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    A view of the business bay at TravelTriangle with painted pillars

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    As the winter draws to a close and the weather warms up, it is love in the air that replaces the winter chill. And this season – the season of love – is generally marked by sweet humming of birds, buzzing of bees, and people falling in love. However, scientists associate the ‘love sickness’ with dopamine; a chemical locha in the brain used to make you want things. And one such desire is that of a great workplace, with a job that one loves.

    Scenes from the marketing bay of TravleTriangle

    With the same idea in mind, TravelTriangle decided to celebrate the ‘season of love’ by giving the employees a chance to express their love for their team & work on the pillars. The event was a huge hit among the employees – the Triangulars – who brought out their creative sides as they poured out their emotions on the pillars.

    As it happened: The Pillar Design Contest

    550 employees, 24 teams, 1 theme

    Employees at TravelTriangle painting the pillars

    Theme: What do you love about your work / team

    The central theme was aimed to highlight the things that the employees loved about the work or their team. Each team was allotted a pillar to paint. And the results were truly unpredictable.

    Winner 1: Foodies, assemble!

    Different sides of the pillar designed by Andman and Sikkim teams

    One of the winning entries was that of the Sikkim-and-Andaman team, which showcased their common love for food & nature through the art on their pillar. The paintings on their pillar included elements such as snow-capped mountains & beaches from the two destinations, scuba diving, and beautiful roads in the hilly terrain. And the team’s love for food was evident with an entire wall dedicated to the same. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

    Winner 2: Unity in diversity is the beauty of our civilisation

    The pillar designed by the FC team

    Then why should this team be any different! It was this very idea of the FC team that won it a prize in the pillar design competition. The team used simple graphics & beautifully presented its role in the booking process of travelers. That, my dear friends, is exactly how stories need to be told; simply and elegantly.

    Winner 3: Multi-tasking with a common goal of solving travelers’ problems

    The pillar designed by the product team

    You wouldn’t expect anything less from the product & analytics team. The team actually went on to ask the question – What do you love about your work – from every team member, and illustrated the same all the more beautifully. But the cherry-on-the-cake was the preamble they came up with for the future Product Bible.

    The idea used by the product team to design the pillar

    “We, the humans of Product and Analytics at TT, pledge to solve traveler problems by using Sherlock’s magnifier to look at data and strive to constantly learn and evolve. In love with all the Travel Talks, we are happy to multi-task and provide comfort for our fellow triangulars”

    Let’s take a tour: A walk through the TravelTriangle alley

    Attractive pillars designed by employees of TravelTriangle

    With the employees burning the midnight oil to express their thoughts in the best way possible, the enthusiasm of the employees finally showed its true colors towards the end of the contest.

    Attractive designs at the TravelTriangle office

    Hues of red, blue, and green had now given a pictorial form to the vibrant atmosphere that had always been present in the office space. And the essence of travel was now imbued in the very walls of the office.

    But the aura of travel had long permeated through the office

    The colorful new office space of TravelTriangle

    It was only recently that TravelTriangle consolidated its NCR operations and moved into a swanky new office, replete with an air of vibrancy and positivity. The entire office space is adorned with beautiful illustrations and designs.

    The meeting rooms here are named after popular destinations.

    Destination-based meeting rooms at TravelTriangle

    These included Gujarat, Kerala, South Africa, Paris, Greece, etc. Each of these rooms has been decorated as per its own theme. While the Gujarat room was adorned with kites, puppets, & dandiyas, the Paris room had a dreamy aura with the iconic Eiffel Tower showcased in its interior.

    And there’s also an iconic wall featuring several popular landmarks.

    The iconic wall of landmarks at TravelTriangle

    The wall features some of the most prominent landmarks, including the Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Burj Al Arab, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more. What’s so special about the wall is that the entire artwork has been done by TravelTriangle’s own employee.

    It’s wonderful how the HR and Admin teams at TravelTriangle found a way to celebrate the season of love with this contest. And the overwhelming participation of the employees was equally delightful. Perhaps that’s what drives a positive work culture. Don’t you think so?

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