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Digha has steadily emerged among the top tourist destinations due to its scenic charm and coastal greenery. The town has many interesting places such as Amrabati Park, the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre, and Digha Mohona Watch Point. Being a popular tourist spot, eager travel enthusiasts frequent the location regardless of the climate. When you want some quiet time without all the tourist cacophony, visit these offbeat places near Digha. These are great for a quick weekday and weekend getaway.

10 Offbeat Places Near Digha

From wildlife enthusiasts to nature lovers, plenty of offbeat places near Digha offer perfect escapes for everyone. Let’s unfold these gems:

1. Bichitrapur Mangrove Sanctuary

A thrilling view of Bichtrapur’s mangrove sanctuary

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Of all the offbeat places near Digha, Bichitrapur offers serenity, peace, and wonder. It is a hamlet in Balasore in Odisha known for its mangrove forest. Take a boat ride that lasts for one hour but will show you things worth the whole day! You will surrounded by deep mangrove forests that will impress you with their lushness. The confluence of the Bay of Bengal Sea and Subarnarekha River is a delightful sight. You will find a variety of rare tortoises and red crabs on your boat ride, making the journey nothing short of splendid.

Location: Balasore, Odisha
Distance from Digha: 12 km
Boating timings: 8:30 am and 5:30 pm (the exact timing may change due to tide flow)

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2. Lal Kakra Beach

Lal Kakra Beach is a great offbeat picnic spot near Digha for beachgoers

Image Source: Shutterstock

This beach is an exciting offbeat picnic spot near Digha in Dakshin Purushottampur. The Lal Kakra Beach is full of red crabs, and people visit the place to watch them in their full glory. You can opt for camping at the beach site, which will be a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The beach is around 15 km so you can enjoy a good walk alongside the beach as you watch the crabs crawl to their home or scatter around for food. Sometimes watching nature is the best way to spend your time. This place is for anyone who wants to revel in the quiet along the beach.

Location: Mandarmani, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 31 km

3. Gadiara

One of the offbeat places near Digha is Gadiara for tranquillity

Image Source: Tarunsamanta for wikimedia

Gadiara is among the top offbeat places near Digha. It lies near the meeting point of the Rupnarayan, Damodar, and Hooghly rivers. It offers a laid-back experience, and the ambience adds to the amazing vibe. You can go fishing and kayaking here if you want to experience adventure. Boat rides are also available where you can enjoy and spot many bird species. Gadiara is intriguing for history buffs as it connects to Bengal’s past. Ample shrines and temples offer a spiritual high that will soothe your ever-thinking mind to give it some rest.

Location: Howrah District, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 107 km

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4. Monchasha

A mesmerising view of Monchasha

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Monchasha is among the top offbeat places near Digha within 100 km. It is known for its simple yet meaningful showcasing of rural life. Paushi in Monchasha is an ecotourism initiative on the Bagda River bank. You can go to Shyamoli Bithi, a plantation full of medicinal plants, fruits, and vegetables. Walking to the village is a good way to spend time here. You can visit the Ishani and Naitri fish tanks, as many fishes are bred here. If time allows, you can go to the Bahiri Temple constructed in the Middle Ages.

Location: East Medinipur, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 55 km

5. Mandarmani

The list of offbeat places near Digha includes Mandarmani which is known for its water sports activities

Image Source: Abhijit Kar Gupta for wikimedia

Mandarmani is among the offbeat places near Digha you should visit at least once in your life. The sandy seashores, cool breeze, and swaying trees along the shore will mesmerise you. Mandarmani Beach offers many water sports activities for adventure lovers. If you plan to go during the Digha-Mandarmani Beach Festival, go in January. It will give you a taste of their culture. The Chandaneswar Shiv Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is known for its backdrop and gorgeous architecture. You will see many tourists during major festivals such as Maha Shivaratri.

