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Himachal Pradesh, a land that gives warmth to mind and soul, is one of India’s much-admired and lauded tourist destinations. Nestled between North India’s snow-capped Himalayan Mountains, the state calls visitors from far and wide to spend a wonderful holiday, whose memories cling to for a lifetime. The main attraction for visitors is the magnificent hills, pristine valleys, ancient monasteries, historical heritage, gleaming lakes and much more in a serene atmosphere. A trip to this beautiful Pradesh’s tourist destinations will help satisfy the wanderlust of all forms of travelers. Himachal Pradesh opens its door to nature lovers, honeymoon seekers, adventure lovers, pilgrimages and history buffs. If you are looking for some offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh then here is a list which you can take a look at.

Best Time To Visit Himachal Pradesh

awesome time To Visit Himachal Pradesh

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Summers- Himachal Pradesh, undoubtedly a famous summer getaway in India, offers a lifetime holiday. Himachal Pradesh’s summer season begins in April and lasts until June. During this time, the air stays colder with temperatures ranging from 5 ° C to 24 ° C. The hilly area in North India is easily accessible throughout the summer months with its many paths being cleared of snow. In the mountains and valleys, the lush greenery even returns to give Himachal a scenic delight. The summer season is the time to indulge in numerous trekking and outdoor sports such as paragliding, mountaineering, river rafting and motorbiking for thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts.

Monsoons- Mid-June signals the commencement of the monsoons in Himachal Pradesh and its precipitation affair continues until September. During the monsoons, most popular tourist destinations in Himachal get a heavy downpour. Due to its hilly terrain, some of the tourist attractions are difficult to reach during this season. This is due to the region’s susceptibility to landslides, flood-like situations, and roadblocks. Due to its incredible beauty and well-built highways, tourists across the country schedule trips to the capital even in this season.

Winters- The winter season begins in November in Himachal Pradesh and continues until March. Experiencing snowfall, during this season, the state is coated with a dense blanket of snow making it a perfect destination for snow enthusiasts. The temperature starts to dips from the month of October, and by December and January, the state becomes the location of Narnia’s movie. The temperature in Himachal Pradesh has been recorded to range from 0 ° C to 13 ° C. The temperature drops below 0 ° C at high altitude locations and roads to the popular tourist destinations such as Spiti Valley are blocked due to heavy snowfall. Winter, though, is the best time for another magnificent part of Himachal to see and learn.

23 Offbeat Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

Check out the best picks of offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh and choose your favorite for your next getaway.

  • Malana – Historically Rich Village
  • Tirthan Valley – A Gem Hidden Amidst Himalayas
  • Chitkul – Organic Farms And More
  • Pabbar Valley – Colonial Influence
  • Thanedar – Home To Numeroous Orchards
  • Shoja – Best For Sunsets
  • Barot – Witness The Wildlife
  • Gushaini – When Looking For Camping Experience
  • Kheerganga – For Adventurous Experiences
  • Prashar Lake – A Tranquil Visit
  • Shoghi – Observe The Flora And Fauna
  • Kalpa – Wonder Established Alongside Sutlej
  • Kaza – Right At The Corner
  • Fagu – Away From The City Noises
  • Nahan – Greenery Worth Witnessing
  • Parwanoo – A Fulfilling Experience
  • Narkanda – For Skiing And More
  • Kangra – Spiritual And Natural Wonder
  • Naggar – Rejuvenate Yourself
  • Arki – Unique Blend Of Art And Culture
  • Bhunter – For Adventure Seekers
  • Gulaba – A Picturesque Village
  • Theog – A Quiet Escape

1. Malana – Historically Rich Village

India’s most beautiful villages

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Malana is among India’s most beautiful villages. There are lots of stories about this beautiful place. Many of Malana’s legends have been discussing its existence since ages. It is located in the Valley of Parvati and is home to a few families who have stayed here for a long time.
The most interesting fact about this offbeat location is that the great Alexander’s straight descendants are believed to be his individuals. In addition, this place has its own set of administrative laws as well as procedures that look carefully like the Greek management system, culture, social context and also its notion of purity.

