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    Mombasa To Nairobi

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    Traveling around the world is a dream that many people see for themselves. Africa is a vast continent containing several different countries. One among them is Kenya situated in the eastern coast of the continent just by the Indian Ocean. The country is known for its diverse wildlife and several national parks. Mombasa and Nairobi are both quite famous cities, later one being the capital of the country. So, if someone visits the former they may want to know the right process to travel Mombasa to Nairobi. Here we will try to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone who is looking to travel between the cities and have a good time when they are there.

    Best Time To Travel From Mombasa To Nairobi

    Best Time To Travel From Mombasa To Nairobi

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    Africa is a continent that is full of different kind of weathers. When you visiting a country like Kenya, you need to be sure about the weather that will be suitable for your travel. If you are visiting Nairobi for its wildlife, then the dry season is considered the most spectacular season to see the animals. The months of June to September for the best months for visiting the city. One should avoid the place during the long rain that happens in the months of March to May and also the short rains that take place in the months of October and November. One great aspect of Nairobi is that the weather remains mild at all times of the year. Even at the coldest time, the temperature doesn’t drop below 11º C. So, make sure to keep these things in mind before you plan to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi.

    Places To Visit In Nairobi

    While you are in a particular city you do need to select some places that are a part of your viewing list. It isn’t possible to go to all parts of the city as we often have a limited amount of time. So, here are some of the places that you need to visit in Nairobi:

    1. Nairobi National Park

    Nairobi National Park

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    As we said above, wildlife is an important attraction of Nairobi. So, it isn’t possible that you will miss out on seeing them when you are in the city. Taking a safari tour in the park is a must to view lions, black rhinos, cheetah etc. You will fall in love with the grasslands once you visit it. People can see up to 400 different species of birds at this national park.

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    2. National Museum

    National Museum

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    It is very important to know about the history of a place which you are visiting. This museum present in Nairobi displays things related to local art, paleontology and the culture of the city. So, do give it a visit whenever you visit Nairobi. If you have a child, then do take them to the snake house present in the premises of the museum.

    3. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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    Wildlife is the lifeline of a country, so the people in power should always soar to make it better. This wildlife trust caters to the orphaned elephants who need good carers. Go meet them and have a good time with the babies while they play in the mud. You can also feed them with the help of the big milk feeding bottles.

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    4. Giraffe Centre

    Giraffe Centre

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    Don’t we all love giraffes? If you do, then do not miss out on the giraffe center. Here you get to meet friendly giraffes especially from the Rothschild species. Interact with them and get to know more about the way that they are preserved in this center.

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    5. Bomas Of Kenya

    Kuria Village

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    The people living in the urbanized world often forget that the tribes form an important part of the human world. The Bomas of Kenya is a live museum near Nairobi where you get to know more about the tribes that are a part of Kenya. The performances of them will steal your hearts.

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    6. Ngong Hills

    Ngong Hills

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    If you are taking your time to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi, then you should visit the Ngong Hills. ‘Ngong’ stands for knuckles and the names come from the seven humps like structure. The top of the hill gives you an amazing view of the Karen and the Great Rift Valley. You can choose from the several walking trails. When in the hills you can also see animals like buffalo, baboons, klipspringer, bushbuck etc.

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    Things To Do In Nairobi

    Along with visiting the different places that we listed you can do a lot of things in Nairobi. These includes:

    • Shopping at the Maasai market where you get to see and buy a lot of things related to their culture.
    • You should also eat at The Carnivore Restaurant which is especially known around the world for its selection of game meat.
    • If you like art, then do visit the Banana Hill Art Gallery to see the pieces that have been made by local artists.
    • Visit the Village Market to see one of the best shopping malls present in Kenya. We recommend you to eat at the open air food court present in this mall.

    Places To Stay In Nairobi

    Places To Stay In Nairobi

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    Nairobi is a big city and the capital of Kenya. So, you will get a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation. It will definitely depend on your budget. These days you can find luxury hotels in Nairobi that are spectacular for staying. But along with that, there are a lot of options for mid-range and budget hotels that are perfect for most travelers. Just go for the one that provides you with the most value. You can also find attractive resorts inside the Nairobi national park.

    Ideal Duration For A Trip

    No one can fully experience a city like Nairobi on their first trip. Being the capital of Kenya, it does hold a lot of importance in the country. So, as a tourist, it really depends on you to choose the number of days that you want to spend. But we will definitely recommend you to at least spend four days in this city. You can spend a whole day at the National Park and the other days can be utilized to see the other spots. If you want to have the full-on experience, then stay for a week to get through the different parts of this city.

    How To Reach Nairobi

    How To Reach Nairobi

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    The distance from Mombasa to Nairobi is 485.7 KM and it takes about 8 hours if you are traveling by road. If you like road trips, then driving from Mombasa to Nairobi is always an option. You can either opt for your own personal car or rent a cab for the number of days that you wish to stay in Nairobi. Another great and budget option is taking the Mombasa to Nairobi train. The Madarka Express is a great option and experience. You can either travel by the first class or the second class. Do book trains in advance through their online website. You can also travel by buses which connect the two cities. So, choose the way wisely and book them on time to have a great trip.

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    So, here you have everything that you need to know about traveling from Mombasa to Nairobi. We are sure that you will have a great time when you reach the place. Pack your things appropriately so that you do not have any problems. The local people are great and you will get enough help from them. So, do not think much and quickly book your tickets for the city of Kenya.

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