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    Best Festivals of Portugal

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    The right time to visit Portugal is during the peak summer months. Choosing the right time will make sure you have a blast there as non-stop beach events and a lot of music festivals take place in this time. Dance away in the streets and party till it’s morning.

    The polite and conservative people of Portugal celebrate a lot of festivals throughout the year where they completely let their hair down. The communities here have their own patron saint and saint’s day which they celebrate with church processions, music, dancing, wine and fireworks. Before heading to the country, take a look at our little guide that has all the Portugal festivals and unique holidays that you should attend on your trip to Portugal.

    10 Best Portugal Festivals!

    Portugal, throughout the year celebrates a plethora of holidays and festivals. No matter what time of the year you visit the country, you will find one festival or other waiting for you to be enjoyed. Here is the list of the top festivals that you will love to attend on your visit to Portugal.

    1. Carnaval

    Carnaval festival

    Image Source

    The Carnaval ranks among the world’s most unforgettable parties. Not as well-known as its Caribbean or Brazilian counterparts, the Carnaval is very famous. This festival is celebrated by different communities in different ways with the one in Lisbon’s Parque Nacoes is the biggest. The street parades along with the theatrical performances fill the area, costumes, floats and masks are also a part of this festival. Carnaval in Algarve is a treat to the eyes, as they sail the minutely designed traditional Portuguese boats by the coastline to celebrate the festival.

    Date: 26th February – 1st March, 2022
    Location: Torres Vedras, Portugal

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    2. NOS Primavera Sound

    NOS Primavera Sound

    Image Source

    If you are looking for Portugal music festivals, Nos Primavera is the one for you. This event is inspired by the large scale event held in Barcelona, both are sponsored by NOS. The festival takes place in the months of June and follows a chain of musical diversity. It is one of the best Portugal electronic festival, with multiple stars studding the occasion.

    Date: 9th- 11th June, 2022
    Location: NOS Primavera Sound, Parque da Cidade, Porto.

    3. Iberian Mask Festival

    Iberian Mask Festival

    Image Source

    This is definitely one the best among Portugal festival and holidays. The Iberian Mask Festival is celebrated during the first week of May. In this unique festival, people dress up in funky costumes and masks and take on the Lisbon streets. The festival is celebrated as a mark of celebration between the cultural and ethnic ties between Spanish Portuguese region. The four day celebrations lets the people enjoy and absorb the essence of Iberian culture. The masks that the people wear are the key element in celebrating the festival. Though the actual traditional Pagan masks vary from region to region in Iberian Peninsula, but the masks nonetheless reminds people of the common roots between Spanish and Portuguese culture.

    Date: Yet to be announced
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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    4. Praia Grande Beach Games

    Beach Games

    Image Source

    This is known as the unofficial water sports capital of Portugal. This summer long event is hosted in Praia Grande is open to people of ages and athletic abilities. Between the month of June and August, the world’s top body boarders head out to tackle the Atlantic waves. The visitors can participate in volleyball matches and in boules, or you can just simply enjoy the views from the nearby cafe bars.

    Date: Yet to be announced
    Location: Praia Grande, Portugal

    5. Lisboa Dance Festival

    Dancing view

    Lisboa dance festival is another electric celebration of the country’s culture. Though this festival is a relatively new one, launched in 2016, but it has gained wide popularity in the present day. The appealing thing of this festival are the eclectic line ups that showcases the current scenery of electronic music. If you are looking for Portugal dance festivals, then you can visit this festival and dance away at the beats of electric rhythm.

    Date: 24th –26th February, 2022
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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    6. National Agricultural Fair

    National Agricultural Fair

    Image Source

    Ribatejo is the heart of agriculture in Portugal. Every year the people of the capital, Santarem during this 10 day event in June, celebrate their heritage and traditional bull fight. The festival is dedicated to the agriculture, handicrafts and cattle raising, which are as much a part of the countries heritage as music and dance. Farmers from all over Europe engage in display of machinery and their livestock at the Portuguese agricultural fair. The occasion is accompanied with singing and dancing to the beat of folk songs and it is also an opportunity for the various agricultural companies to excel in their sector

    Date: Yet to be announced
    Location: Santarem, Portugal

    7. Cascais Festival


    Image Source

    In the month of July, the fisherman’s association engage in this 10 day long event in the Sao Joao do Estoril Beach festival. You will get to see a very unusual competition here where the fishermen try to impress the female spectators facing the running bulls and the winner gets the dry codfish prize. You will also see many other themed events, especially marine themed during this festive day, accompanied with fireworks at night. There is also a music fest that takes place on this day on the glorious sands of Carcavelos beach.

    Date: Date to be announced
    Location: Av Jorge v, Carcavelos

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    8. Super Bock Super Rock

    people enjoying the festival

    Image Source

    It is yet another popular music festival held in Portugal. In Parque das Nacoes, Lisbon in summer is held the Super Bock Super Rock festival. By the river in the northern side of the capital where the rock city is located. You will find many bars, clubs museums and restaurants around as well all of which reach exude a different level of energy during the Music festival.

    Date: 14th to 16th July, 2022
    Location: Meco, Sesimbra.

    9. Madeira Carnival

    Lady wearing fancy dress

    Image Source

    Even though February is the shortest month of the year, but it is packed with tons of festivals. One of them being the Madeira carnival. Floats, eccentric costumes and drum beats bring your excitement level to the brim. The theme of 2022’s Madeira Festival is supposed to be good humor, poking fun at social and political issues. Dress as up as your favourite meme, or  parade around the streets or tap your feet to the beats of the drum in this spectacular carnival celebration.

    Date: 23 February – 6 March, 2022
    Location: Funchal, Portugal

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    10. Kizomba New Year’s Eve Fest

    Fireworks in the sky

    Portugal’s most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration, Kizomba New Year’s Eve Fest will definitely boost your excitement level. Those on the lookout for Portugal festivals, 2022 this is definitely the best one to start off the first day of your New Year with a boom. Dance and party your way through the three day long amazing festival celebrating the oncoming of a new year.

    Date: 26th May – 30th May, 2022
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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    The festivals in Portugal has a charm of their own. Once you attend Portugal’s greatest festival and get a better understanding of their culture, you will be left wanting for more. This guide to Portugal festivals shall help you plan your visit to the Portugal festivals in 2022. The cultural and traditional festivals will take you to the deep history of the country and the beach side vibrant music festivals along with the dance on the beaches will certainly assure a good vacation. So, book your trip to Portugal right away and attend all the festivals!

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