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The Outer Hebrides is an island chain situated on the west coast of mainland Scotland. The destination’s diverse flora and fauna attract tourists from around the world. The Hebrides have their own unique way of life, quite different from the one in the cities and towns. The islands are emblematic of peace and tranquillity.

About Outer Hebrides

About Outer Hebrides

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The Outer Hebrides islands consists of Lewis and Harris, Berneray, Benbecula, South Uist, Eriskay, Barra, and Vatersay. The place has got everything for the tourists to enjoy and have an amazing and relaxing time. The views that the place offers is breathtaking. You can enjoy the endless beaches if you want to catch some waves.

Best Time To Visit Outer Hebrides: The mild climate is the main highlight of the Outer Hebrides weather. The place receives extreme rainfall and wind most of the time. It is very rare to feel chilly around here. The time towards the end of April to the far end of June would be the best time to visit the Outer Hebrides. During the month of June, the days are longer, making it easy for travelers in pursuit of watching wildlife. The months July and August welcome the onset of strikingly beautiful flowers along the grasslands, known as the machair. A summertime visit would really satiate the art lover in you as you get a chance to participate in many outdoor events like the Gaelic singing festivals.

Where To Stay Around Outer Hebrides: There are a lot of accommodation options available for all kinds of travelers whatever their need is. The Rodel Hotel at Harris is a good choice. The Anchorage Restaurant at Leverburgh on Harris will be an experience for sure. If seafood is your preference, you can be guaranteed on getting tasty lobsters and other such sea products. The Caberfeidh Hotel at Stornoway might be just what you needed. It is quite close to Stornoway airport and so you can’t miss the place. You can also make a stop at the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle . There are many such spots that are perfect for a day or for more than two days. The hotels around here are not that pricey. The stay would be apt for both solo travelers and for those who come in groups.

9 Places To Visit Near Outer Hebrides

Tourists can witness incredible beaches, ancient history and a lot more while taking a stroll around the island. The deep wildlife reserves are a sight to behold. The Outer Hebrides has so much for you to see. There is magic everywhere you look at nature’s finest:

1. The Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones

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If you are familiar with the Stonehenge, you will definitely love the Standing Stones. This 5000-year-old masterpiece is a sight to behold. The structure is set in the backdrop of the hills of Great Bernera. The exact reason for its construction is still unknown but, there are many stories that are immersed in Christianity. According to certain folklores, the Standing Stones were once giants who refused to be converted into Christianity.

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2. Kisimul Castle

Kisimul Castle

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This is a medieval castle located on Barra. The castle is built on the rocky isle off the coast of Barra. The only way that one could reach the castle is by a boat. Surely, you might take the chance to visit this epic structure. It is a sight that you cannot miss for sure. The 15th-century castle located on an island is one of the most famous outer Hebrides points of interest. So, do not forget to make a visit here.

3. St. Clements Church

St. Clements Church

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If you look at this church, rest assured you will be awed and quite surprised and shocked, maybe. This church was built in the 1520s and it is amazing how well the church is preserved even now. It is a sad fact not many are aware of this beautiful piece of architecture.

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4. The Blackhouse

The Blackhouse

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This is a lovely location where you could just have a relaxing time. You could get a unique island life at Arnold’s The Blackhouse. You get a chance to stay inside thatched, fully furnished and traditional houses. Make sure to stop by here on your trip to
Scotland. Even if you are an atheist, you must visit this place located in Outer Hebrides in Scotland for its sheer beauty. With its undulating grasslands and infinite skies, the place looks absolutely heavenly.

5. Carloway Broch

Carloway Broch

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A broch is technically an iron structure that is used to defend. Carloway Broch is preserved so well here. You could get a taste of the historic life of the past lives that lived so long ago. It is said that the brochures here date back to 2000 years. That is some preserving technique and also the structure that was able to withstand the pressures of time and humans.

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6. Luskentyre


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Luskentyre sands are an unbelievable vast expanse of white sand that also offer beautiful views. It is just a superb walk anybody can enjoy, to be honest. The isle Taransay is just across the waters. The place is utterly unblemished and intact which adds to the charm to Luskentyre. It is one of those magical places in the world that just feeds your soul. Since such places are not plenty, you should definitely check this one out.

7. Digby Chick

Digby Chick

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You definitely need to visit this small restaurant in Stornoway. If you love bistro food, this restaurant serves just that. They have this slow-roast pork belly and roast vegetable Panini that is mouth-wateringly delicious. Digby Chick becomes this gourmet restaurant by evening. If you want to grab food that tastes like heaven, Digby Chick is the name that you have to keep in mind.

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8. Butt Of Lewis

Butt Of Lewis

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This is the northern tip of the Hebrides. You will love this place if you want to let the wind in your hair. The imposing lighthouse here is a sight to take in. This is so far away from habitation and if you need some alone time, there is nothing better than this place. Between you and the mighty Atlantic, you will be on your own.

9. The Golden Road

The Golden Road

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This is a single track road that leads to the end of South of Isles. The scenery along the road is just breathtaking. The scenery is sometimes regarded as the lunar landscapes. If you are not sure, just try this path. The sight when the sun hits the rock is just too pure. Driving on this road is an experience like never before. A long drive on this road is a must.

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How To Reach Outer Hebrides

How To Reach Outer Hebrides

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When you hear the name ‘Outer Hebrides’ for the first time, you might think that the place is somewhere far, far away. Far away from the entire world and that it is impossible to reach the place. That is a misconception. Nowadays, it is quite easy to reach the Outer Hebrides, much easier than in the past or old times. Many of the flights offer direct services to the exact destination. You can fly in from Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen. The flights land at the only beach airport in the world- which is on the Isle of Barra. You can also make use of the ferry services offered by the Western Isles Ferry and the Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac).

Outer Hebrides Map

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England is immersed in beauty but many are unaware and it is really depressing that the wonders of Scotland are often missed by many. The Outer Hebrides is easily accessible. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this destination on your trip to Scotland. It is time to get rid of the tried and tried destinations like London or New York. The Outer Hebrides is vying for your attention!

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