The very famous Photography Museum in Mauritius is located in West Mauritius and it is a museum which is open only on weekdays . The working hour of this museum is 10 am to 3 pm on every weekday. And you are allowed to stay inside it only for 1 hour and not more than that but you can go to this place anytime you want in that particular time period. The transportation is also provided to the visitors as the supplement. Photography is an art which serves the people regarding their bitter and sweet memories throughout their life.

And if you ever open the museum of your memories you will find a lot of photographs in them which are carefully organized in your heart. No one can even think of their life without photographs these days. And if you get to see a whole museum regarding photography then that will be one of the best experience your life. And the photography museum in Port Louis Mauritius is very popular among the tourists. And they feel delighted by going there and collect a lot of memories from that place.

About Photography Museum In Mauritius

About Photography Museum In Mauritius

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Photography is a very important thing in our life right now and we can’t live without clicking photos of the vents of our life. And Museum of photography in Mauritius give the visitors that feeling of getting close to the long-lost memories of old times. The camera is an instrument which preserves the history of human beings and their various activities. This museum offers to have a look at the past of human evolution. This place has the memories of photographs taken at the starting time in the history and some interesting photos afterwards too.

People will have a feeling of being in the past by going there. They cater the flavours right from the past to its visitors and they get the experience which they can cherish their whole life. The feeling of being in the past is itself very unique in nature. This photography museum in Mauritius is the place where you will feel that you are on a time travel. The feeling of being in the time machine comes alive in this place and so numerous number of visitors go to this place every year and the flow of visitor does not get reduced ever. The photographs of old times are there and those are quite legendary.

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History Of The Museum

History Of The Museum

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This museum is located at the back side of Port Louis and you will feel delighted by walking that street towards the museum. This museum was built in the late 1960s era by the photography lover Mr Tristan Breville and his beloved wife and currently, their daughter Marie Julie is keeping the tradition of her family very efficiently. She is maintaining the family culture very well and serving a lot of visitors to go down memory lane by coming to this place.

This museum has the collectables of 1800 and late 1900s. So people can see the work of the photographers of the old times. There was a process called Daguerreotype process by which the printing of the image used to be done on the copper or silver background. This practice used to be there in 1830. This gallery has the photos from the far past to the present according to the timeline of the history. Mauritius Photography Museum has the equipment of 1773 and this makes this place a heritage itself. This place also owns the photo of the colonial sceneries of Rose Hills and the port itself. So this place will take the visitors to an awesome journey to the past by its photos.

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Mauritius is a place where the main attraction is the sea and extravagant lifestyle there. But this place also has another side of culture. That’s right. We are referring to the Photography Museum in Mauritius. And it is a lovely place for the art lovers. People who loves the artistic approach of everything will love this place a lot. And this place also invites everyone to take the taste of art. And Photography is no doubt an art.

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Everyone cannot take good photographs. And the people who can do that are fortunate enough to be the part of the art history of that art because they have the perspective to see the things differently and capture that in their camera. They can capture each and every moment of life beautifully. And taking the snapshot of every moment of life is a big deal in today’s world which is fast in all way possible. So the visitors in this museum are really lucky to see the other side of this city which is mostly famous for the flamboyant behavior. But here people can enjoy the deepness of the heart too in this museum. Plan a trip to Mauritius to witness the spectacular images in this place and get ready to have the time of your life!

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