda people who are indigenous to Sri Lanka. In the forest, you will find majorly tropical dry mixed evergreen vegetation. The specialty of the park is that you can find a lot of endemic species both in form of animals as well as plants. The forests main aim is to conserve the species as well as the forests to prevent illegal things. The park also has ancient ruins which are important for the history of the country.

Best Time To Visit


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When you are in the Maduru Oya National Park in Sri Lanka you need to visit it at a time when it is beautiful. The best time to visit the park is from March to September. The reason behind it is that in the dry time you can see a lot of wildlife that comes out to drink water. The water points are designated viewing spots and several wildlife safaris are held during this time. So, book your tickets accordingly while planning to visit the park.

Things To Do In Maduru Oya National Park

Here is a long list of major things to do in Maduru Oya National Park which the first time travelers can visit and experience.

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1. Jeep Safari

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While you are in a forest you need to go on a safari tour as it shows you around the park. In the Maduru Oya National Park tourists can go for jeep safaris that are organized in several parts of it. You can always book a full day safari trip where they take you to different spots around the park. One of the main attractions is the elephants as they are conserved in the park. Choose a small team as you will enjoy it more where there is more space to see the sights. Always go for a company that is ethical and wouldnt be harsh on either the wildlife or the plants. Most of the safaris do not include the mature Oya national park entrance fee so you as visitors will need to pay for it at the entry gate. You may also book the safari in advance so that you get the seat in an assured way. In these safaris, you will get to see different animals other than the elephants. These may include leopard, wild boar, wild buffalo, painted stork, spurfowl etc.

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Visit the Ruins

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As we said above, the Maduru Oya National Park includes several ruins that are important for the history of Sri Lanka. Most of the ruins are concentrated in the areas of Henanigala, Kudawella, Gurukumbura, Uluketangoda, Weerapokuna. So, you can definitely visit them if you have a knack for history. The places include ruined Buddhist shrines, temples, statues, Dagobas. One of the main attractions is an ancient sluice that may have been built before the 6th century. You can also go to see the early Brahmin scripts that were found at Kandegama Kanda and they may have been built in the 3rd century. So, fix a jeep or cab that will take you to the ruins. Sometimes guides are also present who will actually show you the place and give you knowledge about the significance of them to the history of Sri Lanka. If you want, visit the villages of the Vedda people to know more about them, their life and their heritage.

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How To Reach

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When you are visiting a certain place you need to make sure that you know the correct way to reach it. This will let you have a proper idea of the place that you want to visit. To reach the Maduru Oya National Park you can choose several routes. The popular ways are from Matale and Hettipola. Other than this you can also choose the way of Dehiattakandiya coming from Polonnaruwa or from Mahiyangana. If you want, you can also club the tour of the park with Wasgamuwa National park as it lies very close to it. If someone finds it easy to visit the park from Colombo, then they may do so by a car. From the North, one can enter from Manampitiya which is situated on the Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa highway.

Several international tourists are also interested in visiting the park. They need to book the flight tickets ahead of time according to the dates that they want to visit the park. The nearest airport to park is Batticaloa (BTC) but it is a domestic airport. So, international tourists may need to take a flight to an international airport. From the airport, there are different ways like buses, private cabs and other transports that will help you to get to the park. Do pay the entrance fee and then take part in the Maduru Oya National Park Safari.

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Tips To Remember

  • Make sure to check out the Maduru Oya National Park Accommodation so that you are sorted with the place that you want to choose as your staying place. There are several available inside the park but you need to book ahead of time.
  • Dress appropriately when you are this park. It can get quite at times because of the dry climate.
  • Do take water along with you as you will get thirsty.
  • If you cannot speak the local language do take the help of a translator.
  • Do not pay people extra money and keep track of your expenditure.

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So, keep this guide handy and you will get the chance to explore the most out of it because the place is rich with the color of nature and wild animal. We hope that you have a nice time when you choose the Maduru Oya National Park as your refreshing retreat while on a trip to Sri Lanka.

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