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    Padang Padang Beach

    Pecatu Bali is the dream destination for all the beach lovers. The place is blessed with an abundance of nature’s beauty. Have a look at the plethora of information provided here about Pecatu Bali and plan your trip immediately.

    About Padang Padang Beach

    About Padang Padang Beach

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    If you want to experience the best sunrise and sunrise from an amazing viewpoint, then you must visit Pecatu Bali. It is located on the southwestern portion of Pecatu Bali Island. The beach is also known as Labuan Sait Beach. It became one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world after the beach got featured in the movie, Eat Pray and Love starring Julia Roberts. Pecatu Bali is indeed one of the tourist spots which offer the best holidaying experience at the cheapest prices.

    Best Time To Visit Padang Padang Beach

    Best Time To Visit Padang Padang Beach

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    If you are waiting to get some shine of sun, then April-July months are the time to visit. For those who do not like crowds, then August-October months which is an offseason is the right time to plan the trip. November month should generally be avoided as rains slash Pecatu Bali. December to January is the best time to visit Pecatu Bali. It rains at times, the sun shines in the morning and in the evenings, wind caresses your face.

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    Weather In Padang Padang Beach

    Weather In Padang Padang Beach

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    There are no harsh weather conditions in Pecatu Bali. The Padang Padang Beach in Pecatu Bali enjoys rains, thunderstorms at times and cool winters. Being an island, there is no room for rough winter. The summers are also bearable due to the geographical location of the country.

    Tips For Padang Padang Beach

    Tips For Padang Padang Beach

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    Pecatu Bali is a place to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul. There are no hard-fast rules and restrictions imposed on travelers to Pecatu Bali. There is Padang Padang beach entrance fee and it is very much cheap. There are few things to actually check before you get into the holiday mood of Pecatu Bali.

    • Get visa based on duration
      Visas are provided to the tourists on the basis of a number of days. If you happen to stay beyond the number of days mentioned in the visa, then you are bound to pay more. So, get your visas with the right duration to avoid paying extra.
    • Use legit currency exchange mechanisms
      There are a lot of chances to get cheated on your trip. It is better to use the ATMs and other government-run forex offices.

    Where To Stay At Padang Padang?

    These are the best places to stay near Padang Padang beach in Uluwatu. It is compiled after getting real-time testimonies from people who have been there.

    1. Suarga Padang Padang

    Padang Padang Beach

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    Suarga at Padang Padang offers world-class facilities on par with the resorts which charge more than INR 75,000 per night. The resort is built incorporating the Indonesian style of architecture. The hospitality of the staff members is so appreciable that you would recommend this place to your friends and family planning a trip to Pecatu Bali.

    Cost of Suarga Padang Padang: ~INR 18,257

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    2. Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

    Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

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    One need not mention more about Radisson as the name speaks for itself. This chain of hotels is spread across various continents and they are known for their excellent customer service. It also offers multi-cuisine complimentary breakfast.

    Cost of Radisson Blu Padang Padang: ~INR 13,517

    3. Gravity Bed & Breakfast

    Gravity Bed & Breakfast

    Image Source

    After having stayed at Gravity and receiving king treatment, you would never want to move out of Pecatu Bali. The place is a perfect blend of both modernity and Pecatu Bali style architecture. Gravity is flocked by couples.

    Cost of Gravity Bed & Breakfast: ~INR 9315

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    Where To Eat At Padang Padang

    Name anyone who is not fond of Asian cuisine. The best fusion of food can be found in almost every restaurant in and around Padang Padang Beach. Needless to mention, being a seashore place, you get to taste some of the lip-smacking and fresh seafood variety here at Padang Padang.

    1. Cempaka Caf- and Homestay

    Cempaka Caf- and Homestay

    Image Source

    You can taste the best yellow fish curry in Pecatu Bali here at Cempaka Caf- and Homestay. Apart from the Pecatu Balinese cuisine, this place also serves really delicious burgers.

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    2. Bukit Caf-

    Bukit Caf-

    Image Source

    If you want to taste the best fajitas or freshly squeezed juices near Padang Padang Beach, then you need to head to Bukit Caf-. This place offers great post evening time feels.

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    3. Hanamaru Japanese Food

    Hanamaru Japanese Food

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    If you are in the mood for some yummy sushi and traditional Jap food, then Hanamaru Japanese food is the best choice.

    4. 360 Restaurant

    360 Restaurant

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    Just as the name suggests, food types of all major countries are served here. The homesick feeling would drive you to gorge on some of the home country food, then rush to 360 Restaurant.

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    Water Sports At Padang Padang Beach

    Water Sports At Padang Padang Beach

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    If you are waiting to jump into the waters and see the sea and sun converge while you are afloat in the pristine blue waters, then you should definitely try out the water sports activities at Padang Padang Beach.

    Even the ardent surfers have testified that surfing at Padang Padang beach gives them a wholesome experience owing to the aura and the ruffle of sea waves.

    Glass bottom boats take you inside the sea and you can get a simulated feel of swimming alongside water creatures without actually getting wet in the sea water. This is a great option to try out for the hydrophobics who still want to get a view of the sea life.

    Padang Padang Beach has a bunch of trained scuba divers who would accompany you. The guarantee is provided as most of the companies are registered with the government.

    Things To Do Near Padang Padang Beach

    Know about the things to do in Padang Padang beach and get your bags ready.

    1. Watch The Sun Kiss The Sea

    Watch The Sun Kiss The Sea

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    Sunset is one of the glorious sights to never miss while you are at Padang Padang. Carry a fine camera around to click amazing pictures.

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    2. Swim To Your Hearts Content

    Turtle View

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    Swimming in this crystal-clear water is an experience to be remembered for life. Never forget to pack swimsuits on your trip to Padang Padang.

    3. Saturday Night Party At Padang Padang

    Saturday Night Party At Padang Padang

    Image Source

    Partying in the shores of a beach located between rocks, secluded and a vast stretch of white sand is something which you cannot find easily in other parts of the world. You would have enjoyed partying in a club, but this Padang Padang beach party would enthrall you for sure.

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    How To Reach Padang Padang Beach

    How To Reach Padang Padang Beach

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    Ngurah Rai International Airport at Bali has flights operating from major cities of the world. If you do not get flights from your city, then you can take a connecting flight from New Delhi, India or Singapore.
    It is easy to reach Pecatu Bali but you would need a Padang Padang beach map to get to know the inside details of the beach. There are many undiscovered places which the tourists are unaware of. This map would enlighten you on how to get about inside the beach.

    Padang Padang is located in Pecatu Bali. There are a lot of travel agencies to get you to the beach shore. You can also hire a moped and tour around Pecatu Bali to enjoy the scenic views. Taxis take you to the beach but there is no option for public transport. The location pointed in google maps is so accurate that you can take a private vehicle and zoom around the place.

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    Indonesia is known for its spectacular beaches. It can also be called as beach lovers paradise. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Indonesia right away, hit the beach and indulge in the fun!

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