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Malaysia is a land that has plenty to offer from exotic jungles packed with wildlife and pristine beaches exhibiting alluring beauty to mouth-watering cuisine fulfilling the cravings and islands showcasing tranquility. Malaysia is a destination that is known for its diversity in the ethnicity and religions, and the harmonious being of various cultures.Showcasing a fine amalgamation of industrial elements and tourist attractions, Shah Alam is the capital city of Selangor that reeks of vibrancy and vivaciousness. Being a quaint, little city, there are so many places to visit in Shah Alam in 3 days that there is no chance of boredom pouring in among the travelers. From shopping malls and white sandy islands to buildings exhibiting iconic architecture and finger-licking good food combines to form the destination of Shah Alam.

Sitting in the Petaling District, Shah Alam was actually the first ever planned city of Malaysia that was implemented after independence from Britain in 1957. The ever so pleasant weather of Shah Alam simply acts as a cherry on top to an already impeccable experience. Go through this list of top places to visit in Shah Alam in 3 days and witness every nook and corner of this offbeat destination.

5 Places To Visit In Shah Alam In 3 Days

Shah Alam, a destination that has plenty to offer for each and every kind of traveler or for those who are seeking to engage in various kinds of activities in just one destination. Shah Alam is known for manufacturing of sports equipment that were majorly used during international sports events such as Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and many more, making it one of the most interesting and fascinating places to see. Take a look at this list of some of the amazing places to visit in Shah Alam in 3 days that would make one’s Malaysian vacation totally worth it!

1. Tenggol Island


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Loved by both locals and tourists, the Tenggol Island is like a home away from home. It not only lets you enjoy privacy, but also comfort, making your holiday a beautiful memory you would cherish for lifelong. If you are seeking tranquility then this is one of the best Malaysian islands.

Best For: Offering the vibes of a private tropical island, this is the best island in Malaysia for those looking to escape the crowds.

Things To Do:

  • Enjoy diving
  • Spot the whale sharks
  • Soak in the panoramic views of the island from the hilltop

How To Reach: Take a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu, and from there hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the small town of Kuala Dungun. After reaching the Kuala Dungun Jetty, take the 50-minute boat ride to reach the island.

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2. Tioman Island


Named as one of the most beautiful islands in the world in 1970 by the Time Magazine, this island has more to offer than what just comes across. Its natural beauty and wildlife diversity still retains the magic of leaving one in awe.

Best For: One of the most famous Malaysia islands, Tioman is an ideal holiday place for those who love traveling without worrying about the budget.

Things To Do:

  • Indulge in diving and snorkeling
  • Visit a turtle farm
  • Swim under the waterfalls

How To Reach: The only way to reach the Tioman Island by taking a direct ferry from either Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty, after getting to either of the jetties from Kuala Lumpur by air.

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3. Petronas Tower Sky


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Worlds once tallest buildings, Petronas Twin Towers now claim the spot of worlds tallest twin buildings with their towering height of 452 m. Beautifully designed with Islamic-influenced architecture, Petronas Twin Towers primarily hold headquarters of Petronas Company and corporates like Barclays, Boomerang, IBM, McKinsey & Co., Accenture, and Reuters. The 88-storey buildings are connected by a double decker skybridge between the 41st and 42nd levels.

There are Science Museum, Petroleum Museum, Petronas Concert Hall and other attractions that interest global travelers and tourists in Petronas Towers. Also, there are several things to do, and the most amazing one being looking over the whole city from the Petronas Towers Observation Deck, which set on 86th level. The double-decked skybridge offers mesmerizing views, along with the thrill of walking between two towers. The concert hall hosts some of the worlds most respected musical talents and orchestras. The romantic vibe of the Petronas Tower makes it one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur for couples.

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm, daily. On Fridays, the entry is closed from 1 pm to 2.30 pm

Entry fee: MYR 84.40 for adults and MYR 31.80 for children

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4. Batu Caves Ancient Limestone Wonder


Batu Caves have always been one of the major attractions in Kuala Lumpur tourism.

Batu Caves are illustrious limestone caves that hold three large and several other small temples in them. Touted to be among Kuala Lumpurs most frequented tourist places, these caves are awe-inspiring in their own right. Some of these caves date back to over 400 million years.

The three major caves, Cathedral Cave, Art Gallery Cave, and Museum Cave, house several Hindu shrines and depictions of Hindu mythology. Minimally decorated with paintings and statues pertaining to the mythology, these caves hold special place for the Hindu community.

However, the caves fan-following extends to other communities too. Many non-Hindu tourists and devotees flock to these limestone giants to witness the marvel. There have been many documentaries that showcase the surreal beauty of the caves and also the amazing rituals performed there. You may find kavadis during your traverse of 272 steps to the main cave. These kavadis balance heavy water storing structures on their bare shoulders and carry them to the main cave as their offering to Lord Murugan. Also, dont be astonished if you see a kavadi holding the kavad pierced in his kin.

Timings: 6 am to 11 pm, daily

Entry fee: None

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5. Sultan Abdul Samad Building A Spectacular Heritage Site


Built in 1897, Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the oldest Moorish style buildings in KL. Today, even though it doesnt hold any official importance, the building is one of the most visited tourist places in Kuala Lumpur. Its undefinable grandeur and rich heritage make it a historical landmark in the city.

Constructed entirely of bricks, the landmark building features strong, western and Moorish influences in its architecture. There is a wrap-around imposing porch, complete with 42 m high clock tower, towering arches, curved portico topped with copper domes. Named after the then reigning Sultan of Selangor, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the truly remarkable places for Kuala Lumpur sightseeings and draws in a lot of history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm, daily

Entry fee: None

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6. Jalan Alor Haunt For All The Foodies


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This is the best hawker food you can ever get and is also one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur at night! And this is no exaggeration, we are just stating the fact. From air-conditioned restaurants to food hawkers to street side carts, Jalan Alor has it all. Just a whiff of the aromas wafting from this street is enough to tempt and draw you to the delicious food.

At Jalan Alor, taste different cuisines of Malaysia including delicacies like barbecued meat, sprinkled satay, spiced-up seafood, and messy finger-food. Delishness of the dishes goes up tenfold as you savor them amidst the atmospheric breeze and strung up Chinese lanterns. Florescent lights and spaced trees enrich the experience all the more.

For those who dont like the heat emanating from furiously crinkling grills can opt for covered air-conditioned restaurants. While the experience will be altogether different, the foods taste will be equally relishing and fulfilling. Needless to say, it is one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

Must try dishes: Beef skewers, barbecued meat, crispy noodles, Chinese woks, fried oyster eggs, crispy omelet, briny prawns, chili dogs, chicken satay, and soy marinade with chicken rice.

Timings: None; you can visit the food street anytime but the real liveliness erupts at nights.

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Shah Alam is more than just a destination. With no dearth of places to visit in Shah Alam in 3 days, this destination of Malaysia blankets some amazing and offbeat experiences. One-stop destination for those who are seeking to engage in various activities, beaches, shopping malls, wildlife, drool worthy cuisine, and eye-catching architecture combine to form the little city of Shah Alam. From twin towers and Tioman Islands to Batu caves and hawker streets, there is so much to see and so much to do in this capital city. Plan your escapade to Malaysia and spend some of the best three days of your life in Shah Alam!

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