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    A family enjoys a holiday at a picnic spot near Kolkata

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    A visit to the South City Mall, having jhalmuri at Outram Ghat, tanga ride near Victoria Memorial, and some retail therapy in New Market more or less sums up a typical weekend chore of a born-bong.But nothing beats the heart’s desire to explore a nearby place far from madding crowd which makes for an awesome one-day trip from Kolkata. Some exclusive family time, potluck, roadside tea, and pictures for family album sounds just perfect. Take a glance at these picnic spots near Kolkata and figure out which one to visit in the coming weekend.

    24 Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

    If you are looking for one day outing near Kolkata, then here are a few picnic spots that you can head to with your family and folks. Keep scrolling down and read along!

    • Santragachi Lake
    • Barrackpore
    • Bawali
    • Babur Haat
    • Raichak
    • Falta
    • Chinsurah
    • Diamond Harbour
    • Aqua Marina
    • Deulti
    • Taki
    • Piyali Island
    • Gadiara
    • Sunderban Tiger Camp
    • Parmadan
    • Machranga Dwip
    • Frasergunj
    • Junput
    • Bishnupur
    • Shantiniketan
    • Tajpur
    • Susunia Hill
    • Mukutmanipur
    • Ajodhya Hills

    1. Santragachi Lake

     Santragachi Lake

    Image Credit: Biswarup Ganguly for Wikimedia Commons

    Santragachi Lake is the perfect offbeat picnic spot near Kolkata that is located in Santragachhi. Situated in Howrah district, Santragachhi is a quaint neighborhood that is well-known for its lake. If you are passionate about witnessing the different species of birds then Santragachi should be on your list. Santragachi Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in West Bengal. You can head to this lake early morning or in the evening. The mesmerizing sight of sunrise and birds all around can be witnessed in the morning and in the evening you can enjoy the charming view of the sunset.

    Distance From Kolkata: 13 Km
    How To Reach: You can hire a cab or take a local bus to Santragachi.

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    2. Barrackpore


    Image Source
    Quite close to Kolkata, only at a mere distance of 33 km, Barrackpore is a one day picnic spot near Kolkata. The place has historical significance as it played an important role in the independence struggle, making it a famous tourist place. The spots to visit here are the Mangal Pandey Garden, Gandhi Ghat, and Annapurna Mandir.

    Distance From Kolkata: 33 km
    How To Reach: The place is connected via roads and there are buses which run from Sealdah.
    Attractions: Mangal Pandey Garden Barrackpore, Gandhi Ghat, Jawahar Kunj, and Annapurna Mandir

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    3. Bawali

    A night view of Rajbari Palace, Bawali

    Image Source

    How about an overdose of serenity and surplus of greenery on a Sunday? Bawali is a farmhouse for picnic near Kolkata and offers both, in fact, a lot more. Located very close to the ‘City of Joy’, Bawali is not only a famous picnic spot near Kolkata but is also the nearest picnic spot from Kolkata that offers joy, fun, and thrill.

    Distance From Kolkata: 35 km
    How To Reach: 1 hour 40 minutes’ drive
    Attractions: Nature walk through the village, Fish farming, and the Rajbari Palace

    4. Babur Haat


    Image Source

    Spend a rustic and traditional day in rural backdrop. The quaint village of Babur Haat in North 24 Parganas is one of the great places to visit near Kolkata for 1 day that must be visited for a different yet quite exotic taste.

    Distance From Kolkata: 48 km
    How To Reach: 2 hours’ drive
    Attractions: The fishing lakes maintained by local farmers who breed different species of Bengali fishes naturally

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    5. Raichak


    Image Source

    Raichak is a small town on the banks of Bhagirathi-Hooghly River, well-known and popular as a one day picnic spot near Kolkata. The luxurious resort right beside the river has enhanced the convenience, glamour and elegance of the picnic area.

    Distance From Kolkata: 50 km
    How To Reach: A drive for 2 and a half hours
    Attractions: A sumptuous lunch at Ffort Raichak and a relaxing boat ride from Raichak jetty

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    6. Falta

    falta riverside

    At the confluence of Hooghly, Damodar, and Rupnarayan is Falta, the best picnic spot in Kolkata. One can have a great time at the banks of the river and watch the sunrise and sunset. Spend some quality time with your loved ones at the riverside near Kolkata. One can also enjoy ferry rides here, other than strolling along the shores.