Location: East Midnapore, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 30 km

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6. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour is a great place for history lovers

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An offbeat picnic spot near Digha is Diamond Harbour. The Portuguese Fort and the lighthouse are good places for history lovers to explore. You can also check out the Sarisha Ramakrishna Mission Ashram in Diamond Harbour. Staying at the popular Raj Bari heritage resort is an excellent way to unwind and relax. The river cruises are quite popular here, but you can expect crowds just as excited as you. You can visit nearby places such as Rameshwar Temple, Kendugari, and Jhilli Dam, close to Diamond Harbour.

Location: South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 180 km

7. Garchumuk

Garchumuk is among the offbeat places near Digha best for a weekend getaway

Image Source: Shutterstock

Garchumuk is an incredible addition to the list of offbeat places near Digha. It is a picturesque location with the flowing Hooghly River and green surroundings. You can go on leisurely walks, spend time birdwatching, opt for boating, or even go on a river cruise. It makes the perfect place for adventure lovers and those who seek solitude. Want to go fishing? Head to the Ghatal River close by to get a catch. You can immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the nearby villages and interacting with the locals. It will give you a new way to see life, and you will feel rejuvenated after your visit.

Location: Howrah District, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 153 km

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8. Contai

A stunning view of Contai or Kanthi

Image Source: Shutterstock

Contai is among the top offbeat places near Digha within 100 km. Also known as Kanthi, it is close to Digha for a weekend getaway. It was known to be a state paying tribute to the kings of Odisha as it was once part of Odisha. It is evident in the building architecture of the place. You will find many historical buildings in the region. Cashew farms are also common in Contai. You can go to Hattanagar Shiv Temple from Contai which will provide you with tranquil surroundings as you offer your prayers to Lord Shiva. The place has a peaceful environment.

Location: Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 35 km

9. Bidyang

Bidyang is among the offbeat places near Digha to connect with nature

Image Source: Shutterstock

One of the offbeat places near Digha that is within 300 km is Bidyang. It lies near the famous Relli River. Perched at 3000 feet, this is no ordinary offbeat destination. When you want solitude among nature, this place is a perfect match. This place offers you an amazing environment surrounded by dense forests of pine and oak trees. Furthermore, bird and butterfly watching are some activities that calm your senses here. It is never completely quiet, though, as the sound of nature abounds. Moreover, going on a village walk is a great way of spending time here. You can visit Rishop, Lave, and Lolegaon from Bidyang.

Location: Kalimpong, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 250 km

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10. Haldia

A spectacular view of Haldia

Image Source: Shutterstock

Haldia is among the best offbeat places near Digha. You can visit the Mahishadal Rajbari and Goplajew Temple here which allures you with its old charm. Other temples, such as the Muktidham Temple, are a great addition to your itinerary. Furthermore, other places of interest are Maynagarh, Matangini’s Statue, and Balughata Riverside Sunset Point. For history enthusiasts, the Tamluk Rajbari is a great place to be. Sataku offers a unique experience as the Japanese live here mainly. Moreover, the Marine Drive is a popular site with loads of palm trees alongside the stretch.

Location: Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal
Distance from Digha: 112 km

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Digha is one of the top choices for tourists to flock to as it faces the Bay of Bengal and offers a variety of activities for the entire family. If you are looking for untouched places then the offbeat places near Digha are worth a visit. Add these to your trip to West Bengal and have a blast with your friends or family before they turn into tourist hubs!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Digha

Which offbeat places near Digha are the best?

It depends on your preferences, who you are going with, how much time you have, and the activities you want to do.

When is the best time to visit Digha?

October to February is the peak time due to the pleasant climate. March to June is hot and humid so, it can hamper your travel plans while July to September brings unpredictable rains.

Which offbeat destination is closest to Digha?

Bichitrapur is quite close to Digha. When planning to go for a day trip, Bichitrapur is a great choice.

Is New Digha Beach better than Old Digha Beach?

Both beaches are stunning but you will find more crowd at the new Digha beach.

What is the local food of Digha?

Seafood is a popular cuisine of people living in Digha. You can enjoy delicacies such as Bhetki, Tiger prawns, and Pomfret.

How to reach Digha?

The closest major railway station is Kharagpur and you can get a local train from there to the Digha Flag Station. The closest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. You can avail of bus services from the major cities in West Bengal. You can drive to Digha for the scenic views too.

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