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It is often hard to find a place which is a bit of both – mountains and beaches, right? If you are someone who likes exploring both, you are definitely going to love this Montenegro travel guide that we have prepared for you. This Balkan country is often overlooked by the tourists owing to the lack of hype around the place.

If off the beaten tourist destinations are your kind of thing, Montenegro is definitely your kind of place to be in. Apart from the highlands and the coastline, you will also find a varying amount of small beaches dispersed around the place which further makes it one of the most scenic places to visit.



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Even though Montenegro is not considered as the primary spot around in Europe, it does use Euro as its primary currency in the country. You can actually spot around a number of places in the airport or even out where you can exchange your country’s currency for their own. Make sure to do so because the majority of the places and the villages around in Montenegro doesn’t accept the cards or digital form of payment.

Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

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When it does come down to discussing the best time to visit Montenegro under the Kotor Montenegro Travel guide, the best suggestion is to visit in between the months of April till September. The climatic conditions tend to follow around two distinct conditions, the coast having a very Mediterranean climate while the other temperatures can be a bit of pleasant weather.
Visiting the coast during the months from July till August might not be the best option if you are someone who can’t withstand a lot of heat and stuffy weather. Owing to the fact that this is the peak season to visit, even the prices of the accommodation and other facilities skyrocket during this time of the year. For the best deals, visit either during the month of June or September.

Ideal Time To Spend A Vacation

Ideal Time To Spend A Vacation

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Majority of the time, people visit Montenegro with their families which are what makes it an ideal spot to visit for at least a week or two weeks if you have the time in hand. It is always best suggested to take some time exploring the entire place around because it does have quite a lot to offer. From the highlands to the coastline and even the small and quaint villages that are scattered all around, the possibilities are quite endless.

3 Best Places To Visit

This is possibly the section majority of the people have been looking forward to. Montenegro does have an extensive amount of places that you can visit and we are going to walk you through the top 3 that is loved and adored by all the tourists.

1. Budva


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It is a crime if one visits Montenegro and doesn’t visit Budva. This is possibly one of the most popular spots around in the country and the combination of the rich culture and history paired with the beaches and glitz simply add to the vibrancy of the place altogether. Budva Riviera is the best place to visit if you want to experience the happening nightlife of the place around.

If you are visiting during the summer months, make sure to attend the Sea Dance Festival without fail which is held in the Jaz beach. Some of the other amazing spots to visit around include the Stari Grad which is also an amazing depiction of the rich history of the place altogether. The Budva Museum is an amazing spot to venture into if you wish to know more about the place and the history behind.

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2. Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

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Next on the list is Herceg Novi. It acts as a gatekeeper to the beautiful Bay of Kotor which is one of the most important crowning glory of Montenegro. Apart from the wide range of fortresses, you can also witness an extensive range of churches in here which further adds to the beauty of the city. The crystalline and pristine water further adds to the list of the amazing activities for the swimmers. Uvala Veslo is a must visit while there to recharge the adventurer within you.

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3. Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar

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Skadar is possibly one of the most underrated and unexplored spots around in Montenegro. It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Balkans and makes up for one of the most beautiful spots one can visit. If you require Montenegro travel advice, it is mandatory that you visit this place without a speck of doubt.

Apart from the lake, it is also home to some of the widest range of wilderness around which further does make it an amazing spot to visit. The 260 species of birds and over 50 species of fishes make this a must visit a spot with the boat tours. While there, make sure to explore the lakeside villages too for the overall feel altogether. You will also witness a number of villages with Albanian flavor and bilingual residents in them.

3 Things To Do

Now that we have walked ourselves through the amazing places one should definitely visit along with their travel guide to Montenegro, let us go through some of the things and activities one can indulge in while there.

1. Castle of San Giovanni: Enjoy The Views

Castle of San Giovanni: Enjoy The Views

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If you wish to catch some of the most amazing views of the entirety of Montenegro, the Castle of Giovani is the place to be in. The castle is located around 1200 meters above which you need to reach after climbing 1400 steps but the entire experience is completely worth it. The sunset there is possibly one of the most breathtaking and romantic experiences that one could enjoy.

Location: St John Fortress, Rd to the Fort of St. Ivan, Špiljari, Montenegro

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2. Old Town: Walk Around The Streets

Old Town: Walk Around The Streets

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The Old Town in Kotor is an amazing spot to simply walk around and explore. If you wish to get a tranquil experience, the morning time is possibly the best to visit. Avoid the afternoons because that is the most crowded times around.
It is also good for photographers who like to walk around and explore and click pictures of various spots around the place.

Location: Kotor, Montenegro

3. Cat Museum: Visit

Cat Museum

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Now, this is unique and definitely something one should do. The cat museum is filled with everything cats. The place charges you one euro to explore around and support the local cat population around. It might not seem like a lot but is a must visit place for the animal lovers.

Location: Kotor, Montenegro

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What To Pack?

What To Pack?

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The contingency of what to pack depends on the time of the year you are visiting Montenegro. If you are visiting during the colder months, obviously, packing warm clothes is an absolute must but if you are visiting during the ideal time of the year when the climate is pleasant, packing simple summer clothing with a few full sleeve clothing should get the job done perfectly.

Montenegro is a beautiful place to visit and explore. Not just the bustling cities but even the tranquil hillsides and the villages add to the depth and popularity of the place. The local culture and history and the hospitality and warmth from the locals will simply make the trip one that you remember and cherish for the entirety of your life. So if you’re planning to travel to Europe
anytime soon, make sure to not miss out this little quaint town.

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