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Singapore, the country of iconic structures and diverse landscapes is one of the most visited international destinations. And why wouldn’t it be? It offers one with all kinds of experiences. It is a hit with honeymooners, family travelers, and solo travelers alike. There are luxurious cruises and romantic resorts for honeymoon couples, and adventure parks for the ones visiting with kids. One can spend multiple days at Sentosa and no one can take all the rides at Universal Studios in a single day! There are various attractions that one should definitely cover on their trip to Singapore. And while covering one attraction, it is a smart move to explore all the attractions nearby together to save time on commute and travel. One such tourist attraction in Singapore is Masjid Sultan, and here are the places to visit near Masjid Sultan.

Masjid Sultan is situated on Muscat Street and is named after Sultan Hussain Shah. It is one marvel that was named the national monument in 1975. Bugis MRT station is the nearest metro here if one wants to visit the mosque. Here we have listed some places to visit near Masjid Sultan mosque. If you plan to take this MRT and visit the mosque, then these are few places to explore in the neighborhood. Have a look.

Best Time To Visit

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Singapore has a considerably warm temperature throughout the year. One can, therefore, visit the country anytime during the year. It is advised to carry light clothing for the summer as the temperature is around 26 °- 27 ° Celsius. It is also recommended to carry comfortable footwear as there are times and places where one needs to walk around quite a lot, especially in Universal Studios at Singapore. Other than this, travel light and do not carry too many clothes.

Though there is no one month that is the best to visit Singapore, the months of December and January are very expensive. It is the peak season in Singapore and deals on flights, hotels, and everything else is expensive. If you do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket and are looking forward to a budgeted vacay then the months following January are good to travel.

If you are a solo traveler, then there are some great hostel options available too. With the culture of traveling solo increasing each day, the accommodations have improved their A game too! Also, the place is totally safe and fun to travel alone! If you are traveling here for a honeymoon, do opt for a cruise. It is one of the most romantic experiences here. Also try to book a beach resort and traveling anytime after January would not be too heavy on the pocket!

5 Best Places To Visit Near Masjid Sultan

Here are a few places that you should check out along with Masjid Sultan when in this neighborhood. Have a look.

1. Fountain Of Wealth


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Suntec City is one of the largest malls in Singapore. Head here to shop, and you won’t fall short of options. Once you are in Suntec City, you should not miss the largest fountain in the world, Fountain of Wealth. This is also has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World. This fountain is an adorable place where you can take pictures. This huge fountain is really awesome to visit and it is unique during the day and night. You can get different views this time. Take a walk around the fountain and collect the coins. You can also enjoy the laser performance at night.

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2. Enchanted Cafe



This place is tucked in Little India, Novena and it is somehow a delight to always eat here. You have the amazing brunch menu here and you should not miss it if you are a fan of good food. Also, this place is a small one but the décor is simply amazing. The vibe too is positive and you will definitely not have any issue with a seat. The food is well presented here and also they taste really good. But here is some more additional information which might be of some help when you are looking for suggestions:

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-04, Singapore 218374
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 12 PM -11.00 PM

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3. Tekka Centre


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Tekka Center near Novena is another landmark neighborhood, famous for catering fresh food to the people of Singapore. The orange-yellow building complex of the Tekka center is the greatest hub for fresh food in the present day in Singapore. This hawker center is lined up with a number of individual stores where you grab a bite of some of the best dishes of Singapore. Though this shopping center is not as glamorous as others in the city, but you’ll definitely find some unusual dishes here.

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4. National Museum Of Singapore


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It is the oldest museum in Singapore that showcases the inspiring history of the country. Built in the late 1800s the museum started out as a library and in the present day serves as a historical museum. There are several artifacts showcased within the museum like the prominent ‘Singapore Stone’ and gold ornaments dating back to the 14th century. There are many other artifacts of importance showcased in this museum that speaks of the rich historical background of Singapore.

5. Gardens By The Bay


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One of the popular tourist attractions near the Helix Bridge is Gardens by the Bay. Spanning over an area of 101 hectares of reclaimed land, the garden is a nature park. Situated adjacent to the Marina Reservoir, this garden comprises of three waterfront gardens that are Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. Enjoy the scenic beauty and also eat the local food here.

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Making plans already? Singapore is calling you! Check out the different neighborhoods in the country and if you happen to visit this famous mosque, Masjid Sultan, then do check out the places to visit near Masjid Sultan too. Book your Singapore holiday with TravelTriangle and get it customized according to your travel plans! Have a great vacay this summer!

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