    Distance From Kolkata: 50 km
    How To Reach: Falta is connected via trains, or one can also drive down.
    Attractions: Take a ferry ride and enjoy a serene riverside walk

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    7. Chinsurah


    Image Source

    Chinsurah is a great one day picnic spot near kolkata since iti located by the banks of mighty Hooghly River. It is a small town located in the Hooghly district. Being one of the most beautiful places in West Bengal, it draws huge crowd of people who come here to enjoy the enchanting beauty. A plethora of architectural marvels like mosques, churches, and old buildings adorn the landscape.

    Distance From Kolkata: 53 km
    How To Reach: There are a number of trains between Kolkata and Chinsurah (Chuchura).
    Attractions: Hangseshwari Temple, Chinsurah Dutch Cemetery, Hooghly Imambara

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    8. Diamond Harbour

    A boat ride in the Ganga river delta at Diamond Harbour

    Image Source

    The place where Ganga meets the Bay of Bengal can be a place for your Sunday picnic too. It is the best picnic spot in Kolkata riverside. Travel to Diamond harbour to view the broad and magnificent river often confused as the sea. And yes, you will be close to the largest delta of the world. Here you will also find various optiosn of farmhouse for picnic near Kolkata.

    Distance From Kolkata: 57.5 km
    How To Reach: A drive for 2 and a half hours
    Attractions: The abundant fort, river bank, boat ride, and the mouth-watering Hilsa in nearby restaurants in monsoons

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    9. Aqua Marina

    Aqua Marina

    Image Credit: aquamarinapark.com

    Aqua Marina is one of the best picnic spots near Kolkata that you can visit to beat the summer heat. If you are planning for a fun-packed picnic with your kids then Aqua Marina is undoubtedly the best choice. From several enticing rides to an impeccable restaurant, Aqua Marina has everything that will make your outing extra-special. Aqua Marine is located in Hooghly district and is home to pools and gardens where you can spend time with your family.

    Distance From Kolkata: 61 Km
    How To Reach: You can hire a cab and reach Aqua Marina in around 1 hour 30 minutes.

    10. Deulti


    Image Source

    If you are looking for a farmhouse for picnic near kolkata, then Deulti is an option. It will be complete bliss to spend one of the weekend days in a rural landscape. The green coconut trees, winding clayey roads, thatch-roofed huts, and crystal clear fishing ponds make Deulti as one of the best picnic spots near Kolkata for one day.

    Distance From Kolkata: 63 km
    How To Reach: 1 hour 25 minutes’ drive.
    Attractions: Nirala resort, Subarnarekha River bank, and the age-old residence (now a heritage property) of the very famous Bengali writer – Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

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    11. Taki


    Image Source

    Located on the banks of the river Ichamati, Takei is a little hamlet that gives a glimpse of Bangladesh. You can even take a boat ride from this place to meet some Bangladeshis. Due to its serenity, many people from Kolkata travel to Taki with their family and spend some quality time. Moreover, some local attraction is an add on which makes this destination perfect for one day outing near Kolkata.

    Distance From Kolkata: 67 km
    How To Reach: Take a train till Hasnabad or drive for 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Taki from Kolkata.
    Attractions: Taki Eco Park, Mansion Puberabari, and indulge in boating

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    12. Piyali Island

    piyali island

    Image Source

    Piyali Island is another option for one day picnic spot near Kolkata that one can resort to easily. The island is connected to the mainland over River Piyali. People who love to witness some beautiful nature places would love to visit Piyali Island. People traveling to this island often go to the famous Sundarban Tiger Camp which is located nearby.

    Distance From Kolkata: 70 km
    How To Reach: Can be easily reached by hiring a car or by taking a train till South Barasat Station.
    Attractions: Netidhopani WatchTower and Sundarban National Park

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    13. Gadiara


    Image Source

    Gadiara is another amazing picnic spot near Kolkata that one can resort to for a day trip. Gadiara is a city away from the daily hustle-bustle of Kolkata. One can actually experience a combination of tranquility and peace here. Gadiara proves to be an amazing spot due to the variety of activities that it offers like boating and nature walks. What more? Well, Gadiara is famous for its exceptional cuisine. So, make sure that you do not miss out on some of the famous dishes here.

    Distance From Kolkata: 77 km
    How To Reach: Either you can hire a car to reach the destination directly or you can also take a train from Howrah to Bagnan and take a bus from there to reach Shyampur.
    Attractions: Indulge in boating and nature walks

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    14. Sunderban Tiger Camp

    Sunderban Tiger Camp

    Image Source

    This is not the place that you would want to miss in the world. Sundarban Tiger Camp is visited by thousands of nature and animal lovers where one can obviously see some tigers that are being taken care of in the park. What more? There are some watchtowers in the park that give unparalleled views of the forest and animals. You can drop your bags in the camp and stroll around to explore the nearby area of the forest on your own.