Key attractions: JamulaDevta Temple, Rasol Pass, Chalal Trekking Trail

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2. Tirthan Valley – A Gem Hidden Amidst Himalayas

understand nature in its purest for

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One has to visit the Tirthan Valley to understand nature in its purest form. Surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park, this beautiful valley next to the Tirthan River is one of Himachal’s hidden gems. It is a perfect place to relax in nature’s lap. If you’ve never been to it, it tops my list of offbeat sites in Himachal Pradesh any day.

Key attractions: Serloskar Lake, trekking trails, waterfalls

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3. Chitkul – Organic Farms And More

Indo-Tibet border

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It is a small village nestled in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is the last populated village near the Indo-Tibet border at a height of 3450 meters, as well as the last spot you can travel without a visa in India. Usually, travelers remain in Sangla and prepare the same day to go back to Chitkul. On this journey from Sangla, the river Baspa is a constant companion. Snow-clothed hills, as well as various shades of apple orchards, mustard fields as well as plants, are included in the vicinity, like the rest of Himachal. The valley is known for its potatoes and peas of great quality. The weather can be harsh, cold and unpredictable.

Key attractions: Mathi Temple, Charang Chitkul Pass, Lalan Ti

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4. Pabbar Valley – Colonial Influence

mixture of scenic beauty and nature

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Pabbar valley is a vivid mixture of scenic beauty and nature, offering something for everyone who walks their way. In addition to fruit orchards, its scenic hamlets and rapid brooks were enough to draw British Viceroys who camped and recovered here. A walk via the Pabbar Valley is wide-ranging, taking you through small villages that are still relatively quiet and untouched, through cedar, oak and birch forests and finally through snow-covered valleys.
You can also enjoy a wide range of activities such as camping, walking, and hunting and other outdoor activities, including rafting and paragliding.

Key attractions: Chandarnahan Trek, Saru Trek

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5. Thanedar – Home To Numeroous Orchards

beautiful apple and cherry orchards

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With beautiful apple and cherry orchards, Thanedar is delightful for nature lovers who want to spend some quiet time with themselves. You will enjoy plucking the fruits from the countless trees which supply lakhs of full cartons with juicy apples across India and abroad. The deluxe orchards that give one the pleasure of living close to nature are overlooked by many resorts. This is one of the offbeat places for couples in Himachal Pradesh
Nearby places to visit are the Nag Devta Temple, situated on the Tani-Jubbar Lake, St. Mary’s Church, which is also one of India’s oldest churches, and Hathu Peak, which offers a fascinating view of the Himalayan snow-clad peaks.

Key attractions: Stokes Farm House, apple orchards, Hira Mahal Palace

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6. Shoja – Best For Sunsets

famous for its Serloskar Lake

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Located in the Valley of the Seraj, it is famous for its Serloskar Lake, popular for its sunset tour. Someone can go for a soothing stroll or explore their system in the region’s rejuvenating lands. It’s just a short walk from here to the falls where they can enjoy a relaxing bath or just bask in the sun while enjoying a drink. It is also a favorite destination spot for couples.

Key attractions: Raghupur Fort, Chehni Kothi

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7. Barot – Witness The Wildlife

beautiful view

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Barot offers a wide range of outdoor activities, not just a beautiful place. Not only does the Uhl River located here benefit people and wildlife, but it is also a trout spawning center and has a few fish ranches, making it popular for hunting. The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated across the river Uhl, home to the Himalayan goral (of the goat family), a number of pheasants and also black bears from the Himalayas. A road continues through the Shelter to Kullu. The evergreen forests that cover them are home to deodar trees. Here there are a number of trekking trails, making it a popular hiking destination as well as a tourist destination.

Key attractions: Uhl River, Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, Barot Temple

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8. Gushaini – When Looking For Camping Experience

Gushaini is nicknamed Trout Country

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Located near the Tirthan River in the district of Kullu, Gushaini is nicknamed Trout Country because of its abundance of trout making it perfect for fishing for trout. The spot is suitable for visitors with the best outdoor camping trip in mobile dome tents on the banks of the Tirthan River. Just 20 kilometers from Gushaini lay the National Fantastic Himalayan Park, which contains some 30 species of animals and 300 species of birds. Exploring the Park by hiking through the all-natural cedar groves is recommended. Never will anyone find the beauty as in Gushani, making it an amazing offbeat location in Himachal Pradesh.

