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    Bali Visitor Visa Up To 30 Days

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    Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Some of the stunning attractions of the most famous island holiday destination include exotic temples and palaces. The place is home to an ancient culture that is well known for its great hospitality. Dining in Bali is also famous involving a variety of choices to select from. Not only this, but the island also has amazing places to visit at night. Famous nightspots come to life after the sunset offering you amazing nightlife experience. One such place in Bali is Balai Gili which is a famous tourist spot. Be it water sports enthusiast or a honeymooner, the place offers a unique experience to the traveller. When in Balai Gili, you should definitely explore the best places to visit near Balai Gili Bali for 2 days. It has got it all to make your vacay special.

    Best Time To Visit

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    Best time to visit Bali mainly depends on the weather and the purpose of your visit. Since the place is located 8 degrees south of the equator, you can expect a warm, tropical and humid climate all the year-round. July and August, during Easter holidays and December till the first week of January, during the Christmas/ New year are the months of high season and is also the busiest. Therefore, May to September is the best time to come to Bali for many reasons. Room prices and villa rentals can be 30 to 50% cheaper than the high season. If you want to explore water activities, visit the main sightseeing spots, temples, go for a day trip tour or the island then also those are the best time to visit.

    3 Places To Visit Near Balai Gili Bali For 2 Days

    Experience the Balinese architecture and the charm of the beach when on the Island of Gods. We have created a list of 3 best places to visit near Balai Gili Bali for 2 days on your trip to Bali.

    1. Taman Kertha Gosa

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    Located on the island of Bali, the Kertha Gosa Pavilion is an example of Balinese architecture The Kertha Gosa Pavilion at Klungkung Palace was built by Dewa Agung Gusti Sideman in the early 18th century. The meaning of Kertha Gosa is the place where the king meets with his ministries to discuss questions of justice”. There are two main areas inside the Gosa – the Kertha Gosa, the hall of justice and the Balai Kambang which is a floating pavilion. The Pavilion even has a section containing the Hindu epic Mahabharata (Bhima Swarga) which is depicted around the amazing painted ceiling.

    2. Ujung Water Palace


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    Once where the kings of Bali lived, this is a beautiful piece of architecture that you can enjoy on clear days in October. The palace is surrounded by infinite water pools and features the iconic peak Mount Agung from the rooftop. The continuous hide-and-seek game the peak plays with clouds gives the place a Disneyland style magical feeling.

    Location: Kabupaten Karangasem
    Entry Fees: INR 160
    Timings: 7 AM – 7 PM
    Best Known: Infinite Water Pools

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    3. Amed Beach


    Image Source

    If visiting Bali, doesn’t involve beaches, your vacation is surely incomplete. So, while you’re planning to check out some of the cool places to visit in Ubud make sure you include a perfect combination of sun,sand and waves that Amed beach provides. Also known for its salt cultivation, this beach is also a good place to surf along those waves.

    Location: Tulamben Village, Kec Kubu, Karangasem, Indonesia
    Timings: 9AM to 5PM

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    Explore the best places to visit near Balai Gili Bali for 2 days of your trip with the help of our guide. A trip to Bali is sure to be at the top of anyone’s bucket list. We’re sure that you would have the best time of your life on this magical island because this place doesn’t disappoint anyone. The charming view and the amazing atmosphere is enough to please anyone.

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