    Distance From Kolkata: 98.6 km
    How To Reach: The tiger camp can be reached by car or by taking a train to South Barasat Station.
    Attractions: Explore forest, watch animals in their natural habitat, and camping

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    15. Parmadan

    parmadan foresr

    Image Source

    Parmadan is a perfect spot if you want a one day outing near kolkata. The lush greenery of Parmadan forest will fill your lungs with fresh air and leave you soul reinvigorated. For those who enjoy nature walks, there could not be a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. You could observe the ecosystem and even make a visit to Indo-Bangladeshi border. You might even spot a deer as the forest has a healthy population.

    Distance From Kolkata: 103 km
    How To Reach: Take a train from Kolkata to Ranaghat and then take a bus to Naldungri. You could avoid all the fuss and take a taxi directly to the forest. Opt for route via Highway 34..
    Attractions: Indo-Bangladesh Border

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    16. Machranga Dwip


    Image Source

    Literally meaning the island of kingfisher birds, the not so famous island is situated between Ichhamati and Bhasa River with India on side and Bangladesh on the other. Visiting this place promises one thing for sure which is you will barely hear anything except continuous chirping of innumerable birds.

    Distance From Kolkata: 113 km
    How To Reach: From Taki or Hasnabad in North 24 Parganas, hire a local boat to reach the island.
    Attractions: Nature walk, outdoor picnic, watching the sunset, and bird watching

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    17. Frasergunj

    Sun sets on Bay of Bengal at Frasergunj as fishermen return home from the sea

    Image Source

    Frasergunj is a place very close to the ‘Mohana’ or delta and offers very soothing and comfortable ambience for a day outing. If you are looking for picnic spots near Kolkata beside river, Frasergunj could well be a considerable option. Be it chilling with friends, spending time with family, or watching a sunset with your loved one, this places is just perfect for everyone.

    Distance From Kolkata: 125 km
    How To Reach: A drive for 3 and a half hours. Luxury buses of WBSTC ply frequently to Frasergunj.
    Attractions: Jammu Dwip- an isolated riverine island

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    18. Junput

    A couple walks on the serene beach at Junput near Kolkata

    Image Source

    If the major motive behind Sunday travel is exclusivity and tranquillity, Junput is a tailor-made option for one and for all. With a serene and almost virgin beach, Junput surely tops the list of peaceful beach picnic spots near Kolkata that offers calm and quiet environs to revive your energies on a weekend, away from the hustle and bustle of the city clutter.

    Distance From Kolkata: 138 km
    How To Reach: Drive along the road heading to Digha. Reach Kathi and Junput is 9 km from there.
    Attractions: Beach walks, fish fry at shacks, surfing, and sea bathing

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    19. Bishnupur


    Image Source
    Get overwhelmed by the rich culture and heritage of Bishnupur, a place near Kolkata perfect for a day picnic. Malla Dynasty shaped today’s Bishnupur in the 17th century and that can be seen in the tourist places at this place. Do not forget to explore the terracotta temples and buy Baluchari sarees which are famous in this region. Make sure that you are carrying your camera so that you will be able to capture some beautiful landscapes.

    Distance From Kolkata: 138 km
    How To Reach: The best way to reach Bishnupur from Kolkata is to take Howrah Express. You can also hire a direct taxi to reach within 3 hours.
    Attractions: Jor Bangla Temple, Lalaji Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, and Kalachand Temple

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    20. Shantiniketan


    Image Source

    A trip to West Bengal is incomplete without visiting the abode of the famous writer, Rabindranath Tagore. Also popular as the cultural capital of the region, Shantiniketan is a place to enjoy some good music and watch classical dance performances. From art galleries to museums, this place can keep anyone occupied for a full day. So, if you are looking for a peaceful retreat near Kolkata then your search is over.

    Distance From Kolkata: 162 km 
    How To Reach: There are three ways to cover this distance, one is by bus, second is by train from Howrah to Prantik, and third, by renting a car.
    Attractions: Tagore’s Ashram, Amar Kutir, Khoai Mela, Kala Bhavan, and Poush Mela

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    21. Tajpur


    Image Source

    Looking for a secluded picnic spot near Kolkata? Fret not, because we have an option for you. Tajpur is the newest place to explore in West Bengal which has carved out a niche in the tourism sector. It is a tourist spot for adventure junkies as the place is loaded with several activities that one can indulge in like zorbing, rafting, paragliding, and kayaking. Moreover, the serenity of this place along with a cool breeze makes this place a perfect destination for a picnic.

