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Rocky coastline, mighty mountains, exquisite sandy beaches, paradisiacal sunsets, and colorful culture amalgamate to form the divine island nation of Bali. Forming a perfect juxtaposition of calmness and fierceness in the atmosphere, Bali has earned a place on the bucket list of every kind of traveler. Sitting in the lap of the gigantic Indian Ocean is the most popular area on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu. This region blankets a few of the extremely soul-soothing places to visit in Uluwatu. Famous for its cliff-top temple, Uluwatu is heaven on earth for those travelers who appreciate the magical marvels of mother nature. Uluwatu is also considered as a flawless escape from the other crowded regions of Bali and envelops some of the lavish and comfortable resorts giving one a taste of luxury.

Along with being heavenly for nature lovers, this region also manages satisfies the adventure-seeking spirits. Housing world-class surfing and diving experiences, Uluwatu gives an opportunity to witness the magnificent marine wildlife and breathtaking coral reefs of this island nation. This exotic location gives its visitors a chance to witness mesmerizing views of sunsets either on the beach or from the towering cliffs, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Head over to this dainty location and lose yourself in the essence of serenity.

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3 Places To Visit In Uluwatu Bali

Experience the azure blue waters, proud limestone cliffs, vibrant Balinese culture, authentic rich history, and relaxed environment on your visit to this gorgeous region. Embrace the Balinese art in the museum, feel the essence of spirituality in the temple, and learn the art of coffee farming like locals on your trip to Uluwatu.

1. Puri Lukisan Museum


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Care to find a perfect combination of history, art and Balinese culture in Ubud- Well, Puri Lukisan museum is just the place for you. Taking some time off from the bustling Ubuds crowd and happening pubs all around, this museum also serves as a serene place to spend some time in the nature. Set in the lush green gardens, this museums offers peace, quiet, knowledge and a sneak into the Balinese culture.

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2. Sakenan Temple


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This splendid temple is located at the rusty village of Serangan , a part of sub district of Denpasar and Badung regency. What makes it so beautiful is the view of the sea coastline, Nusa Dua Beach and hills from the south side of the temple. The name Sakenan comes from the word Sakya, which means to unite the mind. This temple plays has been culturally of great significance for the people of Bali. One of the major attraction of the temple is the colorful religious festival a three day long celebration which happens every six months and is popular with both locals and tourists. One of the highlights of the festival is the Ceremony of Mapag Sakenan- a religious procession carried out by local hindus.

Even before there was a proper road connecting the island to the mainland, pilgrims used to flock to this temple by foot or by boat to offer their prayers. Another fascinating thing about this temple is that both the complexes have been built with coral stones instead of bricks.

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3. Luwak Civet Coffee Farm


Enjoy a coffee farm tour in Bali and make your stay in Kintamani, as exciting, as can be. You can get a chance to taste the best coffee you’ve ever had. Coffee Luwak or the Civet Espresso is among the best commodities in Kintamani. You can experience the complete process of espresso making, right from the the seeds to the powder. From the drying of the beans to roasting them in natural pans, the complete process will amaze you. This is counted among the best places in Kintamani.

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Located on the south-western tip of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu leaves all its visitors overwhelmed. The number of places to visit in and around this region is limitless. Providing a magical blend of nature, culture, art, and adventure places to visit in Uluwatu will certainly take your breath away. Hiding jewel-like attractions, serene beaches, and thrilling escapades, Uluwatu is a destination that doesn’t let anyone leave disappointed. Uluwatu Temple, Padang Padang beach, Bingin beach, Sanur, and many more places helps the explores rejuvenate and relax on their getaways. From young backpackers to honeymooners, this region is emerging on top of the checklist of all kinds of wanderers. Experience the double joy of luxury and comfort on one holiday. Plan your excursion to Bali and gather unbeatable memories on your holiday to this off-beat destination.

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