Key attractions: Shringa Rishi Temple, Great Himalayan National Park

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9. Kheerganga – For Adventurous Experiences

most beautiful unique places

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Tucked away in Kullu district, scenic Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most beautiful unique places. To get here, you need to go up to Barsaini from where you have to go on a four-hour-long journey to Kheerganga. If you are the kind of person who looks for adventure activities then you opt for Kheerganga trek with your trek and explore this offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Key attractions: trek, The Fairy Forest, Parvati Valley

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10. Prashar Lake – A Tranquil Visit

unexplained deepness to anyone

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Prashar Lake situated at an altitude of 2730 Metres some 49 odd KMs north of Mandi, is just one of Himachal Pradesh’s favorite offbeat locations. Until now, the lake has unexplained deepness to anyone. Because of the extreme seclusion and calm that it provides for you, people who learn about this place just can’t stop going there again and again.

Key attractions: attractions near the lake are Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery, Kulant Pith

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11. Shoghi – Observe The Flora And Fauna


Image Credit: Bikingdiaries for Wikimedia Commons

This place in Himachal is located at a very close distance from some of the most frequented destinations.This offbeat place is quiet and is a great escape out of the bustling city. From Shimla, it is 13 kilometers far and nature lovers are simply going to love this place. This is one of those offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh that have an abundance of flora and fauna.

Key attractions: Tara Devi Temple, Chadwick Falls, Kendaghat

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12. Kalpa – Wonder Established Alongside Sutlej


Image Credit: Carlos Adampol Galindo for Wikimedia Commons

This is a prominent village in Kinnaur and has been established as a part of the Sutlej River Valley. This village is home to various awe-striking temples and monasteries, a visit to which you will never forget. Established alongside Sutlej River with Kinnaur-Kailash range in the backdrop, this village will make you lose yourself to the scenic surroundings.

Key attractions: apple orchards, Kinnaur Kailash range, Kamru Fort, Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar monastery

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13. Kaza – Right At The Corner


Image Credit: Gerd Eichmann for Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most peaceful offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh and is settled at the end of mountains. With rivers flowing around it and mountains enveloping it, you cannot get enough of this place. The greenery here is worth witnessing, making it one of the most awe-striking places in the state of Himachal.

Key attractions: Kibber Village, Main Market Kaza

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14. Fagu – Away From The City Noises


Image Credit: Kuldeep ra1 for Wikimedia Commons

One of the districts of Shimla, Fagu is also considered the best for those looking for an unusual outing. The district is settled at an altitude of 2500 meters and looks quite amazing when it snows here. This is exactly where you should come in order to escape the hustle bustle. The clouds are quite close, making this destination look like a heaven on earth.

Key attractions: The Retreat Building, Bhantia Devta Temple

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15. Nahan – Greenery Worth Witnessing


Image Credit: Harvinder Chandigarh for Wikimedia Commons

Serene and picturesque, this is one of the most romantic offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. It is enveloped within the Shivalik mountains and is surrounded by dense greenery. The clean and quiet roads will make your evening strolls worthwhile. This place was founded as a capital by Raja Karan Prakash in the year 1621.

Key attractions: Suketi Fossil Park, Renuka Lake, treks

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16. Parwanoo – A Fulfilling Experience


Image Credit: Shyamal L. for Wikimedia Commons

This is a culturally rich place in Himachal and therefore you can witness the bustling city as well as the beautifully thriving nature. Settled right at the Haryana-Himachal border, this is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for those who want to explore an offbeat hill station. There are many activities one can be a part of, from exploring the apple orchards to going for adventurous treks.

Key attractions: fruit orchards, Kali Mata temple

17. Narkanda – For Skiing And More


Image Credit: Skmishraindia for Wikimedia Commons

This is one of those offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh that are admired for their dense greenery. This town can be a great place for you if you want to try out skiing. The tropical forests make the whole scenery unforgettable. Every corner of this destination in Himachal makes it a place worth clicking photographs at.

