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Located in the northeastern state of Assam, Nagaon is a hidden gem that primarily captivates vacationers with its impressive variety of flora, fauna, and wildlife sanctuaries. The destination takes pride in being home to Kaziranga National Park, a safe haven for one-horned rhinoceros. With its pristine rivers, lush green landscapes, and a soul-filling aura, the destination promises vacationers a spectacular travel experience. The region experiences pleasant weather throughout the year owing to the surroundings of misty hills. For travellers wanting to explore the best of Assam, a visit to Nagaon is a must. Below, you will find a few places to Visit in Nagaon that will make your travel experience a wonderful joyride.

7 Stunning Places To Visit In Nagaon

There’s no dearth of tourist Places to visit in Nagaon that allow vacationers to enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Here are some that need to be added to your itinerary.

1. Kaziranga National Park

Witness intriguing wildlife at Kaziranga National Park while exploring the best places to visit in Nagaon.

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Famed for being a haven for one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga National Park is one of the most diverse national parks of India. Spread across an area of about 1,090 kilometre square, the park this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. While enjoying an adventurous safari, you can spot animals such as Asiatic elephant, royal Bengal tiger, wild buffalo, Easter deer and a variety of bird species. The lush green landscapes, numerous water bodies, and a diverse range of wildlife make it a unique destination for a jungle safari.

Location: Kaziranga National Park, Kanchanjuri, Assam 785609
Timings: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (safari timings)

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2. Samaguri Beel

Witness a wide range of migratory birds at Samaguri Beel while exploring best places to visit in Nagaon

Image Credit: P Phukan for Wikimedia Commons

Samaguri Beel is ox-bow shaped (U-shaped) wetland and lake located around 24 km from Nagaon. The site is also renowned as Pokhi Tirtha which is an Assamese term that translates to bird pilgrimage. During the winter months, the area welcomes a huge influx of migratory birds including fulvous whistling duck, lesser whistling duck, ferruginous pochard, cotton pygmy goose, whiskered tern, cinnamon bittern, grey-head and more. The picturesque view of the lake and the wetland with numerous birds is indeed a treat for the eyes. Moreover, this is one of the best picnic places in Nagaon district. While exploring major tourist places in Nagaon, don’t forget to spare some time to explore Sanaguri Beel.

Location: CVG6+7RP, Bilpar Rd, Samaguri Grant, Assam 782140
Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. Champawati Kunda Falls

Spend some cosy time at Champawati Kunda Falls which is one of the best places to visit in Nagaon

Image Credit: Sukantasarangi1 for Wikimedia Commons

Lying near Nagaon’s Chapnalla town, Champawati Kunda Falls is one of the most alluring waterfalls in Assam. This mystical waterfall allows visitors to relax in the lap of nature. You can take a chilling dip in the cold water and invigorate your senses. If you are seeking the best picnic spots in Nagaon district, Champawati Kunda Falls is one that should not be missed. Besides this, attractions such as Kaliabor, Da Parbatia, Agnigarh Temple, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mahabhairav Temple are a short drive from the falls. Notably, the best time to visit the falls is between October to February when the weather is utterly pleasant.

Location: Nagaon District, Assam
Timings: Sunrise to sunset

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4. Samaguri Satra

Delve into the intriguing culture of Assam at Samaguri Satra

Image Credit: অজয় দাস for Wikimedia Commons

Samaguri Satra is a prominent religious and cultural centre in Majuli, a river island in the Brahmaputra River. Lying around 21 km from Nagaon, this place has kept the centuries-old tradition and culture of mask masking and other local artworks. This hub of mask-making art allows visitors to witness the mask-making process from scratch and also meet the artists. While visiting here, you can try various masks and pick some as souvenirs as well. For travellers wanting to know Assamese culture deeply, Samaguri Satra is the place to be.

Location: Majuli, Assam
Timings: NA

5. Bordowa Than

Soak in the serene vibes of Bordowa

Image Credit: Homen Biswas for Wikimedia Commons

Bordowa Than is a sacred pilgrim site known to be the birthplace of Srimanta Sankardeva who was the founder and propagator of Vaishnavite tradition in Assam. The complex features a simhasana, namghar, and carihati. To make the most of your visit here, plan a trip during the Fagua festival when the place is lit with sheer happiness and serene vibes. For travellers wanting to know about the Assamese culture, Bordowa Than is the perfect place to be.

Location: Nagaon District, Assam
Timings: NA

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Nagaon in Assam may not be as popular as some other tourist destinations in India, but its natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, historical sites, and warm hospitality make this hidden gem worth exploring. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or a foodie, the places to visit in Nagaon will let you have a wide range of memorable experiences. So, when you plan a trip to Assam next, incorporate a short trip to Nagaon into your itinerary and get ready to indulge in experiences that you’ve never tried before.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Nagaon

What is Nagaon famous for?

Nagaon is primarily renowned for its natural landscapes, wildlife, and warm people. It is a hidden gem in Assam where one can enjoy immense calmness. One of the major attractions of Nagaon is the Kaziranga National Park which is home to one-horned rhinoceros.

Which are the best places to visit in Nagaon and in its vicinity?

Here are some of the best places to visit in and around Nagaon:
1. Kaziranga National Park
2. Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Bordowa
4. Champawati Kunda Falls
5. Samaguri Beel Nagaon
6. Doboka Nagaon
7. Samaguri Satra

Which is the nearest airport to Nagaon?

Salonibari Airport is the nearest airport to Nagaon, lying around 80 km from it.

How many days are enough to explore Nagaon?

To witness the best of Nagaon, you can plan a trip of 3-4 days. You will get enough time to explore major attractions and indulge in outdoor activities.

Where can I stay in Nagaon district?

Here are a few accommodation options you can consider for a cosy stay in the Nagaon district:
1. Jk Wadi
2. The Agerra Beach Resort
3. Summit Green Village Resort and Spa
4. Camp Rhino Wildlife Resort
5. Hotel Piyush Regency

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