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    Inaugurating their new life together, Purvang Gupta and his wife booked a honeymoon tour package to Bali through TravelTriangle. Inclusive of the accommodation, private transfers, tours and water-sports package, their tour package came a cost of Rs.135,000. Having had a honeymoon of his dreams, look out for what Purvang has to say about his trip.

    Traveling has become an integral part of my life, since my job drives me to travel for around half of the month. For leisure, I end up traveling once in every three months – be it a visit to my hometown or a trip to some other place.
    When it came down to selecting my honeymoon destination, I interrogated my friends who had recently been to Bali and Singapore. Bali was finally selected, as it came across as a more worthy honeymoon destination in comparison to Singapore. My search for Bali honeymoon packages lead me to TravelTriangle and I booked a suitable package. Eventually, my honeymoon turned out amazing and Bali provided the two of us a space to relax, romance and have a fun time together.

    Day 1: Beginning in Bali

    Arrival at Bali airport

    We reached the Bali airport at 12:30 and got welcomed by the TravelTriangle representative who received us at the airport and transferred us to the Hotel Atanaya. Since my wife wasn’t well, we devoted the day to resting and acclimatizing ourselves.

    Purvang and his wife at dinner

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    Taking it slow, we began exploring the island by going out for a stroll around the hotel in the evening. Although our hotel was beautiful, but it was a little away from the market. After strolling around for a while, we came back to the hotel for dinner. We had to choose from a limited menu, since there were not many options available for vegetarians.

    Day 2: Treasuring the memories

    Rafting on river Ayung

    Getting picked up early morning, the 3 hours of Ayung river white water rafting took us through spellbinding views and smooth troughs and rough rapids.

    River rafting in Ayung

    A journey through winding gorges, tropical greens, terraced rice fields and a spectacular waterfall — the experience of rafting on River Ayung in Bali surpassed my experience of rafting in Rishikesh.

    Lunch at the volcano mountain in Bali

    For lunch, we stopped at a restaurant which featured a stunning view of the Kintamani Volcano. The view was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch date.

    A mesmerising view of the volcano in Bali

    This was then followed by a visit to the Coffee Gardens, where we bought various sorts of coffee and were introduced to a numerous more.

    A variety of coffe displayed at the Coffee garden in Bali

    The whole day offered us a varied mix of experiences, but left us tired. Getting a spa in the evening gave our day a perfect seal. In the night, we hunted for an Indian restaurant around the hotel, had our dinner there and got back to the hotel by 11 pm.

    Day 3: More adventures to follow

    Water adventures in Benoa beach

    After a relaxing session at the spa the previous day, we woke up totally refreshed. As the morning struck, we were very excited, since the day was booked for the water sports in Bali.

    Parasailing in Bali at Benoa Beach

    We were taken to Benoa beach for water adventures, where we were to indulge in snorkeling and parasailing. Thirty to forty feet above water, my wife was especially delighted with her experience of parasailing. But for me, the real adventure struck, when I indulged in the underwater Sky-walker.

    Underwater seawalker at Benoa beach

    Since I wasn’t much interested in snorkeling, I got it exchanged with the underwater Sky-walker at a price of $100 for two. As an adventure-seeker, the Sky-walker set the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

    Banana Boat in Bali

    Since my wife was scared to go for the sea walk, she backed out at the last moment. But as a compensation to that, we were offered a Banana Boat ride.

    Banana boat ride on the Benoa beach

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    The boat inflated in the shape of a banana, was a fun-filled experience, and even funny to a certain extent. The experience of the day was indescribable. From the sea-walker to parasailing to Banana Boat ride – everything was amazing.

    At the Turtle Island, Bali

    After water-sports adventures, we went for the Turtle Farm at around 4, where we got to see varieties of turtles, snakes, eagles, bats etc.

    With the eagle on shoulder at Turtle Farm in Bali

    The highlight of the visit was the elegant eagle. The image of an eagle sitting on a shoulder draped in a leather jacket is fancied by many. Although I wasn’t carrying a leather jacket, but I got to get clicked with an eagle.

    Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

    The infinite fun at the Turtle Farm was contrasted by the following visit to one of the most celebrated tourist spots in Bali, the Tanah Lot Temple. The serenity in the aura of the place made our visit soulful, and worthy of remembrance.

    At the beach beside Tanah Lot Temple

    The setting of the temple was amazing and it was lovely to spend time along its beaches. We also explored the shopping market nearby, from where we bought intricate wooden mementos and some traditional Balinese clothes.

    Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

    Day 4: Chilling in Bali

    The next day was free for leisure. Having spent the previous two days in the incessant exploration of Bali, we decided to relax at the hotel for the whole day.

    Shopping in Bali

    It was only in the evening that we stepped outside the hotel and went out for shopping in Bali. We shopped for intricate silver and pearl jewelry and visited a local club.

    Day 5: Experiencing life in a villa

    The resort Inne Villa in Bali

    Just when we were starting to doubt what more could Bali offer to us – we had a hotel transfer to a private villa, Ini Vie Villa.

    The swimming pool at our resort in Bali

    Laced with a private Jacuzzi, wooden interiors and pristine setting – the 2 BHK villa made us regret not staying in the place throughout the trip. We received a warm welcome and spent the afternoon in the Jacuzzi. In the evening, we took to the market for shopping and dinner.

    The resort in Bali

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    Day 6: The reluctant parting

    For our afternoon flight back home, we checked out from the hotel at around 10.

    Departing from Bali Airport

    On the whole, my experience with TravelTriangle was excellent. I got the quotes according to my wish and also got a discount on request. The best part was that I didn’t have to face any problem anywhere. Even in Bali, the driver was always a presence in the background and made everything very smooth.

    High Points: The day spent at water sports adventure was a mind blowing experience. Also, holding a bat in hand and the eagle on the shoulder was a crazy thing to do and moments that will be revisited forever.

    Low Points: We missed out on the monkey garden. Moreover, on reaching the villa, we realized that we should have booked it for a couple of more days.

    Tip for future Travelers:

    • My driver had advised me not to convert currency at the airport, since there are many stores in every street for currency conversion. As a result, I didn’t have to carry much cash.
    • For a full mind and body relaxation, opt for a stay in villa for 2-3 days.


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