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Anuradhapura is a historical city of Sri Lanka which is known for its beautiful monasteries, magnificent palaces and monuments which are ages old. There are vast varieties of brick stupas, ancient ponds, and pools alongside the magnificent temples. This city was established as the first capital city of Sri Lanka during 377 BC. Anuradhapura rose around a cut piece from Bodhi tree and the city was known for being in the front seats of political and religious activities. In the present day, this city is one of the important sites to visit in Sri Lanka. Known for its architectural ruins and many other tourist attractions, this place is one of the famous attractions which one must visit to enjoy the beauty of the ruins. There are many places to visit in Anuradhapura for photography which cannot be missed. Reflecting the age-old history, these attractions make the perfect frame to capture the architectural beauty of the places. From the traditional monasteries to the museums, every corner of this city will take you to the memory down the lane. There are also some of the cultural sites, ponds and monuments which the photographers can capture through their lenses. Anuradhapura is a well-settled attraction in Sri Lanka which one cannot miss amidst all the grandeur of other places.

5 Best Places To Visit In Anuradhapura For Photography

Here are some of the best places to visit in Anuradhapura for photography which one can visit while they plan a vacation in Sri Lanka. For the people who like to capture the beauty of historic places, these places are a must-visit.

1. Sri Maha Bodhi

Sri Maha Bodhi

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Witness the most ancient trees at the Mahamewna gardens located at the Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. This tree holds utmost importance in the Buddhism culture and in the current day pilgrims visit from far and wide to see this. There are statues, water canals and golden fences surrounding this place which makes this place look holy and sacred.

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2. Jetavanaramaya Monastery


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Jetavanaramaya Monastery is known as one of the largest monasteries in the heritage city of Anuradhapura located in Sri Lanka. This beautiful structure is called the third-largest in the ancient world. Withholding a fascinating past, in the present day, this stupa is known as the largest in the world which is spread across an area of five hectares.

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3. Tissa Wewa


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Nature lovers and especially those willing to spend some time in the parks in the company of lovely animals can’t miss Tissa Wewa near Kataragama in Sri Lanka. Located near Anuradhapura, this popular artificial lake is worth visiting. The reservoir is a great spot to come close to nature. Built in the 3rd century by Devanampiya Tissa, the primary aim of Tissa Wewa was to ease the supply of water in the nearby region. Current Tissa Wewa embankment boasts of 3.2-kilometer length and 7.6-meter height. The royal gardens in Tissa get water supplied from this reservoir itself. Visitors witness the presence of several rare birds at this place while they spend time here.

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Are you already fascinated by these places to visit in Anuradhapura for photography? If yes, then make sure to not miss out on these attractions while you’re in Sri Lanka. Reflecting the beauty of the ages-old heritage, these attractions will definitely add value to your vacations. So if a vacation to Sri Lanka is on your mind, then make sure to not miss out on this marvellous city and alongside that also don’t miss out the famous places located within its boundaries.

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