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Do you seek relief from the city madness? Step into Shillong, a ravishing hill station where nature is the queen. Radiant with lush forests and charming brooks, the scenic beauty of Shillong is best exemplified through its breathtaking picnic spots. Experience the sheer tranquillity of placid lakes, be amazed at the greatness of gigantic waterfalls, or drown in the enchanting scenery. Whether you just want to mingle with nature or are searching for adrenaline, the picturesque picnic spots of Shillong will revive your senses and leave you with immeasurable pleasurable memories.

5 Best Picnic Spots In Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is the home of any nature lover and offers lots of captivating picnic spots that will surely enrich your mind and soul.

1. Ward’s Lake

Ward's Lake is a peaceful retreat for picnickers

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Ward’s Lake, a serene harbour that draws people to its shores, is located at Shillong’s very centre. Astonishingly, Ward’s Lake was named after a British officer who lived here and contributed to developing the place as a reputational site. The beauty of this horse-shoe-shaped lake, encircled by lining hills and green vegetation, is the choicest picnic location in Shillong. Hire a boat and sail smoothly across the uncrowded waters, or lie on the grassy banks and set out your picnic blanket. The lake’s scenic beauty and the calm ambience attract couples and families here.

Location: Ward’s Lake
Fee: No entry fee
Distance: 2 to 3 km from Shillong

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2. Elephant Falls

Magnificent view of Elephant Falls, one of the most loved picnic spots in Shillong among locals and visitors.

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Elephant Falls is one of the most spectacular picnic spots in Shillong, enveloped by the wild beauty of nature. This wonder of nature is a dashing 12-metre waterfall that falls from the top down and creates an astonishing view. The most stunning view from which to shoot the falls is from the viewing deck, which is opposite the falls and offers an undisrupted, all-encompassing outlook.

Discover the trails around the area and look for a quiet and peaceful place near the waterfalls to relax and relish your noon sunset while listening to the songs of moving water. The area around Elephant Falls is home to many flora and fauna, including orchids, butterflies, and small mammals among its natural inhabitants. The emerald green trees and water vapour from the falls produce an environment of utter refreshingness and rejuvenation that cannot be found anywhere else.

Location: Elephant Falls
Fee: Nominal entry fee
Distance: 12 km from Shillong

3. Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Sacred monoliths at Mawphlang Sacred Forest are a must visit while exploring picnic spots in Shillong.

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Traverse a realm of relaxation at the Mawphlang Sacred Forest, a tranquil picnic spot in Shillong that offers a combination of nature’s splendour and the city’s cultural essence. This ancient woodland encompasses biodiversity and is valued by the local Khasi tribes. It is a forest with towering trees, vibrant flora, and many birds.

Guided visits and educational programs have been undertaken in the forest. This helps the visitors acquire information about Khasi culture, traditions, and sustainable forest management activities.

Choose a destination where you can be secluded with only the sounds of nature around you. As you unfold your blanket, let the calmness of the surroundings embrace you, and enjoy nature at this picnic spot in Shillong. Furthermore, access to the surrounding living root bridges will be possible. This is an incredible work of indigenous engineering at its best.

Location: Mawphlang Sacred Forest
Fee: No entry fee
Distance: 25 km away from Shillong

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4. Laitlum Canyon

Sweeping views of Laitlum Canyon, one of the most captivating picnic spots in Shillong.

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Laitlum Canyon, a breathtaking picnic spot in Shillong, is a must-visit spot for explorers. The beautiful and the most important work of Kan River, driving the cliffs and presenting green vegetation, is the greatness to the eye fit. Give guided tours of the canyon and witness the beauty of nature through your senses.

Hidden in rugged scenery, this secret picnic spot is the perfect place to calm down and get refreshed by the serenity of the overall environment and mighty rocky peaks. The hiking tracks inside the gorge range between easy and moderate hikes, and climbing and descending skills may be required. The Laitlum Canyon promises to offer you a day you will remember forever, making it one of the best picnic spots in Shillong for those who dare to chase adventure and find beauty in nature.

Location: Laitlum Canyon
Fee: No entry fee
Distance: 23.8 km away from Shillong

5. Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures

Don Bosco Indigenous Culture Centre is ranked top among the best picnic spots in Shillong for cultural explorations.

Image Source: DesiBoy101 for wikimedia commons

The Don Bosco Indigenous Culture Centre is an NGO inspired by Don Bosco, an Italian educator. At the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, a well-known picnic spot in Shillong, you can experience the rich cultural background of Meghalaya. It offers a seamless amalgamation of nature and education.

These grounds are laid out with peaceful gardens of rare vegetables, huts, rural cultural activities, and the usual displays to attract tourists. They prominently show different aspects of the local culture for them to witness.

Carry a picnic basket with you and head out to quench your thirst in the sight given the image of this art-surrounded park. The music flowing and the fresh air will calm your nerves. Experience the real culture through live demonstrations and become acquainted with the mind-boggling traditions and rites of the nearby communities, making it one of the best picnic spots in Shillong.

Location: Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Culture
Fee: Entry fee for the cultural centre
Timing: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm, Monday to Saturday

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Shillong’s picnic spots offer various enjoyment, including tranquil lakes, majestic waterfalls, sacred forests, and rocky canyons. Whether you desire a picnic with family, a date, or an adventurer, these picnic spots promise good times for a lifetime. Now that we have a list of picnic spots in Shillong, visit these spots on your trip to Shillong to experience thrills, adventure, and fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots In Shillong

Which are the best picnic spots in Shillong for families?

Perfect places in Shillong for picnics for families would be Ward's Lake and Lady Hydari Park, because here you will find peace, just tucked into the open spaces.

Are there any picnic spots in Shillong for couples to visit?

Elephant Falls and Mawphlang Sacred Forest are a few picnic spots in Shillong that are popular among couples.

Which are the popular trekking spots in Shillong?

Some of Shillong’s famous hiking sites are Shillong Peak, Mawphlang Sacred Forest and The David Scott Trail.

Where can one attend cultural events in Shillong?

Combining nature's beauty with native peoples' cultural wonders, The Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures in Shillong, makes a great picnic spot in Shillong.

Are there any camping sites in Shillong?

Some popular camping spots around Shillong are Dawki(70 km), Shnongpdeng (30 km) and Cherrapunjee (60 km).

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