    Distance From Kolkata: 172 km
    How To Reach: Hire a taxi to reach Tajpur directly or take a seat in the train from Howrah to Digaha Station.
    Attractions: Tajpur Beach and Mandarmani Beach

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    22. Susunia Hill

    susinia hill

    Image Source

    Perched at a height of 1442 feet, Susunia Hill is one of the most famous picnic spots near Kolkata that no one can afford to miss. The entire hill is covered with flora, some rare medicinal plants, and beautiful shrubbery. This spot gives a chance to indulge in trekking and climbing which is why it comes top in the to-do list of adventure seekers. Spending a weekend here is an ideal way to escape from the noise of the city.

    Distance From Kolkata: 218 km
    How To Reach: You can either hire a direct taxi or can take a train from Howrah to Chhatna Station which is just 10 kilometers away from Susunia Hill.
    Attractions: Go for activities like trekking, climbing, and camping

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    23. Mukutmanipur


    Image Source

    Preferred by many travelers, Mukutmanipur is another best pick from the list of top picnic spots near Kolkata. This place is not only a picturesque escape to nature but also keeps the interested people occupied with the number of tourist attractions in the region. With several nature parks, temples, and viewpoints, Mukutmanipur proves to be another best picnic spot near Kolkata.

    Distance From Kolkata: 263 km
    How To Reach: One can take a train from Howrah to Bankura railway station which is about 52 kilometers away from Mukutmanipur which can be covered by a cab.
    Attractions: Mukutmanipur Dam, Mukutmanipur Children Park, Kangsabati Dam, and Mukutmanipur Lake

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    24. Ajodhya Hills

    Ajodhya Hills

    Image Source

    Nestled in the famous Purulia District, Ajodhya Hills prove to be another famous picnic spot near Kolkata that one can explore on a weekend. Ajodhya Hill is a tall mountain with table land on top with many small streams flowing through the slopes and ultimately merging into Kumari & Kangsabati in north and Subarnarekha in the west. This place gives a chance to indulge in some adventurous activities like mountaineering and rock climbing.

    Distance From Kolkata: 325 km
    How To Reach: One of the best ways to reach Ajodhya Hills is to take a train from Howrah to Adra and from there board a bus to Raghunathpur.
    Attractions: Bamni Falls, Pakhi Pahar, Khairabera Dam, and Murguma Dam

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    So, why spend weekends visiting the picnic spots in Kolkata over and over again, when there are so many amazing nearby places to break the monotony. Wait no more and plan your trip to West Bengal

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

    Q. What are some of the offbeat places to visit near Kolkata?

    A. Tajpur, Itachuna Rajbari, Sundarbans, and Bishnupur are some of the offbeat places to visit near Kolkata. Tourists usually visit these places also when they plan to explore Kolkata.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

    A. Being a coastal area, the best time to visit Kolkata would be from the months of October to March, which happens to be the onset of the autumn season and the humidity is considerably low.

    Q. Are there any more picnic spots near Kolkata?

    A. Taki, Bishnupur, Sanhati Park, Gadiara, Parmadan, and Shanti Sarovar Lake are some of the other interesting picnic spots near Kolkata.

    Q. Which are the best picnic spots near Kolkata within 30 kilometers?

    A. The best picnic spots near Kolkata within 30 kilometers are Bawali and Barrackpore where you can spend some quality time with your family. In Bawali, you will find a farmhouse for a picnic near Kolkata.

    Q. Is there any farmhouse for a picnic near Kolkata?

    A. Although the number of farmhouses for a picnic is less near Kolkata you will find Bawali Farmhouse which is one of the best in the area.

    Q. Which are the most popular one-day picnic spots near Kolkata?

    A. Some of the most popular one-day spots near Kolkata are Bawalli, Barrackpore, Raichak, and Babur Haat.

    Q. How can I go to Babur Haat?

    A. As Babur Haat is well-linked via road with Kolkata, one can avail bus services or rent a car from Minakha and reach Babur Haat via the Basanti Highway.

    Q. How do you get to Deulti?

    A. Deulti Station is located just 50 kilometers away from Howrah Junction which can be covered in 1 hour and 30 minutes via local trains like Kharagpur local, Mecheda local, and Paskura local.

    Q. How do I get to Machranga Dwip?

    A. One of the best ways to reach Machranga DWIP is by reaching Hasnabad from Kolkata and covering a distance of 75 kilometers. After this, one has to hire a motorboat to reach Machranga Dwip.

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