Key attractions: Tannu Jabar Lake, Hatu Peak, Stokes farm

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18. Kangra – Spiritual And Natural Wonder


Image Credit: Upesh Kumar for Wikimedia Commons

You will like this place for its spiritual aspects, as the place has been mentioned in different Hindu texts. Moreover, the extremely beautiful natural setting makes it one of the best offbeat places in Himachal. With Beas River running amidst the breathtaking greenery, Kangra will become one of your favorites in Himachal.

Key attractions: Chamunda Devi Temple, Jwala Devi Temple, Kangra Art Museum

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19. Naggar – Rejuvenate Yourself

Naggar Castle

Image Credit: Akshat Sharma for Wikimedia Commons

When looking for some of the best offbeat places in Himachal, especially when you want to try out something adventurous amidst the beautiful greenery, then Naggar is the place for you. A part of the Kullu district, this place also has a quite interesting culture. This is also the right place for those who want to have a refreshing experience amidst the hills and can be visited any time of the year.

Key attractions: Naggar Castle, treks, fishing areas, Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum

20. Arki – Unique Blend Of Art And Culture

Image Credit: Harvinder Chandigarh for Wikimedia

If you are looking for the best offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Arki is a good pick. It is located in Solan district and is famous for its unique blend of art and culture. You can visit the famous monuments and temples such as Arki Fort, Jakholy Devi Temple, and the Luturu Mahadev Temple. This is also a must-visit place to witness scenic views of the mighty mountain ranges.
Key attractions: Monuments and temples

21. Bhunter – For Adventure Seekers

Image Credit: Biswarup Ganguly for Wikimedia

A town situated in Kullu district, it is a must visit for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, away from the urban life, this is the best offbeat places in Himachal to be. Besides white river rafting in river Beas, there are even few sacred temples you can visit. Step into this beautiful town for an experience like never before.

Key attractions: Bijli Mahadev Temple and other famous temples, white river rafting

22. Gulaba – A Picturesque Village

Image Credit: Biswarup Ganguly for Wikimedia

Gulaba is a beautiful village located very close to Manali. It is on the way to Rohtang Pass. The picturesque village is popular amongst adventure enthusiasts. You can enjoy trekking, hiking, paragliding, as well as snow scooter riding. Plan a trip to this best offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh and soak in the beauty of the place. It is a wonderful break from the hectic lifestyle and shouldn’t be missed of you are looking for the best offbeat places.

Key attractions: Adventure Activities and scenic views

23. Theog – A Quiet Escape

Image Credit: Sunil22 Sharma for Wikimedia

Theog is one of the other best offbeat places in Himachal. It is a popular hill station if you are looking for a comofrtable weekend getaway. Also considered a s a popular camping site, it takes you away from the chaotic vibe of the city and lets you relax and chill amidst nature.

Key attractions: Camp site

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So, there are some of the top offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh one of which you can cover on your next trip. If you are looking for a retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city then pack your bags and resort to Himachal Pradesh. You can plan a hassle-free Himachal trip with TravelTriangle and share your experience with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

What is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh?

A Himachal Pradesh vacation can be planned throughout the year, depending on what the visitors want to explore and experience.

Why one should visit Himachal Pradesh?

For pristine natural beauty, ancient monasteries and temples, adventure activities, unique art and craft, delectable cuisine, dance and music, and honeymoon destinations, Himachal Pradesh still stands for one of the best offbeat destinations.

What is the level of fitness required for traveling in winters and what are the chances of little sickness up there?

For the easiest treks (2 to 3 days), everyone with an average fitness is comfortable, but carry some medicines for better and helpful traveling.

For what Himachal Pradesh is famous for?

Himachal Pradesh is mostly famous for its Himalayan landscapes as well as the numerous hill stations here that have gained popularity over time. Himachal also draws its fame from the various sports and adventure activities it offers to travelers, the likes of which include rock climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, paragliding, ice-skating, and heli-skiing.

Which is the coolest place in Himachal Pradesh?

Manali, Bhunter, and Keylong are some of the coldest places in Himachal Pradesh.

Which are the famous valleys located in Himachal Pradesh?

Chamba Valley, Kangra Valley and Kullu Valley are some of the famous valleys located in the state.

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